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  1. I definitely see why you are angry. Andrew. And i think it is our duty to look and see and point out the problems we see in our society. Like you have. To create discussion. Words (typing) are powerful, and when people come together things get done. The "everything sucks so F**k it, i dont care, nothing matters" attitude, is so 6 grade. I wouldn't say Youtube is the greatest but i have to say there are some amazing talented people that produce great work on the platform. There is also the opposite. Some of the worst people and crap has been produced for youtube but also some of the best. In a way its the price of free speech. Our freedoms are being challenged everyday. Youtube is one of the few places someone with no money can succeed for good or bad. TV channels are censored and controlled by multiple agendas. Try sway your opinion in the direction they like. I feel it is more the peoples job to change how things are. On the web and on youtube. But NOT censorship. Youtube doesn't care, but they do if we make them care. Corporation don't care, but they care if we make them care. You created EOSHD and you do with it want you like. May people thank you for it! i do. Just like the EOSHD forum I'm glad that geniuses, idiots, asshole, artist, awesome people and everyone in-between can say what they want.
  2. Thx, Sweeney Yeah, me and that monopod were not ready for that rig. (aka shaky) At 1:12 i opened up the lens a bit, but as you probably know, opening up the lens is the enemy of anamorphics. I've used the LA7200 and century's for years but kinda new to the 2x lenses. The size of the rig is a whole new world. I'm interested to see your set-up! are you using a remote follow focus? Seems like a long setup for a gimbal, which one are you using. Only one i can think of that might work is the helix... anyways looking forward to your shots!
  3. Its funny, in a few shots i like the veiling. So i did the blackening on the elmo2 but i left my kowa as is, best of both worlds.
  4. thx, tweak! I have a typo, Its the Elmoscope ii, (not Kowa) i forgot which one i was using, After seeing this test i did the Tito Ferradans blackening immediately.
  5. Here is some footage i shot real quick of a traveling Amusement Park with a cheap monopod. Equipment: Kinefinity Terra 6K Rectilux Hardcore DNA Kowa B&H Contax 50mm f1.7 Rapido Clamp Resolve + Filmconvert. Youtube compression really destroyed this hopefully you still like.
  6. Hay, just did a test shoot with the Kinefinity Terra 6K. It was kinda inspired by one of my semi-recent favorite movies. Shot with Zeiss 50mm f1.7 and the Vidatlantic Cinemorph filter. Hope you enjoy... Next week i'm doing a Hardcore DNA rectilux + Elmoscope II + Terra6K test at night.
  7. Cool thread! As for me i started shooting underwater, later on land and fell in love with photography. Took photos all the time. One day someone asked how much i charged and things went from there.. One thing that i try to do with all photos is tell a story. https://www.instagram.com/observe8/ Photographers who inspire me on a regular basis are... James Nachtwey Steve McCurry This photo is of locals watching tourists rent motorbikes. (Madagascar)
  8. Went to Pinpoint Muay Thai and shot some test footage with the Kinefinity Terra 6K. Shot in 4K with a helios44-2 modified by vidatlantic to have oval bokeh. Hope you like it...
  9. I've had amazing customer service from vid-atlantic and Rapido. I happen to have the rapido and redstan clamps and i have to say both are great for different reason. Never tried vid-atlantic clamps but have used their other products which are excellent.
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