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    • I never made any allegations. That's the point. Just bringing some rumors, take it for what they are. Rumors. But the lens signature is quite familiar if you know these lens enough, as I do. But as Alan (Tony) says, optics is old hat. Everybody copies everybody. The original Chretien anamorphic design was out for 2 months that it was already copied by every french and their mothers in the 50's (google Dyaliscope, totalvision and cinepanoramic...). Zeiss double Gauss design has been redone by about every lens maker since its invention.  JDC anamorphics used cheap canon FD glasses as taking lenses in their anamorphic lenses. Panavision used Nikon and leica's glasses in theirs. And so on. Rehousing is a valuable and noble task. Rehoused photo lenses aren't cheap either while there is absolutely no optical difference with their photo counterpart... So even if there was truth in that rumor, i wouldn't be that shocked considering current prices of cine lenses and the quality of the cinelux glasses.
    • I’ll have to watch it in the morning. It’s already 3:00 AM here. ha
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    • Interesting stats, I often wonder, since I watch most of these videos on my phone if I could tell the difference if a video was originally shot in 4K or in 1080p and if a good lens on 1080p would translate better on YT/V than an okay lens in 4K? I did recently get tricked into thinking a 5D3 Video was shot in Raw when it was really shot in regular Canon firmware 1080p. Even this video, I thought was 4K 5D4, but the guy shot it on the 5D4 in 1080... now the 1080p on the 5D4 is a pretty high bitrate MOV but still, I would have thought I could easily tell the difference between the two... even on my phone... Btw, he is a Sony shooter that recently switched to the 5D Mark IV.