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  1. I think they are still focused in stills. That's why MP count and autofocus are improved. Good quality Hybrid cameras is a market that Canon has yet to understand.
  2. I don't see that sorry. I see the opposite.
  3. 24p is not that important to me as i live in a PAL country and don't do feature films. Use 25p all the time. But this are the first 4k Canon cameras which image quality video is really lacking. EOS M50 and EOS R are capable of producing very nice creamy image despite the crop. This ones seem to suffer from the poor upscaling. This way there's no point shooting with a Canon any more.
  4. I was always very curious about this lens that seem extremely versatile! How does it work in term of stabilization and IQ for video?
  5. The 1080p is good although it has some moire which for me makes it unusable . It's very hard to find a good camera with solid 1080p, other than A7S or GH4/5. I would prefer a softer 1080p without moiré or false color. Those are quite distracting. Not true
  6. I find the color grading quite terrible. Look at the clouds and the magenta tint everywhere.
  7. Just watched them with Potplayer (Windows) and the footage is very pleasant and silky. Color is hard to say without grading. Nice to see this move away from the over detailed Sony kind of image.
  8. Hello Andrew, which modules are working? Normal stuff like zebras, iso and wb control are already working? That would be amazing by itself. I find it to be a very nice camera. Has some character with the right picture profile.
  9. Some more footage testing Visiontech. I forgot my ND filter so some footage is shoot with a very high F number and some diffraction was occurring. Sigma 18-200mm. not very good lens but some shots were impossible without the zoom.
  10. It is the kit lens 15-45mm some more clips. not graded but looks nice to me.
  11. it's visioncolor visiontech 2.0. I'm waiting for my Viltrox focal reducer which found for 110 euro. Will be great. The 1,7 crop on video and 1,1 on photos, almost full frame.
  12. This is because they are doing something that they shouldn't There's nothing wrong with the skintones of this camera, if you use the proper settings and profiles. I'n enjoying the dynamic range also.
  13. With the sharpness totally down I quite like the image of this camera. this is a not a color graded video. Sooc Visiontech profile
  14. I was also quite surprised at this. If you compare it to the champion GH5 or A7s 1080p is no that different. I would lower the sharpening though to avoid some aliasing that is still present. How is the mic input noise level? With the Viltrox reducer in the way this can be a very good stills / video camera.
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