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  1. Thanks a lot!! Rapido's design seems to be the better one out of them all due to the screws not actually pressing against the anamorphic lens. I'll contact the guy for more info Thanks again
  2. Hey guys, any differences between these brands? I'm looking to get a clamp (anamorphic to taking lens) and was curious if one brand is better than other? Apparently on Redstan site, they are sold out on their classic and newer model clamps. Saw that Vid-Atlantic looks almost identical.
  3. For those who are located in the USA, where did you purchased the Zhiyun Crane from? I'm looking to order one, but B&H list it as back ordered. The one on Amazon shows as $650 + $44.60 for shipping!! I'm looking for the Crane with case package. I have a bunch of 18650 batteries so I'm not too worried about that. I saw a few deals on eBay going for $600, but are those legit sellers? Thank you
  4. I have the S5 and for the price, it's an amazing product. I've been following that BMCUSER thread for some time. Eventually I decided to take a chance after some high praises. The build quality is solid, but most importantly, there's no play. Even though the company is in Turkey, they're pretty good with customer service and shipping. Some people complain about the focus knob being a little too small, which I sort of agree. It is a tad bit smaller than my other FF, but overall I'm very satisfied with it. Here's a review by Vic Harris (the BMCuser who started that thread and suggested it to everybody): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lccIGoFRkK0
  5. Wow for #3..... I'd give up the option to shoot internal 4k with the quickness if the camera can output 4:4:4 raw internally. No Dynamic Range as one of the options? That should be very important. I'd pick that over any of the options.
  6. I have a belt and 2 'pouches': http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/847159-REG/Think_Tank_004_Pro_Speed_Belt_V2_0.html http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/search?Ntt=mindshift+switch+case&N=0&InitialSearch=yes&sts=ma&Top+Nav-Search= http://setwear.com/pouches/25-combo-tool-pouch.html Depending on how big the shoot I'm on and such, I'll mix and match the pouches.
  7. Also forgot to mention, on the Ronin, the stage that the camera sits on has 2 D-tap and a USB port so if you want to power your camera + accessories off the Ronin battery, you can. Very neat feature if you want less junk on your rig.
  8. I have the DJI Ronin and can tell you the build quality on it is top notch. I met another shooter who had the Came (forgot which model) and he said he ended up returning it because it didn't work for him. I let him try my Ronin and he said the overall quality versus the Came is night and day. I don't have experience with Came gimbals at all so I can't really comment on it. Also one thing you need to consider is that Came is overseas, so if you have issues and need to return, it's going to be a headache. As for the Ronin, the rig is VERY HEAVY. Unless you have the arm strength of a NFL player, I don't see anyone lasting a day or even half with this rig alone. I have both the Blackmagic Production 4K and Pocket cameras... and even on a stripped down load (Pocket + DP4), I don't see myself lasting half a day with it. I just ordered Atlas 2 rod camera support the other day so going to see how that goes. With the Atlas, I should be able to last all day with the Ronin. Having said all this, the Ronin is simply amazing. When I first received it, it took me 10minutes to have it up and running. Now it only takes me less than a few minutes. Side note.... I was at Photo Plus Expo last week and had a chance to toy with Freefly Movi and Defy gimbals and both are lighter than the Ronin, but the prices are also higher.
  9. I'm loving the update. I also noticed FPN is completely gone at 400iso. Some people say it's barely there at 800. I never shot at that iso so I can't really comment on it, but it's looking good at 800. What's cool with the meters and histogram, you can swipe up or down on the lcd and it'll slide off or on screen. I'm hoping they'll roll out the same for the Pocket... like tomorrow. I'm leaving for Israel this Sunday and could really use the audio meters.
  10. the 2.5k was actually my first choice -- but the moire and aliasing killed it for me.
  11. If you're looking for a camera to compliment the 5D3 raw, I really like the Blackmagic 4k camera. I have both and have been mixing both footages together. They play nicely together
  12. I've been using Sony UWP series: http://www.adorama.com/SOUWPV1U3032.html with my zoom H6. It's a tad cheaper than the Sennheiser and works great
  13. They've been sold out for over a month. I tried on several different occasions, going there and asking in person on availability. They're not sure when the next shipment will be. I ended up getting BMC4K. Extremely happy with it :)
  14. Not to be off topic, but where are you ordering from? I'm currently interested in the EF mount version. I'm in NY and both Adorama and B&H are OOS. Amazon is charging $100 than what the two stores are listing it as.
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