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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

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1 hour ago, Andrew Reid said:

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 19.54.04.png

Only a temporary grade apparently.

It's some good looking footage, which shows a very beefy codec in action.

I just don't like purposefully 'dead' look to the skin tones, it looks like a zombie film.

Apart from the bad color grade (Seems like they forgot to apply a Rec2020 to Rec709 (both gamma 2.4) conversion beforehand) this looks absolutely breathtaking!! So much resolution, but still smooth...

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My dear erstwhile member can you please stop attacking John Brawley now. I have long since given up on camera forum arguments so might not be completely up on who is right and who is wrong-evil /

I like the pictures. A lot.  This camera will probably replace the micro cinema camera for me as it’s not much bigger and is much easier to work with.  I didn’t feel as strongly about the 4K

What a shame. Who are these "deep state" BMD insiders that are here pushing an agenda ? Myself and Hook.  Who else ?  What do you guys think, there's a plot and conspiracy ?  You guys don't wat t

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39 minutes ago, Joek said:

Blackmagic should have waited before releasing it to other NLEs. Which would have made a lot of users swap instantly to resolve. 

57 minutes ago, Jim Giberti said:


I think it goes pretty far beyond "not bad". And yes it's "missing something colorwise" - the grade. :)

Yeah missing is a big word. Curious how much they can tweak it. As other cameras would have nice skintones straight out of the camera. From all camera release videos canon nailed it with their original c300 video by vincent laforet, that really looked like a film. This is not quite in the same ballpark. And yeah the c300 was 10 times as costly but its also an old camera by todays standards. 

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3 hours ago, majoraxis said:

It would be wierd if Blackmagic can't implement BRAW on the Pocket 4K.  They have been developing BRAW for the past 2.5 years so maybe longer than the Pocket 4K has been in development (or maybe not) but for sure there was a significant amount of time when they were both being developed in parallel.  How could they designs a camera and not plan and test the components for compatibility before for finalizing the design?  This is such a key feature that will increase the volume of sales to make of the lack of margin due to the low price of the Pocket 4k that it would a serious engineering error if BRAW does not make it on to the Pocket 4k.

Blackmagic has already stated that the 4K WILL get the BMraw update, so take a deep breath and relax.







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I had read that we could use the camera on ronin S attaching it from the top ... I would like to know if with a second plate offset (used by the "Bubble Gum" boy) the ronin is pefectly balanced

I sincerely hope so ...the combination ronin S and BMPCC4K could be my new way of working

reading the manual I think they have done a great job .. a lot of tools available with quick access


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5 hours ago, jack86 said:

reading the manual I think they have done a great job .. a lot of tools available with quick access

For a moment there I thought you were saying nice things about the manual! Of course that's not unlikely as the manual for Resolve is absolutely fantastic  :)

5 hours ago, jack86 said:

so it's window only with high frame rates ..


I guess if you want 1080 no-crop then you shoot 4k with the lowest bit rate codec and downscale in post. It would have the same end result but would take up a bit more drive space.

Or get an external recorder with the money saved on media?

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28 minutes ago, kye said:

I guess if you want 1080 no-crop then you shoot 4k with the lowest bit rate codec and downscale in post. It would have the same end result but would take up a bit more drive space.

Or get an external recorder with the money saved on media?

you could also just film 1080 in camera with no crop. It only crops the sensor at 120p. Up to 60p it will be the whole sensor.

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On 9/14/2018 at 1:15 AM, Andrew Reid said:

Yes, important not to be personal. One can critique a video, without being personal about the artist. I am just saying he did not put his best foot forward with this work, and it's a very primitive test video shot like stills. I think, if you're going to have the privilege of one of the first demo cameras you should be doing a lot better stuff than that, that's all.

So this is his best work, a load of tits and ass.

3m views though, which gives you an idea of why he has a demo camera!


I'd disagree that this video is just "tits and ass", it actually has some quality production values behind it (even that it isn't to my tastes, and certainly not yours it seems) and it would have taken a decent sized budget and team to have pulled this off. 

Oh, and if we're defining "best" work in terms of number of views, this channel has several other videos with even more views than that one, this being their most popular video on the channel with 7.5 million views:

Now their most popular video (like the one you shared as well) is a remix

Go and look at all their videos, sorted by popularity:


As you look through all their most popular videos you see a theme.....  remixes! 

This immediately seemed a bit strange to me, and I thought no way on earth could this be original video content being shot for all these remix videos? As I do appreciate the quality of the video productions behind these, and I know it is highly unlikely people would be going to such lengths to do this for so many remixes. 

So let's take the video's name which you shared and put it into the search bar, we get this:

Yup, Areia Creations definitely did not shoot this! They just came up with their own remix, and then pulled a video edit out of the original music video which I'm  sure was shot by someone else. 

Did a quick check of a bunch more remixes they did, and this theme was running through all of them.

So has Areia Creations done anything themselves? (aside from a few BMPCC4K clips!)

Well, when I go back to their channel's home page I see they have a playlist which says "Areia Originals". 

Ah ha! Have we found their real music videos which they've done themselves?

Well, kinda, sort of. As it says: "We have either done the music, the song, the music video, the publishing or a combination of these"

Thus they might have done the music video itself, or they might not have.... 

Anyway, here are the "Areia Originals": 



Now, they've got a few nice videos there in their "originals" playlist but also you can immediately tell that they're on average much smaller productions than their most popular videos on their youtube channel. 

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4 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

I just got an email from the camera store saying 'Your order is on the way'!

Needless to say, i was quite excited, and then I remembered I ordered something else from them yesterday (Sunday) so it's not the camera that's coming.  ?

I've been checking my email constantly today! Haha ?

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On 9/14/2018 at 3:27 AM, jonpais said:

About the Kpop Music Videos; Sorry if it's confusing but I didn't shot all those music videos myself. They are like 400 Music Videos on my channel. Most are six-figure projects from huge companies shot with Alexa and Master Primes with 100+ people teams. 

Ah yes, exactly what I thought!

Those are not "bad videos"

They might not be to other people's tastes (K Pop isn't for everyone), but that doesn't mean those are "bad videos" composed of nothing but "tits and ass!"


On 9/14/2018 at 3:27 AM, jonpais said:

I just run a small independent label that releases original and remixed music production works. I have produced some of my own artists including music videos I directed and shot myself. Sometimes I am part of the team in some of the bigger Kpop music video projects but haven't possibly shot all that.

I was not chosen by Black Magic because of my social media or because I'm some top professional in the field. I believe I was chosen because I'm an average small business content creator that this camera appeals to. Naturally I put the Pocket 4k content on my Youtube channel because that's what I have. I think BM Asia is a separate thing from BM Europe and might approach marketing very differently choosing separately what to do with the first batch of the cameras. It's weird I got entangled in all that situation especially the personal attacks. I just shot some content and try to give valuable information to people by answering their questions as much as I can in this forum, my videos and some other groups. Everybody in those communities seem to be really grateful about it and I'm happy to see all the positive vibe and comments.

I wonder if he owns though an URSA Mini Pro? As I've noticed that referenced in some shots of videos that he has filmed himself. 

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On 9/13/2018 at 6:31 PM, Jerome Chiu said:

They should take a leaf out of other niche players in the industry: Red has its own forum, and forum members could seek out some senior members who have early access to new models for comments and guidance; by a similar token, PhaseOne has a good and reliable presence in getdpi.

BMD has their own forums as well:


And then there is also the dvxuser spinoff, bmcuser:


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