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Let's see what the Samsung NX1 is REALLY capable of - shooting 4K in sunny Lisbon

Andrew Reid

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Download the 4K original here

NX1 is in stock at B&H ($1499)

The light in Berlin is dreary during winter, so I took the NX1 off for a break in the Portuguese city of Lisbon last week. This place has the best weather in Europe and the best light. A magical place.

It gave me a perfect chance to get under the skin of the NX1 - and see just what it can do in the real world.

Read the full article here

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Andrew, Thanks for this great article !

It is a great answer to the "lab" article. And maybe sometimes they should follow your example in taking their cameras out of their labs, into the real life. 

I really love your grading, and the colors of this Samsung. Expecting mine to come in tomorrow, already got the Samsung 16-50mm - btw I think the build quality is really good -. Can't wait to try this little beast.

I really appreciate how you honestly approached the different downsides of this camera. I wish more people would have been critical of the GH4 when it came out - for me it was a disappointment, I still believe that the GH3 is nicer in terms of colors, and is often cleaner -.

Also I think it would be fantastic if you would share with the community your grading technique - especially your filmconvert settings.


Thanks again, and can't to take this little camera all around the world to play with it !

Cheers ! 


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Andrew, Thanks for this great article !

It is a great answer to the "lab" article. And maybe sometimes they should follow your example in taking their cameras out of their labs, into the real life.


Exactly! Real world shooting experience tells us a lot more!

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Great article Andrew - Great shooting as well!

Would love to see a this video without the color correction as I like the look of the  castle picture with the title "And if we want a flat image, then here it is without the grade..."

Also looking forward to your Shogun tests.

BTW anyone else like the geometric rendering of the APS-C better than the speed-boosted equivalent focal length?  When watching some of the youtube test videos from Max Yuryev, I believe that a straight APS-C lens and sensor is more pleasing than the slightly barrel distortion of the GH4 and Speedbooster... or maybe something else is causing this up look.

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That's some beautiful footage. Thanks for sharing! Even though I try not to, I think I'll seriously have to consider this camera. This is better than anything that I've seen coming from an A7s or a GH4 - not that I've seen everything though... It's funny though, some shots, the ones without any motion, do look like they're still frames because there is no visible noise whatsoever. 

How does the 1080p mode compare to other 1080p cameras under normal shooting conditions? Is it on par with, let's say, the GH3? I don't expect the Samsung 1080p to beat the Sony A7s 1080p but if it's on par with the GH3/G6 BUT offers 120fps AND offers 4K shooting at normal frame rates... well in that case I think I've found my next camera. 


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Some great observations there Andrew. Much more balance:

"Samsung are one of the largest semiconductors manufacturers in the world with one of the biggest investments in chip design R&D. It shows with the NX1. I can’t stress enough how different this camera is under the hood to a high end Canon or Nikon DSLR. As cameras move from the optical / photographic era to the computing era this advantage is going to become more and more pertinent.

Some of the technology utilised here is simply not found on anything else it competes with. Unless Samsung set up a supply chain to Canon & Nikon they are going to reap the rewards for a very long time on future cameras of such bespoke tech. There’s little evidence at the moment that Canon & Nikon are on a level playing field when it comes to semiconductors. In my view they’re condemned to buying off the shelf hardware and sensors for future cameras just to stay competitive and gone will be any kind of bespoke image quality advantage which Canon historically have enjoyed with their CMOS sensors prior to the 5D Mark III. Canon’s recent remarks that they will simply use whatever sensor is best, no matter who makes it, hints that their management are resigned to this fate anyway."

I've long been a big believer in Samsung. So big and so much money and capable of so much.

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I don't mean this to be offensive, but I apologize if it ends up that way - I am extremely relieved that the issue of crushed blacks that were seen by some in your Sigma 35mm NX1 article are a product of color grading and not the raw output of the camera!  This camera has stunning dynamic range for its price.

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Beautiful images from this camera. I love it when companies stir up the industry. Sadly I dont think this will be a popular camera just due to the name Samsung. Professionals dont hear that name and think camera. They think smart phone or TV. BTW this is my favorite grade you have done. Beautiful contrast between colors. 

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I don't see 3840 x 2160 in 24p...just 30p. What's up with that? 

Also, if you don't own a Mac, I have had issues transcoding to prores just so you guys know. I'm trying to find some PC options for using ProRes or what the best format should be for PC users needing 4k video formats. Adobe Premiere supports Prores just fine on the PC which is why I wanted to use it. 

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You should really avoid crapware like Wondershare and DVDFab. While easy to use, they neglect quality to improve performance. In addition, as they cater to general video types, the internal encoder options these front-end applications use may not suit your type of video and decrease quality. 

A lot of these programs by default will use gpu acceleration to decode video and sometimes to encode as well, which should be avoided at all costs. This video acceleration (usually h264/vc1 and mpeg2) implemented into AMD, Nvidia and Intel gpu drivers is of "ok" quality, and it differs between gpus. In a simple progressive AVC 1080p decode, one test I saw showed AMD gpus providing a different quality output everytime.

What I recommend for the fokes converting video is to get to know your codec. Have a go at some open source or proprietary command line programs that are available. They usually allow near-direct access to the libraries "behind the scenes" in applications previously mentioned.

Free and open source, I personally recommend using ffmpeg to decode the video and streaming it to x264 with your own custom encoding options. Both ffmpeg and x264 are applications which are available on PC, Mac, Linux, and whatever else you can build it on.

I do believe ffmpeg can encode to ProRes variants which might be useful for someone who owns a NX1 because of its H265 decoder.

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