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  1. Those 150 bucks are better invested in Bitcoin. Check out the book "The Bitcoin Standard".
  2. What SD-Card is recommended to shoot Dlog-M (10bit) h265 in 4k? Thanks!
  3. Does anyone here has experience with the Feiyu MG (http://www.feiyu-tech.com/products/31/) ?
  4. Hi Tim, do you have a link to that Tiffen WW ND Set? How does it compare to the Indie Plus Set? (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/764418-REG/Tiffen_W77INDNDPKT_77mm_Indie_Plus_HV.html) Thanks!
  5. Another great review. Thanks for sharing the in-depth knowledge!
  6. Sony keeps pushing. Very welcome to see. Since the rumours that Sony will get the 5-axis IBIS from Olympus I was very excited... This opens a whole new world - again. More creative options for the filmmaker. Bravo Sony!
  7. "The GH4 really does offer everything doesn’t it?" Yes indeed. If there would be just the 5-axis stabilizer in it... ;)
  8. Hi there! I decided to sell my Isco36 setup for personal reasons. It's hard letting it go but I'm sure it will find a nice new home It's not a new lens as everyone knows but it's in very good condition. Sure the body shows it's age but the glass is what counts. There's no dust inside, no scratches! Comes with original front and rear lens caps. Just the rear glass has a few cleaning marks. I bought it like this and those marks never really were a problem... I payed good money for it so this won't go for supercheap, but the set price is quite fair I think.
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