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    • Well the A7s is now  over three years and a half old and again, if I was shooting for pay I would certainly not be using an A7s ONLY but it would sure still be in my bag. Ergonomics is subjective and I prefer the first version A7 cameras to the later ones and the A7s to all the other cameras I have used though perhaps I am in a minority there. My point is that a lot of things mentioned as being faults are not really and it comes down to what the camera is designed to do and when people say things like you can not customize a button for silent shutter? And yet the number of cameras that even HAVE a silent shutter is small and the number that can customize it to quick(er) access must be very small indeed. The A7s can not do some things that some other cameras can and it can do things some others can not and it comes down to what someone wants/needs. There is still no other camera I would want for low light high ISO stills and the same with the limited video that I do (it has recently been knocked out of the number one spot for ISO on DXOmark by two medium format cameras but even so after three and a half  years it still holds up well and it is also no slouch for image quality at lower ISOs either). It is not for rapid shooting or high pixel counts but coming from cameras like a Pentax Spotmatic and Olympus OM1-n it works just fine for photography.      
    • @kidzrevil did you shoot with that set up during your GH4 days? Which old video was that?
    • Good luck. 1.5x lenses are rare and expensive. 2x lenses work better for the GH5's anamorphic mode and you have a bit more in the way of options. Unfortunately, other than the imperial making SLR Magic rangefinder, there are no single focus adapters you can get right now. (Except lucky finds on ebay) And they are all very expensive. Taking lenses are the easy part. Just look around and find what looks best for you.
    • Im looking to experiment with the anamorphic modes on my GH5. I require a single focus solution with 1.5-2x crop. Also looking for a nice set of taking lenses. Im using a Speedbooster x0.71 to EF. Currently looking at the ISCO WIDE-SCREEN 2000 1.5x however I can't find one anywhere (UK)  Thanks in advance!
    • Hey guys, I've added about 60 new images to the following pages: TXR - CONCRETE / PAVEMENT
      http://soundimage.org/txr-concrete/ TXR - GLASS (new page)
      http://soundimage.org/txr-glass/ TXR - WOOD
      http://soundimage.org/txr-wood/ I hope some of them are helpful!