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  1. How come Sony didn't reach out to Andrew for an early access test unit? All of these "influencers" are suspiciously positive about the camera
  2. The amount of SHILLING from these influencers is disgusting
  3. Sony sent this camera to a bunch of shills who are afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. Salesmen in disguise. Sad. Overheating is clearly gonna be a big issue with the camera
  4. No way this cam gets approved by Netflix. FX9 still blows it away:
  5. Max Yuryev says the A7 III (when compared to A7S 3) has more detail in 4K/24P thanks to its oversampling. But Gerald Undone is reporting the complete opposite. Who's right? Is Gerald shilling?
  6. Max confirms A73 4K is sharper, more detailed right here in his video:
  7. A73 has a sharper, more detailed 4K image thanks to oversampling
  8. Still no 4K/60? YIKES. What is taking Sony so long?
  9. Seriously, where the fuck is the A7s III? What is taking Sony sooooo long? Heat management? Sony currently has NO mirrorless camera on the market today that can do 4K/60. Sad.
  10. 3840 x 1080 at 480fps is NOT possible. You'll see that on a phone before you will a full-frame mirrorless
  11. ryne275

    iPhone XR, XS

    The original Sony A7 is like $700//800 new. Not sure why you'd buy a phone camera over a full frame mirrorless. For video tho, sure, the iPhone destroys the original A7. But for photos? The A7 is your best bet
  12. How much would the original a7s come down in price if/when this is announced soon?
  13. Man, where the hell is the a7s III? Why is Sony talking so long with this one? 4K 60P is needed
  14. in terms of video , can nx500 compete with a7iii ?
  15. Wow, no 4K/60? Why? My $1K iPhone can do it
  16. wow crazy announcement especially considering price . but , where the hell is sony with a7s3??? they're so behind lol. none of their mirrorless can do 4k60
  17. how does gh5s compare to a6500 in terms of sharpness
  18. so is a7iii now as good as a7s in low light ?
  19. ryne275

    NX2 rumors

    doesn't the nx1/nx500 still provide a sharper image over gh5s?
  20. i don't understand...ya'll want a cine cam...but if that's REALLY what you want there are better options out there...hell, you can find a used red one mx for about the same price...3k 60fps, 4k raw, 120 in 2k... gh5s might have more bells & whistles but the red one is a cine cam and the other is a prosumer cam...plus the red won't give you that icky digital video look
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