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  1. A helpful warning to others using an EX-FAT formatted Komputerbay 64GB 150mb/s 1000x card on (certain) Macbook Pro's and Mac Pro's. I received my 64GB card and formatted it EX-Fat on my Windows PC to avoid the 4GB file limit.   I recorded a few shots of RAW footage but then the camera could not communicate with the card anymore. I tried formatting in camera but it wouldn't. Then I tried to use Disk Utility on my Mac but nothing worked. I also tried formatting the card on my PC but it saw no more than 32 MB.   I called Komputerbay and they said there was an issue with 64GB cards being corrupted on Mac's. They were very helpful and we tried to restore the card with software they suggested but to no avail. I can return the card and get a replacement or refund.   When I get my replacement I will dump the footage on my Windows pc and then transfer to my Mac for editing. Try to avoid connecting the 64GB card to your Mac (apparently the 32GB and 128GB cards don't have this problem) until they solve this issue.   (Worst thing is I never got to see my first RAW video@!##!!)
  2. Hi Andrew, do you have a link where to buy these in Europe? (I can only find them on Amazon and they won't ship to the Netherlands) Thanks.
  3. I was thinking about getting the Ninja 2- will this device be able to record RAW? Or is this the next challenge for the ML team... :ph34r:
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