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  1. If magic lantern got at the c100 now that would be incredible. The amount of things they could do to a proper ergonomic camera at $3000 are endless. Now that it is a dated camera I feel like ML should get at this camera.
  2. Well maybe they will surprise us who knows just yet. Still sounds like a great sensor.
  3. Found this post on BMCuser and wanted to bring it here. Hopefully BM will introduce this sensor tech into new cameras down the road the specs look incredible. THIS WAS ORIGINALLY POSTED BY JOSHUA CADMIUM ON BMCUSER.COM "Fairchild Imaging, the maker of the sensors in both the Pocket and Cinema Camera, just announced a new sensor on the front page of their website, the LTN4625A. Preliminary data was found here:http://www.atdelectronique.com/our-offer/bae-systems. It looks like it will have the same dynamic range of the Pocket (14.5 stops), but it does so using a smaller pixel size of 5.5um (the Pocket and Cinema have a 6.5um pixel diagonal.)This is huge. The CMOSIS CMV12000 sensor in the Production and Ursa cameras also have a pixel size of 5.5um, but can only do about 9.9 stops. This Fairchild sensor would be sucking up over 4.5 times the amount of light. The Fairchild sensor is also bigger, and arguably much more usable resolution-wise than the CMOSIS. The Fairchild maxes out at 4608 x 2592, which is a 16x9 ratio. The CMV12000 maxes out at 4096 x 3072, a 4x3 ratio (although only 4000 x 2160 is currently being used in the Production and URSA in raw).The new Fairchild sensor would be a true Super 35mm size, with a 29.08mm diagonal at its maximum resolution.The Fairchild is also speedier. The CMV12000 can only do a maximum of 90fps with full image quality (URSA currently tops out at 80fps.) The Fairchild is listed at 240fps.I have no idea when Blackmagic will implement this and in what final form it would take, but I would wager a guess that it is only a matter of time. This is a very attractive video sensor, and something I've definitely been waiting for from the company."
  4. Once the camera is set you rarely need to enter the menus.
  5. I really want Canon to have a intro camera to higher end cinema in a DSLR. Something similar to a 1DC but at a C100 price tag. Then they could come out with a 1DC Mark II around C300 pricing.
  6. Incredible write up. I own a BMPC4K, 5D Mark III, LX100 and a couple EX3's. I agree with your ranking 100%. I was going to sell my 5D for the A7S but after a recent shoot with the 1DC I fell back in love with Canon. I also debated the FS7 but dont know if I can pull myself away from the DSLR world. I think I will wait for the 1DC Mark II. Hopefully we will get simple things like peaking and zebras. I would also love full frame 4K from a Canon DSLR with C-Log. The lack of 4K 30P in the 1DC is the only thing holding me back as I shoot for broadcast here in the states and most stations require 30P. I love my BMPC but find I only use it in higher budget shoots due to the build of the camera and the amount of light it requires. The 5D is the one getting the most action and I am tired of the mushy soft image. The LX100 was a recent purchase and I put it to work asap with an underwater shoot using the wonderful Ikelite. The LX100 image is stunning for how small the camera is. I wish the LX100 had a log like profile though the image is just too saturated and contrasty and even dropping those in camera you get issues afterwords. The EX3's are just true workhorses. The image I HATE but its a quick camera for live event and backdrop interviews and more news style productions. Small file sizes, built in ND's, XLR's and incredible battery life make it a breeze to shoot with. Cant wait for Canon to release some new cameras. I hate to say it but I think I may be a canon man. We will wait and see.
  7. I was thinking of purchasing the FS7 but really like the DSLR form factor as thats what I primarily have been using for the past 5 years or so. I like the idea of the A7S but the Canon line I am used to and like the image. I really wish the 1DC offered 30 P in 4K as I mainly do broadcast commercials here in the states. Any ideas of when we would see a 1DC Mark II?
  8. Beautiful images from this camera. I love it when companies stir up the industry. Sadly I dont think this will be a popular camera just due to the name Samsung. Professionals dont hear that name and think camera. They think smart phone or TV. BTW this is my favorite grade you have done. Beautiful contrast between colors.
  9. I would like to see motion in camera at 4K. There could be a reason sony didn't implement it. Give me some quick camera movements and lets see if they truly did cripple the hardware or it simply cant handle it.
  10. Anybody notice the white pixels in the 5D Mark III footage when shooting ML Raw? I have never had that happen on my camera. Very good test though. 5D is still the king for low light but who the hell is shooting 6400? I guess it comes in handy in documentary work when you dont have the chance to light.
  11. Andrew I just want to say thank you for doing all this testing for us mortals without any ties to panasonic. I would love to see some 96 fps footage in full HD. I think this camera could be a great B cam to my BMPC4K especially for slow motion uses. So PLEASE do some slow motion tests I would love that.
  12. I have always thought touch technology should be implemented in the editing world. I dont think it would be a mobile thing in the beginning but imagine having a 32 inch monitor on your desk slightly slanted with a full NLE that is touch base. You could get rid of your tools and simply use hand gestures for trimming and slipping etc. It would be very intuitive and almost a seamless transition. We have all grown accustom to touch screen devices so why not push it for editing. It truly would be game changing for post production. If someone just came out with a monitor and versions of our favorite NLE's optimized for touch it would be incredible. It also brings the more tactile aesthetic of cutting a film or project like it was in the days of film, allowing the editor to become more emerged into his or her project.
  13. Although it is a bit pricey but a maxed out iMac is a great route to go. It will handle basic dslr footage with ease and if you plan to shoot higher end footage in the future you can be comfortable editing the footage on your iMac.
  14. The look of this film is beautiful. Very filmic. Cant wait to get my black magic production camera.
  15. Dont upgrade your ram through apple you can save around $600. Its super easy to install yourself. Also get an ssd unless you have 3tb of applications. It not a good idea to be editing off your internal drive.
  16. I suggest getting something that is expandable. Also make sure that if you are shooting in raw that you are charging the client for it. I always get an estimate on how much media I will be using to do my project for a client so I can charge them appropriately for storage before the shoot even begins.  If its personal film stuff then your going to have to make it work in your budget maybe shooting raw isnt a good idea? A good product is the G-Dock for storage and I highly recommend it.    http://www.g-technology.com/products/g-dock-ev-thunderbolt
  17. Thank you guys. Were in no hurry to get the BMC 4K, sure if it fell under our company xmas tree I wouldn't complain but we can be patient.
  18. Hey guys! I have some questions regarding some of our upgrades we plan to make very soon. The production house is looking into pre-ordering the black magic production camera which will be our first 4K ready camera and were excited about it. But my questions are really on the post side of things. Right now we are running on 2 older mac pros and they arent getting the job done like we would like them too. We just recently switched to Media Composer as our NLE and have started to incorporate Davinci Resolve 10. We started shooting in raw for some of our productions and need computers to handle this. We are looking at the new mac pros but seem a little lost in what we should get with the options on these computers. Im going to be honest I am not a computer geek I am simply the camera man and I am looking for answers for our post side of things. So some of my questions are. - Whats the advantages of a 12 core system? - Can Avid and Resolve take advantage of all cores? - Is it smarter to get less cores and focus more on a GPU upgrade? Pretend like money isnt an issue but you dont want to spend money on something you wont benefit from in this situation. And please dont make this a PC over Mac battle and vice versa. We are a mac house and are staying that way and hackintosh is out of the question. Thank You
  19. The cheesebridge looks great. But the sony has a shoe mount and not a screw mount so it technically couldnt be put on the cheesebridge. 
  20. http://www.eoshd.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/5d-mark-iii-hinge.jpg
  21. I'm looking for the piece used by Andrew on this website. He mounted his DP6 Onto the rails. I'll post the pic. Can someone give me a link to this product?
  22. Can anyone tell me the piece to mount the monitor like this onto the rails? I'd really love to set my rig similar to this. Thanks!
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