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  1. I just don't understand why no one does camera strap holders recessed like canon. I never use camera strap and those holders can become quite uncomfortable sometimes. Other than that seems really a nice camera. I wish it would be less sharp edgy and less retro style but it is nice nevertheless.
  2. The technology advances cover a temporal space bigger than multiple camera releases in the same series. This processor / sensor will be used and further uncrippled in future models for sure. Remember how long those 18mpix sensor were in canon aps-c cameras and how many models they made out of it?
  3. Canon is now marketing it as the best TiKToK camera ! Smart guys (not)
  4. Canon must, at the very least, give us an unlimited 4k 60p crop mode in a firmware update as well as remove the stupid 30min recording cap. I wouldn't mind using this camera in S35 oversampled mode for video. Even for Stills, in some situations, the 20Mpix crop mode would be more thant enough for me and even more convenient sometimes. With EF lenses and speedbooster it would even be possible to have a full frame field of view and depth of field video and photo camera with 20mpix photos. Well, A X-t4 is more than that for a lot less. Bad ergonomics though and far less effective AF as far as I have seen. The 120p 4k mode could be limited to 2min clips for me but the recovery time would have to be no more than 5 min. 8k I consider a photo mode. Too limited to be considered a true video mode. The R6 seems even more crippled as the downsample and data rates seams easier handle. This one needs an unlimited mode.
  5. Maybe the only thing that the Tilta device does is to inform the firmware by nfc or blutooth that it is there. And the cripple clock is disabled 🙂
  6. I use FilmicPro with samsung S9 and with sharpening turned off the image is quite nice and creamy. THe problem is the low inertia of such a weightless device gives a lot camera shake . OIS is horrible in any case so not a solution.
  7. Ibis is not the only way of stabilising your footage. Lens IS , gimbal, weight, software all help also and can be done with the komodo I guess. Last gen lens is as good if not better than sony ibis imho. Depends on focal lengths though. Rolling shutter gello is har to fix. Might be impossible sometimes. This camera removes this normally nasty effect.
  8. Can someone please point me to some A7SIII S Log graded footage where plants are nor radioactive green and people skin doesn't look like wax? Could not find one. Thanks
  9. I would add that global shutter is a different creative tool that this camera enables. No matter how small rolling shutter is, you feel it. Seeing this clips made me remind some Jonas Mekas's footage where shake was part of the equation and never a problem. With rolling shutter, his movies would get you sick for sure.
  10. I'm yet to see the 1080p R5 footage in detail. But normally Canon 1080p struggles with aliasing, over-sharpening, low detail in dark areas. 5ds image was one of the best Canon. But not on par with A7s line and GH5. Wins on color, roll-off, etc though, IMHO
  11. Color, aliasing free, motion cadence, smoothness. incredible. That's where the money is atm. 4K , 6k, 8k are worthless without those.
  12. If true is surprising to see that the canon R6 manages to have high quality video recorded to external device for long periods in that 4K 24 version. The R5 doesn't have any oversampled mode that manages that, in full frame. The R6 with a external recorder manages 4k24 long interviews and concerts it seems, with high quality. What's the smallest 4k recorder atm?
  13. People skin seams like wax. Color is what you pay for a cinema camera nowdays. If these results are consistent this is a camera to skip, for me
  14. If they used the full bayer pixels for stills ou made some pixel shifting possible to increase resolution this would be close to perfect camera spec wise. Color and image feel is still to be seen. Very important also.
  15. Looks like R5 crop mode + speed booster, is the only long usable "full frame" mode for this camera Not nice, for the price. Normal 4k is so bad. Not because of being soft but its full of aliasing. Horrible really
  16. Anyone knows if it does have the 4k crop zoom function? 1:1 pixel readout? This is a very handy feature of some cameras as 45 mpix would allow it. Also, the pixel shift photo function? Does it have? Both very important to my work
  17. I think they are still focused in stills. That's why MP count and autofocus are improved. Good quality Hybrid cameras is a market that Canon has yet to understand.
  18. I don't see that sorry. I see the opposite.
  19. 24p is not that important to me as i live in a PAL country and don't do feature films. Use 25p all the time. But this are the first 4k Canon cameras which image quality video is really lacking. EOS M50 and EOS R are capable of producing very nice creamy image despite the crop. This ones seem to suffer from the poor upscaling. This way there's no point shooting with a Canon any more.
  20. I was always very curious about this lens that seem extremely versatile! How does it work in term of stabilization and IQ for video?
  21. The 1080p is good although it has some moire which for me makes it unusable . It's very hard to find a good camera with solid 1080p, other than A7S or GH4/5. I would prefer a softer 1080p without moiré or false color. Those are quite distracting. Not true
  22. I find the color grading quite terrible. Look at the clouds and the magenta tint everywhere.
  23. Just watched them with Potplayer (Windows) and the footage is very pleasant and silky. Color is hard to say without grading. Nice to see this move away from the over detailed Sony kind of image.
  24. Hello Andrew, which modules are working? Normal stuff like zebras, iso and wb control are already working? That would be amazing by itself. I find it to be a very nice camera. Has some character with the right picture profile.
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