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  1. For use with a gh2, on the assumption thats its going to be cheaper this way than with using the mic jack (and then sync later in PP)   Thanks
  2. Thanks guys.   Does the hack work on the US version of the camera?
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  4. Your thoughts much appreciated! Or do we not bother with books anymore?!
  5. 1. Does the hack affect the ability of the camera to take photos? As I am looking to use it for travel, dual purpose, I hope not but would be grateful if someone can clarify.   2. Although Andrew recommends a few non- M/43 lens I want all of them to have AF for stills. I was therefore going to use the Oly 12 and 45 and the Panasonic 25. All of these have decent manual focus rings. Does anyone disagree with this strategy?
  6. Great thanks, sorry for being slow with the ND. I have several, but I couldnt understand why Andrew was mentioning them.   I assume he means use it rather than shutter speed, to control the light so the shutter stays at 1/50 and the apeture at whatever you have creatively selected.   The flight is a good opportunity to mess around with the thing anyway. :)   I have never got my head around how video works - ie, what does shutter speed even mean in the context of video?
  7. Thanks man!   One question, what is an ND?   I will only be carrying two lens - 35mm 1.8G and 50mm 1.8D..!
  8. The 5200 arrived today, in 2 days I fly to the Phillipines. I hope to shoot some beautiful stuff in Palawan.   Although I am used to taking photos, I know barely anything about videos as I have literally just developing an interest in shooting them.   Can anyone give me the best settings I should be using etc?   Thanks so much
  9. I have just ordered it. Anyone wanna buy a GH2? :) Incidentally, how do all you Nikon users find using the G lens manual focus for video? I would like to avoid D lenses if I can (other than the 50 as its so cheap) because I'd like to double them up for taking stills with AF. When the D7000's successor is out, assuming it has the same Toshiba sensor, it will be the ultimate hybrid I think, but currently out of my budget - and I think there is limited value spending serious cash on an APS-C right now (potentially).
  10. Thanks Mondo - despite that lens being great value and very attractive, I am still not sure I want to drop that sort of money on a APS-C only lens..!   Am I wishing for something that doesn't exist? Is there like a 14mm Nikon prime or something?
  11. Is there anything I can get away with in a Nikon mount? I want to avoid investing in M4/3 glass...   If I have no choice, is the 14mm Panasonic good enough for documentary work?   Thanks!
  12. I am seriously considering this and getting rid of the GH2. THe GH2 simply does not have a good wide angle option without investing the 4/3 lens which i dont wana do!
  13. This has worried me, how do I do this on the GH2?   . The focus ring cannot be turned manually without disengaging the AF screw drive via the AF/MF switch on the body, unlike the AF-S lenses Read more on NikonRumors.com: http://nikonrumors.com/2011/11/03/seven-50mm-prime-lenses-for-nikon-f-mount-compared-by-cary-jordan.aspx/#ixzz2KU8d0BNk.   
  14. Have you used this, out of interest? Could be a good alternative:    http://www.photozone.de/reviews/263-voigtlander-ultron-40mm-f2-ii-nikon-mount-review--test-report?start=2
  15. Great! Which adapter do you recommend?
  16. The only good thing about the 1 series is thew AF. Ir proves CAF can be done on a small, mirrorless device with PDAF in the sensor
  17. Hi Dahflors   Thanks for much for your detailed response. Is this the one you mean for the 50mm? I hope so, this is the sort of money I wanted to spend! I find some of these "older" lenses a bit confusing!   http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00005LEN4/?tag=hydra0b-21&hvadid=9550948869&ref=asc_df_B00005LEN4   Out of interest, is everyone very excited about the speedbooster? I mean, surely this makes things like the Olmpyus 12mm 2.0 even more attractive, doesn't it? And the lack of wide in the 4/3 range? I ask because I would not have bought the 12mm 2.0, but given that the speedbooster is due out, then I think it makes more sense now?   I see photozone loves that 85mm wow!    http://www.photozone.de/nikon--nikkor-aps-c-lens-tests/221-nikkor-af-85mm-f18-d-review--test-report?start=2
  18. Can anyone advise me on what primes I should be buying for the Gh2 for use, ideally, with a full frame, or at least Nikon DSLR when the time comes that I will eventually replace the GH2?   Thanks! Paul
  19. Can anyone offer me any advice as a new GH2 shooter before I invest in lenses? To me, this changes everything. I'd rather not buy 4/3 lenses as I am in no other way invested in the system (I am a Fuji X-E1) user. Therefore, I'd like to use something like Nikon primes, and naturally with the GH2 I don't like the inherent loss of shallow DoF due to its sensor. So a 1.8 prime becomes very attractive. Is this thinking right? Shall I hold off buying anything till its ok next month? Thanks!
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    Nikon 3200

    Does anyone know if this camera suffers with the "bug" in the same way the 5100 and 7000 do?   I hope not. Otherwise it looks like a magic way to buy a stills and video machine of great capability very cheaply while spending the cash on Nikkor glass...   Thanks
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