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  1. Has anyone talked with anyone from Adobe? I tried tracking down information on h.265 support and couldn't get a straight answer. I would have been great if Samsung would have worked with Adobe and had a Premiere workflow in place at launch or soon after.
  2. What are the chances Abobe adds HEVC support to Premiere Pro or will it always need to be transcoded?
  3. The point of the new codec is it allows smaller file sizes which can easily be written to a standard Class 10 SD card. Metabones already said there won't be a Speed Booster since there isn't enough room for the optics in the NX cameras. Adobe just added ACR support so perhaps they are working on something for Premiere. I've reached out to a few at Adobe on Twitter and haven't gotten a clear answer.
  4. Right now I'm torn between upgrading my Canon 60D to a GH4 or the Samsung NX1. Waiting on NX1 reviews before deciding.
  5. Why does Canon not care about the small to mid range indie fillmmaker? Several loyal Canon shooters like Dave Dugdale and Caleb Pike have ditched Canon for the performance of the GH4. As a longtime Canon shooter, what choice do I have? I'm running a 60D with Magic Lantern, external audio recorder, rigged headphones, etc. Why have you forsaken us?
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