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    Ha, it definitely would not! Our desires/wants are insatiable, and unlimited!
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    I was hoping to score enough points in the shopping section to offset the lack of them in the actual creative bit!
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    Music videos...

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    Music videos...

    And all colors are beautiful. 😅
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    Music videos...

    Wow great stuff. I love Bluegrass Music. Felt from the heart. Blues and Bluegrass, represents true emotions. But all music is wonderful.
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    Music videos...

    I dunno, I seem to prefer just to see music videos of bands playing live. I love shooting them though most are just for me (and sometime the venues and bands). I would often just video a song or two while shooting stills. I get permission for stills and often just try and hold the camera steady enough for a song though will use a tripod from time to time. I shoot everything from metal to jazz. Have not had a camera good enough to shoot live music for a while but hope to get something this coming week (have just been asked to photograph a small music festival soon..it has been a while since I did that). This was one of mine (posted by the band). It was a seated show but was hand held with a non stabilized A7s and old Nikon 85 1.8 MF lens. The lens has gone, the camera is broken and the venue has closed....the story of my life I guess!
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    Some footage from Z6. Portrait Profile Sharpening -3 Mid-range sharpening -1 Contrast -2.5 On the format topic, all I really wish for is 10-bit 4:2:2. Internal raw is overkill for my needs. If I'm shooting raw I'm going to be on a set and need monitor anyway, far cheaper to record to SSD in that situation than XQD
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    So later this year, it's time to replace my NX1 with… what?? I do lots of industrial/business/medical stuff, talking heads in the office, then manufacturing or process in the big facility - a music vid every month or two. One-man-band. It's a great gig, I'm happy as a clam. The big NX1 game changer for me has been video AF on a gimbal. Never thought video AF would mean jack to me, but the NX1 with the cheap little OIS kit lens is the biggest game changer I've encountered in a decade of doing this. I can literally run around a factory and get killer shots. Clients think it's drone video. My killer-shot-count has gone through the roof - hardly ever bring the Kessler crane any more. I can try a dozen angles and moves in the time it takes to set up one crane shot. I can play that rig like a guitar. On a tripod I use Nikkors, the footage is beautiful. But the NX1 has its cons: no Prores, no RAW, blown highs, noise at higher ISOs. [email protected] 60p would be nice. I have tons of lights for interviews/planned shots, but too much of my work is in dimmer environments. The Nikon Z6 sounds like a no-brainer - but it sounds like I'd take a big step down in the AF I rely on for motion shots. So what would you do? What's the best in mirrorless AF these days? (I love the NX1 EVF for shoulder rigs and no fiddling with an external - I'll never go back to a DSLR). I'm really happy with APS-C, full frame would be fine for me though, not thrilled with smaller sensors, but for my AF shots I'm usually pretty wide, so I could go smaller sensor with a native lens. What's out now, what's coming down the pipeline? Thanks for any ideas.
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    RED Mini-Mag Exposed

    Now I never really expected RED to have made the physical media inside their mags so it doesn't come as a massive surprise to find that they contain fairly run of the mill standard drives. Did I think they were taking the piss with the price they were charging for them? Well I still wince thinking about how much I paid for the 64 gig Redmags that I bought with the EPIC so the answer is definitely yes but when you looked at how much Panasonic were asking for P2 cards then it was par for the course. This video - which has been produced by a company that make alternative mags - shouldn't come as too much of a surprise then when they strip an official one and show the components. What I hadn't really appreciated though in terms of significance are the statements that RED have made regarding them developing the drives, the millions spent on custom firmware that writes the data in a unique way and how its a US made product. All of which this video pretty much debunks and in addition shows there being a somewhat innacurate description of the capacity. Charging people ten times what they could buy the product for is one thing but the misleading descriptions is another and one that might well cause them a few issues. I'll be very interested to see what the producers of this video have in store for part 2. Particularly as it appears RED have been trying to sue them.
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    Not much love for Nikon D850

    But spamming never dies
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    Keeping my FS5 and A6300 until an A7000 or A7siii has the specs I want. In the mean time..
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    A9 II and a RX 1inch camera will be the first cameras to be equipped with Exmor RS sensor.
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    You're lucky to have manual controls in video, though. I can't change a damn thing!
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    New Monitor 32" 4K

    I use an LG 32UD89 right now and I can tell you that it's a good monitor. It has some light bleed, but it can be seen only in the dark. Before that I had an Samsung U32H850 with a VA panel with quantum dots. A VA panel of 32"in front of you is not a good idea, the color shift even when you move the head just a few inches. And the quantum dots just make some colors (red, green) very bright. For editing this is not ok at all. I send back the Samsung and get the LG.
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    Geoff CB

    Music videos...

    Anima is incredible. Second that recommendation, gorgeous short film
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    Music videos...

    I've really enjoyed Paul Thomas Anderson's recent jump into music videos, discovered HAIM thanks to him (easily among my top 10 bands/artists now), but also check out "Anima" if you have Netflix!
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    If I wanted the m43 field of view and had a decent size budget id skip a m43 camera and just shooter super 16mm
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    They're decent! I'm not a big fan of earbuds though!
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    Yeah I think mine came today lmao
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I'd much rather have everyone having access to the same IQ BMD has been to all of us since the early beginning! : -)
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    Gilles Deleuze

    Great stuff, just giving his books Cinema 1 & 2 a go... here is a nice podcast with intro to his work: There are nice essays in this book relating to film philosophy: https://www.amazon.com/Afterimages-Gilles-Deleuzes-Film-Philosophy-ebook/dp/B004445HMO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=afterimage+deleuze&qid=1562263076&s=gateway&sr=8-1 A Thousand Platueas is fairly wild philosophy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Thousand_Plateaus P
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    At the same time some of the up and coming cinematographers could also have a soft side for M43 like the GH2 onwards. I think M43 definitely doesn't have a huge place in the narrative world at least the higher end. S35 kind of already has that place and things don't usually go downwards.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Is this situation pleasant and positive to any BMD customer? We became used to see this going along the major players, not a company like Blackmagic... Much disappointing to see, Mr. Petty! I'd say there's a high chance he's reading these lines since he is aware of this thread, so I hope this can touch his sensibility. We buy BMD for some different reason... No regrets so far. I hope you keep going your commitment with your loyal clientele all the time anyway! E : -)
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    It releases July 25th I believe. So I bet shipments are being made to distributors and to reviewers. I think it’s aimed at video people and the 18-35. The Voigtlanders are indeed nice and have more character but they are manual only, cost $2600 to cover the same focal range and need to be swapped out. Im excited to have something like this with AF, click-less aperture, and very limited focus breathing (not sure if the Voigtlander have that). Can wait to slap a promist filter to soften the sharpness and see what it can do.
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    You think it would solve our desperate quest for a low cost convenient raw camera 😄 ?
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    I want to see Nikon add internal RAW!
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    I think color grading should be allowed. What if canon users want to use EOS HD profiles or cinestyle? Some of these look flat.
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    Yes I think I remember it mentioned as supported but again need to check. I can't agree. While they are not bad lenses it doesn't make sense to invest $$$ in lenses which can't be adapted, especially ones as boring as the small Z range released so far. I get much more value from my Canon EF lenses as they're usable on so much. Whereas E-mount lenses make more sense as well. My Sony FE 35mm F1.4 has the Zeiss pop and 3D rendering. It is superior the Nikon Z 35mm F1.8. That lens is by no means a BAD lens but my Sony cost less (used in very good condition) and is flat out superior, faster, and better built. My Sony Batis lenses, 25mm F2 and 85mm F1.8 are also Zeiss glass, and look incredible. Nikon doesn't even have an answer for Z mount. No fast 24mm or 85mm primes yet! What were they thinking? F4 is too slow for a zoom for me, and 70mm too short, so the 24-70 Z, while relatively affordable and compact is BORING, compared to Canon's incredible 28-70mm F2.8 from the 90's which is par focal and $300... And what's more, I can use these lenses on countless Sony bodies, and not just my Z6. Nikon's main mistake with the.Z series lenses so far, has been the pricing. Charging $600-$900 for F1.8 primes, I don't care how good they are, it doesn't match market expectations when everything else in this region by Canon, Sigma, Sony and Nikon is F1.4 and their F1.8 lenses are in the bargain bins. See how much a Canon 50mm F1.8 costs you or a 35mm F1.8 Nikon.
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    Music videos...

    There is one thing that matters most in music videos... ideas. Screw everything else if the video isn't original. To that end, here's a great one: People say that there's no market for short films.... wrong. They just have music over the top.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I don't feel this with their cameras today. On the contrary, to be sincere. Aside these issues now reported. But, some arrogance from their side is unbearable. This should not be tolerant by us as their supportive and cooperative clientele. Dictatorships simply don't bring any help. Thanks for joining your voice : ) I am glad to see I am not the only one to notice and say it openly. I don't get the fanboy ostrich attitude. E : -)
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    Anamorphic 4:3 would be a start. What's taking them so long
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    I’ve always had this feeling that Blackmagic cameras are never quite finished, this isn’t a problem exclusive to Blackmagic, but it seems to be more prevalent with BMD. Being a small innovative company that caters to no-budget filmmakers, I can accept that BMD cameras are a bit rough around the edges, what I can’t accept is BMD keeping quiet about flaws and not fixing them in a timely manner. Since the days of the D90 and 5DMk2, blue skies have been a go to for testing for codec flaws, when I get a new camera it’s one of the first tests I do. I noticed the Pocket 4K macroblocking on the first blue sky shot I took with it. If BMD think this flaw is acceptable then they should market it as the ‘Pocket Hobbyist Camera 4K’, or put a landscape with a 🚫 symbol on the box, because it falls well short of the IQ expected of a cinema camera for landscape shots. I haven't noticed any codec issues shooting interiors, it doesn't appear to be a problem there, but I have hours of shots to edit and review. BMD needs to think very carefully about how they respond to this issue, just a hint of bullshit or patronizing will not play well for them. Users need to be told exactly what the problem is, and what is going to be done to address it.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    I told you. It really puzzles me. Why? We'd need they may address the issue. It's rather disappointing. Without mention to lack some objectiveness to clarify it. I also can't be glad why a few models are cDNG capable, others don't. As far as reported because of a new display and its firmware, but this camera was announced with the possibility to hold cDNG when it is not even consensual braw is wide accepted as raw format. Despite its usefulness, ratio IQ and value. So we have now two distinct cameras as matter of fact? A Mark II or better to call it Minus Mark I too...? Is this acceptable? Ethical? Many fair doubts and complaints by customers and adopters can be raised for the subject matter. Who can blame such claim? This was posted by majoraxis in your forum 15 pages back one month and a half ago: You can also find more information here: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=90870 Unfortunately, this is effectively not a minor downgrade, hence the major disappointment not only pointed by me but many others...
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    DJI Announcing Something New On The 28th

    Yeah, it's not too bad. In terms of what is a toy, if a 15 year-old kid who saved up money from a part-time job they worked after school to buy this, they'd be confident they've gotten the best pocket camera that money can buy. When the cinematographer who still prefers to shoot IMAX large format film for their features, but is resigned to the fact that they are sometimes forced by practicality to use an ARRI Alexa LF, looks at a P4K (or even an UMP) they may very well consider them to be toy cameras. It's all a matter of perspective.
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    NX1 subforum took a hit, too.
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