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  1. The guy is a fucking joke. He's probably loving the attention he's getting here. Nah: it's always lying, whatever the day.
  2. That whole Alice metaphor at the beginning of the so-called review... well... not your best writing.
  3. This guy is a genius: he actually FIGURED OUT that 4096 pixels are more than 3840 pixels !
  4. The original pocket was really really bad in low light and battery life was terrible. I can't see any advantages. It's a trend that should die. Now.
  5. You lost me at Teal Orange... I'm not even watching this.
  6. Well, what can a say... https://petapixel.com/2015/04/10/philip-bloom-accused-of-domestic-violence-dropped-by-kessler-crane/
  7. I'm betting he'll use it to beat the crap out of his girlfriend. If you can wait a year before getting it, then you don't need it.
  8. Zing !!! That's... brutal. The music and slomo... overly warm colours.. jesus... enough already ! Bad demo overload !
  9. 30p is great ! Smoother than 24p on pans, yet still cinematic. Of course, so-called "purist" don't like it. I think they should go back to super 8 and 18fps. (just slightly kidding).
  10. Did you also use to be... not an ass ?
  11. Yeah, right. And since they're about the same price, that seems like a no-brainer.
  12. You have to look with better eyes than this. So ? Well, strangely, I prefer "too much detail" because you can "bring it down" in post if it's too much. "Low detail" is impossible to recover.
  13. Blackmagic has already stated that the 4K WILL get the BMraw update, so take a deep breath and relax.
  14. You're losing it, Andrew. Time for a vacation.
  15. The grading is all over the place, but I can see the potential. Damn ! Wow !   (I also don't think the short is "narrative". Try "Artsy" or "Experimental".)
  16. The 16mm lenses would also fit the Pocket 5K Panavision Camcorder.   (Yeah: I made that one up. Just like that other made up camera, the Digital Bolex).
  17. Nice to hear that this "hypothetical" camcorder is getting an upgrade !   I can't shake the feeling that this camera, when (if?) it's released, will already be made obsolete by whatever GoPro has up it's sleeve for the next NAB.   I, for one, would never waste $3000 on a device from a company without a track record, no matter how cool the specs seem to be. Just thinking about customer support and service makes me shiver...
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