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  1. norliss

    I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!

    Shame it can't do 4:2:2 internally (as per the GH5/GH5s) but that aside, this looks an intriguing option. Hopefully we'll see the usual no-holds-barred, super-thorough Reid Review asap 🙂
  2. norliss

    Why YouTuber Logan Paul can't put his camera down

    I'd never heard of this bloke until this recent controversy and have no intention of looking at any of his content, neither.
  3. norliss

    Standing Tall

    Here's a short film I completed in May 2016: it's about a building that has managed to survive decades of (over) development in central Cardiff:
  4. norliss

    Leica Gear (SL + Lenses)

    I wouldn't worry about it. No-one ever seems to buy anything on here anyhow, we just seem to advertise stuff and talk about it Good luck selling it (probably elsewhere!)
  5. norliss

    New Zeiss 28-85 3.3-4.0 Contax lens

    As a matter of interest, what other Contax Zeiss lenses do you have (that you'd be willing to sell)?
  6. norliss

    A couple of my old short films

    Here's a 2 minute little 'vignette' done about 4 years ago (shot on a GH2) and here's something done way back in 2009, a faux film trailer:
  7. norliss

    Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    Don't you mean "Egypt" what with you being a Pharoah n' all....
  8. norliss

    Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    It'll be really interesting to see how these go as they're an intriguing prospect. I like the fact that you can change the lens mount and would be interested to see how robust/reliable that aspect of it is, too.
  9. norliss

    Kinefinity Terra 4k has landed

    I seem to remember a lot of chat about these Kinefinity cameras: many interested alas many people a little hesitant to go for what seems such an unknown quantity (compared with all the usual suspects of manufacturers) so I salute you for taking the plunge
  10. In excellent, little used condition, complete with box, pouch etc. This is fitted with the high quality Leitax lens-mount adapter so it's good for a rock-solid fit to Canon EF mount cameras although this can be removed if you want to take it back to its original Contax/Yashica (C/Y) mount. £230GBP. I can add/supply some pictures if there's any interest....
  11. norliss

    Biggest clusterfuck of 2016

    I think it's the things that are happening behind the scenes that you should be worried about....
  12. norliss

    Biggest clusterfuck of 2016

    The British vote to leave the European Union aka 'Brexit'. Or 'CollossalFuckUp' as I call it.
  13. norliss

    Anyone live in Paris....?

    Cool. Will send you a DM
  14. norliss

    Anyone live in Paris....?

    ...and could potentially do me a small filming favour?
  15. norliss

    How to save the consumer camera: DON'T!

    I did say I think usability should be improved wherever possible (many of the things you mention above would definitely fall into that) and I agree about Canon's intentional crippling. However, I think chasing the 'yoof' market i.e. uploading straight to Snapchat/Zuckerbook/Instagram IS dumbing down as those things are faddish/ ephemeral and besides which, will make zero difference for the very reasons I outlined in my original post.