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  1. You can play back clips shot with the same project frame rate in the same codec.
  2. Yep this is the URSA mini 4K. I'm still getting wonderful images from this super35mm camera, and the global shutter is handy too.
  3. His sarcasm was handed to you on a plate and you still didn't get it?!
  4. wish he used the new BMD Extended v4 LUT
  5. Redshark News have just received one of the first production cameras in the UK https://www.redsharknews.com/production/item/5824-bmpcc-4k-we-have-our-hands-on-one-of-the-first-into-the-uk
  6. With the new BRAW codec, you shouldn't need to record onto anything other than SD cards.
  7. They're only going to start shipping from the warehouses this week...to the stores. The camera stores will no doubt then start shipping out to customers next week, not this week.
  8. BONUS FEATURE Pocket Cinema 4K : FREE Davinci Resolve
  9. new unboxing video. Who doesn't love an unboxing video? (me, usually).
  10. for dual recording, the Zoom F4 becomes 2 channels. Shouldn't be an issue for most, but when I need at least 3 channels (two lavs and a boom for example, or simply 3 lav mics) then I wouldn't be able to use the dual recording feature for all channels.
  11. i just ordered the RODE adapter when I bought the mics http://www.rode.com/accessories/vxlr
  12. I shoot with the URSAmini 4K and Rode link mics all the time, no issues, great sound. You'll need a jack>XLR adapter of course.
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