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  1. It does have 25p though. Do you think that anyone can tell the difference between 24p & 25p? Is the motion cadence & whatnot that is so distinctive & necessary for the cinema look that a 4% difference can be seen?
  2. Would anyone notice if they shot at 25p?
  3. I would guess that the previous customer ordered the newest version then put their old lens in the new box & returned it to Amazon for a refund
  4. I have had incredibly good results with these cheap Boya brand wireless Tx/Rx https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00RGF6AJ2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They use some clever frequency hopping technology so there is no interference.. The sound is maybe a little less full than I used to get with my Sennheiser G3 EW-112P gear but I've put that down to the superior Sennheiser lav mic. Before you shell out hundreds of £/$/€ on traditional wireless brands like Sennheiser or Sony it's worth a punt on a set of these at £60.
  5. +1 Andrew you are simply not the target market for the Sony RX100M7 so why complain so much? I've owned an RX100M6 for a year & it's a great little stills camera with some decent video features. It's biggest single selling point is that it's the size of a packet of cigarettes with an amazing 24-200mm FF equivalent lens & it fits in your pocket. I now use it for 80% of my photos because it's just so easy to carry with me. The RX100M7 is a nice incremental upgrade but not enough to make we want to trade in my M6.. The AF on the M6 is already amazing & TBH with the DoF of a 1" sensor the eye AF is pretty redundant as the face AF works so well already. The external mic input is what everyone bitched about as missing from the M6 but I barely use it for video beyond the equivalent of a few snapshots.. It is literally a unique camera that no other manufacturer can touch so is priced accordingly. If you don't want what it offers then clearly it's not worth you buying it but for me it's been the best value camera that I have ever owned in terms of the numbers of photos that I have taken with it.
  6. Sorry I'm busy with regular work stuff at the moment & not had much time to shoot any video. TBH I jumped in & bought the camera as I saw one at a good price & I was expecting prices of used cameras would rise once others spotted how good the firmware update is. It's a lovely camera & feels just right in your hands.
  7. The cable arrived & I've updated the firmware. The C-AF is freakishly good. At least the equal of any proper camcorder that I have used over the years. Initially I was horrified at the severe crop mode in both HD & 4K video but then realised that this is only when you have sensor shift & digital IS engaged & when you switch to sensor shift only there is no crop. I bought a cheap Vitrox speed booster to enable me to use my Nikon lenses but having tried then I don't think that this is going to be useful as the camera is hideously unbalanced when you put a heavyweight FF lens plus speed booster on the front of the camera. I'll just live with the 25mm F/1.7 which gives me 50mm FF equivalent view & can always use the lossless 2x digital teleconverter when shooting video to give a 100mm view.
  8. From some brief testing it's really nice with the old firmware. I can't believe how effective the 5-axis IBIS is now. I thought what they created with the original OM-D E-M5 was good but this is astonishing. The EVF is lovely too. The 4K video is very good & it has the lovely Olympus colour.
  9. My new (used) camera arrived yesterday. First impressions are that it's very well made & fits beautifully in my hands. I'm just looking to download & install the new firmware`& it looks like they have even updated the user manual with details of features included with the new firmware http://download.aws.olympus.eu/consumer/manuals/cameras/E-M1_Mark_II_MANUAL_FW30_EN.pdf Update: Can't do the FW update as I need a USB-C cable so ordered one from Amazon for delivery tomorrow.
  10. I have aways liked the look of the Olympus OM-D E-M1 II & with this new firmware update it looks a very interesting proposition so I have just ordered a used model with Panasonic 25mm F/1.7 lens from Wex here in the UK. Trading in my Sony RX10M4 has covered almost the entire cost. The RX10M4 has been pretty much redundant since I bought the RX100M6 as except for the amazing 600mm FF equivalent zoom there is nothing to choose between the two cameras in terms of image quality & as the RX100M6 fits in my pocket I use it 80-90% of the time for stills. When I want to "do photography" I have my Nikon D810 & a bunch of lenses so I'll be looking at getting a Speedbooster for the E-M1 to take advantage of my Nikkor lenses. I gave up pro video about five years ago but latterly I shot wedding with a pair of OM-D E-M5s & loved them for their fantastic 5-axis IBIS & the light weight & compactness. The HD video was a bit mushy but the colours were lovely. The E-M1 is a bit larger but still should have many of the same characteristics but now with sharp 4K video.
  11. I see that there is a v3.1 firmware released on 9th July presumably fixing bugs introduced by v3.0 https://www.olympus-europa.com/site/en/c/cameras_support/downloads/e_m1_mark_ii_downloads.html
  12. WTF is the point of watching GoT or any cinematic show or movie on a phone or tablet?
  13. We watched in the dark on a 60" LG plasma. It was pretty dark, but it was meant to be like that. I also assumed that they made it dark to cut down on the cost of VFX rather like the original version of Doom was always very dark so not too many pixels needed to shifted around. The pace of the storytelling held up well & didn't drag over more than 80 minutes. There was especially brilliant 5.1 audio too.
  14. In the UK we are still in the EU (just!) but the VAT threshold is £85K of turnover before you need charge VAT. You don't pay any income tax below £11850 then it's 20% until £46351when it rises to 40% while social security charges are around an extra 9% between £12000 & £50000. You don't need to register in any way to work as a photographer or sell shoes. No wonder so many other EU nationals want to live & work here?
  15. I returned to a former career after a long break. I work hard & am paid well (much more than I ever made from photography & video) & happily really enjoy my job but I don't get to travel or spend as much time at home & only have the one workplace. I now do little video but get a lot of enjoyment from my photography.
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