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  1. Well because a camera isn't defined by whether it has 3-axis or 5-axis IBIS. Some cameras don't have any IBIS at all. A camera is the sum of its parts & e.g. the superior ergonomics or IQ of the Nikon might outweigh other considerations
  2. Canon sell loads of cameras. We have just been out to visit Anglsea Abbey near Cambridge here in the UK. They have a spectacular show of snowdrops & with this afternoon being about the sunniest day of the year so far there were a horde of people out. I saw about 30+ people with a camera all taking stills. Canon outnumbered Nikon by 10 to1. There was one guy with a point & shoot (couldn't see the brand looked a few years old) & another guy with an Olympus OM-D E-M1. That was it. Plenty of people using their phones for stills. I was the only one using a Sony RX100M6.
  3. I'd have thought "normal" shooters would mainly use 25p which is near as dammit to 24p anyway.
  4. If the only lens the OP has is a 70-200mm then they may be able to get some beautiful images but will have to stand a long way back. I too would endorse the 5DII for all the reasons that you state. There is no 5DI & the 5D did not have video. BTW the guy who said that he didn't like the 5DII was not the OP.
  5. nigelbb

    C200 vs C100 MKII

    Here in the UK Wex are a leading photographic retailer who do very good used deals all with 1year warranty. They currently have a C100 Mk II for £2K C100 Mk I for £1200 & even a C500 for just under £5K https://www.wexphotovideo.com/canon-eos-c100-mark-ii-high-definition-camcorder-used-1687969/
  6. I guess that having a camera as a step up from a phone that the average family shooter expects to be able to take video selfies.
  7. I find it difficult to believe that the Vlogger market actually exists. Are there really a significant number of people who want to buy a camera just to post on YouTube compared to all the other people would buy a camera to take pictures of the kids or whatever?
  8. Just put each project on a separate SSD.
  9. I don't understand why SSDs aren't practical if your projects are 6-800GB each will easily fit on a 1TB SSD. A 1TB SSD costs about the same as a 6TB HDD.
  10. If you want to stream wedding videos with unlicensed music then it's easy enough to host on your own VPS. The traffic will be minimal & no record company could ever find your content anyway. Same goes for proof copies & demos for clients.
  11. This pixel shift Hi Res mode only works if the subject is absolutely static i.e. no leaves moving on the trees. I's a rather limited novelty feature that can't be improved on without a radical increase in sensor read out speed.
  12. It's also rumoured to be very large for an MFT camera at 144.37mm x 146.765mm x 75.345mm with a built-in grip. That's pretty much the size of a Nikon D810 with battery grip.
  13. The difference is that YouTube has a mechanism for gathering revenue for the rights holders whereas Vimeo does not. Until they come up with a way of paying rights holders then their only option is to remove infringing material although their methods seem incredibly heavy handed. I don't think that anyone could really object if Vimeo just removed all infringing material but to remove every last trace of the user's account is far too drastic
  14. Au contraire I had a Business account when I was doing wedding videos professionally. I am now retired from that but kept the videos online as a service for a few of my clients. When I stopped paying for my Business account it transitioned to a Basic account with up to 5GB storage & only 720p versions of the videos. I think there are 20-30 videos online now.
  15. I have less than 5GB so although they did delete the 1080p they leave 720p versions of all videos. I was countering your claim that they delete "all your files" when clearly they don't but apply the rules you quoted when you revert to a free Basic account.
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