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  1. Nocturnes

    Searching Bolex Moller 16/32/1.5x Anamorphot

    Me too, I can offer 2500 for a clean one
  2. do you still have this?
  3. Sony A7 Series is your only other contender, I use the function daily for extra reach on a single lens.
  4. Nocturnes

    Adapters, Filters, Follow Focus, Nikon 200mm

    Is the follow focus the single rail version?
  5. Just posted my Focus Module w/ cinelux if you want, ready to shoot.
  6. For sale - set of lightly used 4x4 filters. Great for photography. I've owned these filters for years and they have been neatly stored in my gear closet with little use. 3 of the filters have signs of use / damage. As referenced in the pictures and the description. Comes with the handy padded carrying case. $450 Paypal ready Filters are: TIFFEN ND .3 TIFFEN Polarizer (damaged corner) TIFFEN 812 Rezinar Star 4PT 2mm Rezinar Star 4PT 4mm Rezinar Star 6PT 2mm Rezinar Star 6PT 2mm Rezinar 85 N3 Rezinar 85 N6 Rezinar 85 N9 - Curved scratch from lens Rezinar Diffusion 1 Rezinar Diffusion 2 Rezinar Diffusion 3 Rezinar Coral 1 Rezinar Coral 2 Rezinar Coral 3 Rezinar Coral 4 Rezinar Coral 5 Mostly great condition! Tiffen Polarizor has a crack in one corner, Rezinar 85N9 has a curved scratch from touching a lens, and the Rezinar 85N3 has some slight scratches on one edge. All other filters are in used but working condition. Some might have very, very fine cosmetic scratches that don't effect use.
  7. Nearly perfect condition adapter with original hardware and accesories. Focal reduces by quite a bit and adds more than a stop of light. I used to mount nikon manual primes to my GH5S, but no longer need it as I have another. $350 paypal ready
  8. This is a really cool lens that I unfortunstey haven’t had the chance to use yet. It is I believe the closest focusing single focus adapter of them all. currently has the cinelux inside of it but can take any 16 scope with the included adapter $900 Free shipping in Us, cost varies for outside of US. Paypal ready. i also have a kowa 16-s for sale for $300
  9. Nocturnes

    WTB: Sony F35

    Honestly dude, waste your money on the F35 i'm not stopping you lol.
  10. Works great, bought for a specific lens for a film on our FS7/A7S and it worked just fine. Just no longer using. Ready to ship from San diego
  11. I got 500 euro on it
  12. Nocturnes

    WTB: Sony F35

    Why dude, F55s are not that much more.