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  1. ideally i would love to be able to download some ungraded side by side footage from the p4k and p6k. Working with the files in resolve and seeing how flexible it is in post (for fixing the mistakes i made while shooting) would be incredibly helpful
  2. For me, the mount is what is holding me back from getting this cam. I don't own any EF lenses and would rather invest in PL or L/RF. The P4k w/ an adapter sounds great, but unfortunately the only PL lenses that works with the speedboosters are the CP2s
  3. How's the video image in aps-c mode? I plan on using the s1 as a B-cam with super35 lenses so I'll have to crop in. Is there a drop post production latitude? But if 4k raw comes to the S1 (w/ the Ninja) then I'll definitely be getting it
  4. Nmccarthy

    G7 in 2019

    I have the g7 too and love it. Right now I don't think i'll need to upgrade until the next-gen GX and GH cameras come out (especially when i'm still saving up for more panaleica lenses)
  5. I found an article/DP showing off these lenses. There's a lot of crazy flare when its uncoated http://timurcivan.com/2019/07/an-examination-of-the-sigma-classic-primes/
  6. How well do you think the S1 would pair with a RED? Our C-cam rn is a Sony A7Rii (for photos and video) and we're wondering if it's worth upgrading
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