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  1. Thank you so much for all this. What is frustrating me a bit about the A7s is that I'd like a very good stabilised fast lens I can use for stills and video. Assuming I am shooting video in APS-C video mode most of the time, shall I just use one of the NEX lenses?
  2. Thanks guys. I know what you mean about the a7s being a "lot of camera" but as I said in my top post, I got it for stills :)
  3. Yes, Im quite experienced with stills, but not with video... :)
  4. Where is the best place to learn? I don't even understand shutter speed when it comes to video, for example. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Andrew! Can I use APS-C lenses in video mode? Aside from when I want the best quality, where I am using a combination of FE and Canon glass, I really fancy that 16-50 power zoom for taking out with me on nights out etc or when I want something in my pocket. Can you crop the video like that? If not, what is the smallest way to get some stabilisation? Thanks!
  6. Can anyone tell me if the d810 has comparable quality bar some potential moire etc due to AA filter?
  7. I have no 24p in my camera. Any ideas?
  8. I was just speaking to a guy on dpreview and he got his a7s from t-dimension-us for around £115 They hack the firmware to avoid that annoying language thing mentioned elsewhere. I hope panamosz dont do that! I dont think they do
  9. Presuambly that also applies to digitalrev and the rest. In any event, its still way cheaper even if you had to pay 20% which would never happen I don't think
  10. Good thought thanks for sharing. I called them and no problems servigin or repair at my cost, so really there isn't anything to worry about here :)
  11. I am about to buy the a7s for stills (not much of a serious video person, even though I browse this site!), primarily because of low noise, silent shutter and reliable AF. Its a great reportage camera. The super high ISO means lenses like the 35mm 2.8 become usable in all conditions! I am getting it from Panamosz like a number of you have, and I am fine with all the minor things you have to put up with. But what are the consequences if I want to sell? Obviously it will sell for less than a UK version but on ebay I cant see any grey imports, presumably as its against their rules. Just want to get an idea of resale value/ channels - especially as a key reason to be comforted as the orginal grey import purchaser is that you get the warranty from the seller where the next purchase will have nothing. Thanks!
  12. THe problem with Canon is lifting the shadows. That is all. And it is annoying for high dynamic range situations for stills. A cheap 3200 has better dyanmic range than a 5dmk3 that is mental.
  13. Thanks everyone. Coincidentally I've just noticed you can get a Geforce 750 Ti passive! And a Radeon r9 270! http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-170-PC http://www.palit.biz/palit/vgapro.php?id=2378
  14. The interesting thing, though, is that the gfx card is the only sticking point. I have two completely passive computers (HD Plex and Streacomm) and both could have the Intel I7 3770S without any fans. They use a clever heatsink technology where, in effect, the whole case is a heatsink. The issue is more the gfx card.
  15. What kind of case do you have? Any alternative to a large classic ATX set up?
  16. zenpmd

    Buying a monitor

    But what is the real benefit of a 4k monitor? Can't we rely on upscaling for image and video review?
  17. Can't seem to get clear guidance on this. I am planning on making a Haswell build and the Intel I7 3770s. What I want to avoid if possible if buying a graphics card, as they are expensive and stops the machine from being fanless. Any care to share any advice? Thanks!
  18. I'm thinking of splashing some cash on a self-calibrating Eizo monitor. But am thinking ahead to 4k. Is there any point in a 4k monitor that should mean I should wait?
  19. Christ this may have answered my question - its night and day difference!?
  20. Can anyone link me to a comparison? I really want to avoid RAW if possible and would like to see what the quality of the codec is like. Thanks!
  21. Ignoring 5d raw, even the codec is "fine" remember all the good stuff on the mk2? People saying the D800 is a "better stills camera" is just stupid too. More dynamic range, resolution yadada. The 5dmk3 is not cheap, sure, so we ought to expect a lot from it, but its AF system is superb and considering I need something for action photography too, its certainly better to just have one system and really get to grips with it than running a few. "Good enough"
  22. I've realised I have no beef with larger cameras - and my plan is to just use the replacement of the Fuji x100s for everything when I want smaller size. Dont need a small video cam. Full frame for intercheangle lenses, fixed for smallness.
  23. There is a lot of choice nowadays, but actually isnt the 5dmk3 still the ultimate allrounder? For the price I'd like more dynamic range in stills, sure, but thats really this cameras only downside...I have wasted about 18 months (as I am new to this stuff) wasting time and money on other things and have now realised this is it...
  24. zenpmd

    GX7 vs G6

    Thanks. GX7 ordered. I can deal with the EVF and small size appeals, plus nice to have a silent cam for stills alongside my Fujis. I'm going to go for it
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