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  1. I read in a the article at No Film School that you can save about $800 dollars when you get the bundle over getting each items separately. I think its a great idea for beginners that don't know everything they would need, but there could be a drawback from an education standpoint of doing things incorrect or not knowing how to use items that comes with the research when buying.
  2. Nikon is going to be selling a boxed stater kit for people looking to get into DSLR Filming, D750 DSLR Filmmaker's Kit . I think its a good marketing idea, but the problem is Nikon is not close to being a leader in that portion of the industry. What are your thoughts? I would like to see some other companies venture into packages like this.
  3. Wow, I don't know how I missed that, I thought I searched that site lol, thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Does anyone know where I could rent a Samsung NX1? I want to do some testing before purchasing but I can only find one online provider that carries the camera. www.lensrentals.com carries it but its not available for the project I want to test it on. Thanks for the help!
  5. There are some beautiful shots, I love the color and detail the NX1 produces, That last shot was awesome, some great timing to capture that, great job!
  6. ‚ÄčI would be buying it new so it would be the most recent 2014 version. Its a shame intel has abandoned their pro chipsets for mobile and low power, but I think you are right Andrew. I will test some clips and let it do the work overnight, the next step up from the MBPr would be the Mac Pro.
  7. Because of the H.265 It will need to be converted. My question was more aimed if the MacBook Pro 15in maxed out can handle the transcode process decently or if I really need to go to a desktop where I can have a more powerful machine. My goal would be to stay with a Laptop because of my travel requirements, but if a desktop would be necessary I could manage.
  8. I will be getting this camera for projects at work. I am also in the market to get a system that can handle the H.265 files. Has anyone tried transcoding/editing these files with a current maxed out MBP 15'? I would like to try to avoid getting a desktop because my job requires me to move around a lot. Thanks
  9. I do a ton of green screen work for my company doing corporate videos and stuff, has anyone tested the NX1 with green screen to see how well the footage keys. I am looking to pick up this camera up regardless, but I have not seen much as far as this topic goes. Thanks!
  10. I have seen some people on Vimeo shooting with their NX1 using this Rocky Mountain Movie Converter http://www.mydiyworld.net/?p=1805 that someone programmed when they first got their NX1 and hated the Samsung converter. Has anyone tried this out yet to see how well it transcodes the H.265 files?
  11. Great review! love the color in the footage, its really stunning. I am excited to get mine in Jan. It will be interesting to see what images it will produce once its compatible with the Shogun.
  12. The short film was shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD on the Samsung NX1. What do you think?
  13. I do a fair amount of green screen work, which do you think would perform better the GH4 or NX1? I have not seen any GS tests out yet.
  14. The 120fps is a great feature for the NX1 over the A7S and GH4
  15. I saw someone post that the NX1 has a recording limit of 30 min, has anyone tested this and know if this is true?
  16. What would be the best adapter for this lens for the NX1?
  17. Is there a reason why you prefer the internal mic over an external mic? I can't imagine in any situation that you would get better quality with an internal mic and it limited uses.
  18. Its pretty amazing to see different reviews from different sites on total opposite ends of the spectrum. The only problem I had with the review above is they didn't give us any video to look at to see what they were seeing.
  19. Here is a good test video showing different ISO uses.
  20. I love the look of this video, I think the color and contrast are great. but there was some noise on the cats fur around 1:57. It would be nice to know the settings this was shot on.
  21. There is def some noise, but is still decent, still great detail and color, ISO 6400 on the other hand looks completely un-useable. I think this camera could fall into the category of being great with good light available to you. Its no A7S thats for sure.
  22. I think when it comes down to looking at these 3 cameras that fit into somewhat the same category you are going to have some give and take in different areas, but what it comes down to is what is going to be best for what you are trying to accomplish. I really like the look of the NX1 and the colour and the detail are great, right now I am leaning towards the NX1 over the GH4.
  23. I guess that is where I have been confused. I have read from different places as to what the NX1 can produce over HDMI, some says its 4:2:2 and other say 4:2:0. If in fact you are correct and they both produce 4:2:2, then I think the NX1 may have the advantage with what I have seen so far and the fact it does 1080/120fps.
  24. Hopefully they will give us 4k 60fps in an update possibly.
  25. I am currently trying to decide between the GH4 and the NX1, how much of an issue do you think it is that the NX1 can only produce 4:2:0? I am surprised that they did not match the GH4 in this regard.
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