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  1. Sorry if this question has been asked already and I could not locate it, but it stats that the GH5S has unlimited recording, does that mean that it is not limited by the 29min record limit in past GH series have been restricted to?
  2. Thanks for all the input guys, its is really helpful. To answer some of the questions that have been coming up, I will have external power so battery life is not an issue, Also this is an all day event, but it will be broken up into classes so I will be able to break and power the camera down between sessions. So hopefully that will bypass any heat issues, but it will also be a great test I can report back if I experience anything along those lines.
  3. I don't have an external recorder, I would need to rent one for the day to use. I was just wondering about the NX1 because that is the camera I have, I was trying to avoid rending a camera as well if the external recorder will continue to record past the 29 min.
  4. I use my NX1 for creating commercial and promo videos for work. I have been asked to recored a day training on a new product for executives that will be out of town. If I use an external recorder will that bypass the 29 min limit the NX1 has for video? Also I have not tested any external recorders with the NX1, does anyone know the best one to record 1080, I think 4k would be overkill for what needs to be done and the length that needs to be recorded. Thanks!
  5. This week has been my first go around with the product, but I did about 4 hours of shooting one day and another hour today and the battery still shows full.
  6. I really like the set up, right now I am shooting in a very easily controlled enviroment so I am not having too many gain issues. Most times when I am shooting I have the Shotgun mic on a boom stand so its close enough to the talent to get good audio. The rig is also not too heave having both attached to the camera as well.
  7. Damn...how did I miss that, you are right, thanks for the assistance!
  8. Hey guys, I had a quick question if anyone has had the same issues with the TASCAM DR-70D that I have had. I purchased it to go with my NX1 so I could get better audio quality. I pair it with the Rode NTG4+ and mount it to the top of my camera or a boom pole. I was doing a shoot with the set up last week and my audio files were doing something weird. I would sync the audio up with the video, and it would be fine at the beginning of the clip, but if I scrubbed to the end of the clip the audio was completely out of sync. Does anyone know what would have caused that or if it was a setting I missed? Thanks!
  9. I am building a studio for my work so that we can bring our video work in-house. I have everything else already set and picked out, but I am not sure what to use as far as lighting goes. The building we are putting the studio in is older so I am thinking of getting LEDs for the less power need. I also need to takes the lights on the road when we shoot clients. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a kit or a set of lights for about $2k. Thanks!
  10. I have been able to edit 4K on my 2011 17in MBP. It can be a little sluggish sometimes, but it has not held me back from being able to edit.
  11. Looks like an sweet product, I need to check the trial version out.
  12. This update will allow the recording of 4K RAW -> 4K/UHD/2K/HD Apple ProRes up to 60p, 2K RAW -> 2K/HD Apple ProRes up to 240p, and 4K RAW Burst -> 4K/UHD Apple ProRes up to 120p (available on the FS700). The new capabilities will be made available in a free future firmware update to all users who have purchased the FS700 record option.
  13. Does anyone know a ship date on this item, is it expected to launch with the cameras or is it on a different timeline? Thanks!
  14. I really hope I can use this with me NX1 to shoot from the 4K source to 1080 and avoid transcoding.
  15. Even if they do come out with the LX, its not like the NX1 is a bad camera and I can't see Samsung isolate or drop off their firmware updates with the product and create an issue with many people moving to Samsung for video and not getting support.
  16. Awesome video man, you have some great shots in there, I love the VO and the music you chose to put with it.
  17. Thanks for the suggestions! the Varavon looks interesting
  18. Does anyone know a good cage to get for the Samsung NX1? I need to attach a Zoom H6 and wireless lav receiver.
  19. Does anyone know if there is a big difference between IFFMPEG and Rocky Mountains Movie Converter in quality when transcoding. I did a bunch of files this weekend and RMM was much faster then IFFMPEG and I did not see much difference in the quality of the video.
  20. I apologize in advance, I am sure this question was asked and answered before, but I looked trough the topics and could not locate it. I received my NX1 today and upgraded it to the 1.22 firmware. The question I have is it seems my viewfinder changes brightness from lighter or darker or vise versa whenever I move it or change subjects while I am recording, it does not do this in the footage so I was wondering if this was a setting I missed? I thought I set everything to manual, but I cannot figure out how to fix that issue. Thanks for the assistance.
  21. I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but I thought it was pretty awesome, looks like the team did it as a marketing piece for Samsung to promote the NX1.
  22. I saw this page on Apple's website, it was exciting to see FCPX used in a major feature film. I know that FCPX is my go to editor, it will be interesting to see if more major projects migrate to FCPX, but I think that will end up being a personal decision like this film was based on the article. https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/in-action/focus/
  23. This is pretty awesome. https://vimeo.com/scientifantastic/10k
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