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  1. Hello guys, just wondering if there is a chance to shoot 4K60p over HDMI with the FS5 after RAW upgrade? Let me please know. What i´ve heard there might be some problems with it.
  2. Hi folks, As far as I know, very little has been said about this. However, Convergent Design has recently stated that Sony has the A7s HDMI port locked to a gamma curve that is closer to REC 709 than true SLOG-2. It's true, I have tested this myself and the A7s destroys it's SLOG-2 gamma curve on it's HDMI port. Here is what happens: 1.) Record a SLOG-2 internal XAVC-S file. 2.) Record via HDMI to any recorder that you have. 3.) Compare both files on a scope...you will see that the SLOG-2 gamma curve has been stretched and "damaged". (compared to internal file's "proper" curve on the scope) The histogram does not lie either, it CLEARLY shows what Sony is doing to cripple it's HDMI port. (hopefully this is a Sony oversight and not a "surprise...gotcha!" stunt. Sony markets its A7s external recording HEAVILY against the GH4 and it's a big selling point for the A7s. SLOG-2 in general is a HUGE selling feature of this camera. Now, if Sony chooses to cripple SLOG-2 over the port and trap it inside it's internal 4:2:0 codec,...that is perfectly well within their right. (No doubt at all) However, Sony needs to state this is being done in it's marketing and sales materials!! Sony needs to be upfront about it when they push it's external recording capability! Statements like: * "SLOG-2 has been removed from any external recording" or * "What is displayed on the camera monitor (gamma curve) is NOT what is actually output over HDMI. This would be the FAIR way to treat Sony's customers. This is a huge problem and I hope Sony fixes this soon. Am I the only A7s owner that is concerned about this?
  3. Hi! Been enjoying my GH4 until I needed to use my external monitor with it... I tried to plug my micro HDMI to HDMI cable to camera and noticed this problem when plugin it in. It won't fit there easily and actually haven't got it to work at all. So I thought that I bought wrong cable or the cable is faulty. But tried the monitor with my sony rx100 and gopro 3+. Works with both of them. So could someone who has used hdmi port on gh4 to confirm if my hdmi port looks a bit wierd? (images attached below) There is these two pins that are too high up from the bottom of the port? Or did Panasonic reinvent the HDMI micro port to sell some Panasonic branded cables... Don't think so.
  4. Hi, I apologize if this has been answered somewhere before, but I have looked around a feew forums and come up short. Basically I want to use a european GH4 to record live events (>30min) with an external recorder. I am therefore wondering if it is possible to get long continous output from the GH4's HDMI out in standby?
  5. I'm looking at buying some 1000x and up CF cards for my canon 5d2 to record raw (via magiclantern firmware) and came across some info about recording from hdmi and even a cf>ssd interface instead of cf cards. These CF cards are expensive and fill up fast. SSD makes more sense given that a decent 500gb ssd is only $250. Anyone have some experience with non cf card recording?
  6. Hello,    I am in search of a camera that I can use to capture live HD video at 24 fps.  I will not record the video onto the camera itself, but need to output it live from an onboard video connector (HDMI or SDI) then capture it downstream.    Most pro-sumer camcorders can record any common SMPTE size and rate to the onboard storage, but I can't seem to find one that will output true 24 fps video live from the onboard video output - usually the onboard can only do 1080i or 1080p @ 30/60.      Is there a DSLR on the market yet that can do this?   Thanks,   pd
  7. I have a D800 that outputs thu the HDMI without the camera info. My HyperDeck Shuttle II and CaMax monitor both work great.   Now I am trying to get my new D7100 to work the same way but the camera info shows up on the extermal recording and monitor. How can I fix this?
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