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  1. It has that contrasty slightly cold Canon look too
  2. whats a super 35? Why is the colour so pleasing?
  3. This is disapointing. I was so excited they'd moved the lugs too which was a major gripe with the old Olympic cameras. However, I am still waiting for a gx7 type replacement for my "small" cam. Panasonics video is already amazing and I think they will have good enough image stabilisation soon. Coupled with their even quicker AF than Olympus with panasonic lenses I feel optimistic.
  4. I still refute the idea in a big headline that it is a step backwards. Its sensationalist
  5. ​Canons AF is still better than anything Nikon make. The D4s only just caught up, very roughly, with the 1dx, and the 5dmk3 is still better than the d750 as shown in numerous tests. Canon has the fastest AF lenses, for example their 35mm 1.4 is faster than Nikons, and the 135 is LOADS faster. 85 1.8 is faster than Nikons 1.8 too. What innovation do you need or what exactly, from a stills perspective? Dont get me wrong, id like to see innovation, who doesn't, but its still the basics that are most important: ergonomics, af, low light, and Canon excel at it.
  7. Northlight Images says they have been told that the EOS 5D Mark IV will be announced in August. The EOS 5D Mark IV is said to come with improved video and still performance and features, and with just a modest increase in resolution. As we reported first, the EOS 5D Mark IV will most probably have 4k video recording. This will be a DSLR oriented to the sport, action and event photographers. I am sure the EOS 5D Mark IV will push Canon already exceptional low-light performance to new boundaries. THE MESSIAH WILL COME AGAIN
  8. according to canon rumours a moment ago "The EOS 5D Mark IV will be the camera geared to sensitivity and lowlight performance and we will see one sometime in 2015."
  9. high res is for stills. lets not make this another thread about how rubbish canon are. its clear that, because this is so high there will be a d750 more like spec coming out as well. there is no doubt in my mind
  10. This is good because we are most likely using a sony sensor but with canon colour science, great But To me, and the reason for creating this post, is that it is clear that it is not a replacement for the 5dm3. . And most of all, because this is so high mega pizel, and only to 6400, then a 24meg one or similar is DEFO around the corner, which will likely have great video specs, following on from the general heritage of the 5d line and be an ultimate all round cam. If they came out with, I dunno 30meg there it would be less clear what the plan is
  12. http://www.canonwatch.com/cw5-image-specs-canon-5ds-5ds-r-leaked-50mp-sensor/
  13. one of the finest posts, articles even, ever found on the internet!!!!!
  14. The Still Motion lot from Canada seem to use a lot of monopods (the manfrotto one with a little tripod-like feet at the bottom of it) and therefore don't seem to use stabilised lenses, unless they are in a vehicle or something similar. Is it possible to never bother with stabilisation?
  15. Now ive gotten rid of my a7s I need something for my Canon. Any thoughts?
  16. This talented frenchman tells us everything we need to know https://www.lensculture.com/articles/alain-laboile-video-interview-alain-laboile
  17. could this also explain canons dr "problems" in lightroom for stils? We've seen an unhelpful software interaction with fuji files, for example, although clearly that is to do with sensor design
  18. sorry mate, was only teasing. I do think video has more "legs" though, as the skill set is broader.
  19. ​That explains it. There is just now way it was 50mm FF equiv at 0.7
  20. Also, who the hell wants those horribly vulgar lighting all over the subject? Look at Jeff Acough if you want to see a good wedding photos, not that vulgar trash on a beach!
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