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  1. Hello guys we're having some lovely hot weather here in the UK at the moment. But because of this I recently got my camera out a small bag the bag size was roughly the same size as the camera not much breathing room. Sadly however it was left on and the body is very warm to the touch not warm like the camera was overheating but very warm. The screen also has blue and red pixels on it however after taking a picture they didn't show up on the picture. I put it in the fridge for a small while about 30 seconds to help cool it down. I did a pixel refresh and all the pixels see
  2. Hey guys thanks for the responses really appreciate them!
  3. Hey Guys! This could be a quick and short answer to mainly cover one simple lighting question. A noob 101 question most likely. I just watched Pain & Gain and I thought the colors were was just amazing. Intense orange & reddish skin. Really vibrant colors. Often using color contrast between blueish tones and greenish tones in the gym sequences to contrast against the skin. So I checked some b-roll out to see if they used gels to light some scenes to aid the grade etc etc, To see no surprise.. little to no color in the scene other than I guess just daylight 5600K kino/floresc
  4. Hello guys. So iv'e noticed this for a while now but finally decided to actually bring it up. I'm getting this dark streak effect only noticeable in dark areas with one hot light source. Seen on multiple different lenses and adapters and even noticeable when no adapters are in use. Mostly noticeable only in SLOG2 and video mode but can be soon with no picture profile and even in photo i think. And i can also recreate. When graded it's never really noticeable but damn, worried that it might be a defected sensor, or just a well documented artifact known with this series of camer
  5. Hey guys sorry for late reply. Really cool to hear your setups, rigs, gear you use. Makes my setup not always seem so overkill. Thanks for the replies guys +1
  6. Hello the EOSHD. A big portion of what i do is run and gun filmmaking (Behind the scenes/making of/FilmmakingMusicVideos) etc etc. And this often means (for me) I set my camera up on the floor out of way and trying to just be ready to film in a matter of 1-2 mins. Jumping from location to location, in and out of cars quickly, Ideally not having to sit there for 15-25 mins dismantling rigs and rebuilding rigs. ME + my A7RII + a Samyang VDSLR lens gives me tons of confidence that i get visually appealing shots, add a small rig on that with a top handle and shoulder mount i can ge
  7. Hello there forum. I was on a shoot recently and i noticed that as soon as a external monitor was plugged into my camera i lost the built in LCD and EVF view. I heard that if you record 1080p that wont happen, not tried though. But that sucked massively for me as like the LCD and EVF. -Is it possible i could run two monitors from a V mount Plate with dual HDMI outputs on an sony A7RII/A7SII Small HD 501 for me and a DP7 for the focus puller then daisy chain monitor to monitor >(DP7 to another DP7)? 3 monitors overall? DP7 have HDMI in & outs Thx Sam
  8. It's just testing in different environments such as interior and exterior trying to replicate similar skin tones and working with Slog footage to figure out how i'm going to be able to push it in post before i actually get into post. But really appreciate the reply's guys thanks!
  9. Hello guys, i'm trying to achieve hot warm skin tones like in Interstellar, transformers, the dark knight... all Hollywood movies really. similar to the orange and teal look. How does one get warm orange results on skin consistently in exterior shots and interior shots. Is it a mix between lighting,makeup,post? Iv'e done tests and gotten really neat results indoors. But over here in the UK it's cold, dark, and gloomy so getting any color in skin is really hard at the moment. It just looks... white. The attached file is also of a shot of a wardrobe test on interstellar. How is his skin tones
  10. Wow thanks guys really appreciate this helped me out a bunch (:
  11. Hello Guys, don't know much about different tripods iv'e had my good old CULLMANN photography tripod for over 6+ years now (no idea what make or model it is.. it's just a well built tripod to me :P) it's head is also ample for me most of the times as it's pretty smooth just never designed for film-making in mind if you know what i mean. But i'm looking for a good to great film-making tripod for around £100 however if there is a special fluid head tripod or tripod in general that people simply swear by then i'd like to hear about it even if it's £150+ A tripod that doesn't need tightening like
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