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  1. compared to Samurai, the BMD records 1080P in different prores formats at 60 frames according to specs...
  2. hi, can anybody tell me if the A7S (Mk1) can output 1080P at 50fps? (in crop mode) thanks paul
  3. can any one confirm that A7S outputs 1080P at 50 frames? (crop mode)
  4. and can anyone confirm that the A7S outputs 1080P 50frames/sec over the HDMI? (in crop mode for sharpness)
  5. so then the question comes... how big would the benefit be to start recording externally on my A7S (just for 1080P) ? to go from 8 bit 420 XAVC to 8 bit 422 (proress probably)
  6. please show the same test in colour? :-)
  7. more than 10 bit versus 8 bit?
  8. it matters a lot in situations where there is only one of the basic colours: for example under water, where only blue is left, (green and red gone) you only have 8 bit blue left, and this give clear banding 10 bit is much better in this case
  9. any idea about 8 bit or 10 bit? 420 or 422?
  10. I don't think this is general for Samyang/rokinon: I have always had the impression that the lens outresolves the sensor on the A7S. I use an 85mm​ T1.5, and when shooting stills with it on A7S, they are sharp up to pixel level so for HD film it just works perfect?
  11. have been using metabones nikon to E mount on A7S, both with and without aperture control both work good used it in FF with sigma 12-24, nikon 24-85 ED, sigma 50 2.8 macro, samyang 80 1.4, nikon 80-400, nikon 200 f4 micro all fine and in APS-C mode, with nikon 10-24 and nikon18-200 just works
  12. ​I understand, and if applicable, I use the APS-C mode, but is there a way to get the FF mode sharper in 1080p50?
  13. hi all, sorry if this was already asked, but I cannot find it in the archives. Full frame, at 50p, 1080, the A7S is less sharp when recording internally, compared to 25P now if I would record 50P 1080 externally, do I get better resolution? or does it not matter? paul
  14. hi all, using SLOG2 and grading, I'm having problems in getting the sky really blue, like it is in reality, and as it shows in PP0 the sky always looks 'thin' blue anyone has the same experience? how to solve it? paul
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