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  1. autofocus still not reliable enough in critical, run-n-gun situations...no wonder why casey neistat ditched it
  2. why buy this when a7sIII is imminent? hell , even an original a7s makes more sense than this...
  3. i wonder how it compares to original a7s in terms of low-light performance
  4. at this point, unless ur in the biz making money, it's silly to go out and buy a dedicated camera if ur just gonna take home vids. my iphone x can do more than what most dedicated cameras can do. it does 4k 60 and 240fps in fhd. no sony camera (right now anyway) can do that. it's much more convenient to just use my phone as opposed to carrying around a big, bulky camera. sony especially is very behind considering the fact they don't have a cam out on the market that can do what the iphone x can do in terms of vid stuff, if you know what i mean
  5. Likelihood of the a6500 being "replaced" in the next 6 or so months? I'm thinking about picking up an 6300 or 6500, but if an a6700 is right around the corner, should I wait? 240fps in FHD would be nice. And 4K 60fps would be fantastic
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