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My cameras and kit

  1. Hey gh4 owners, does it happens to you? It happened to me too, fortunately not often, about once a day. PanasonicUSA is not responding about the issue.
  2. I imagine people here are going to be wary of buying considering certain recent events on the forum, but you can confirm my authenticity easily as my video company is well established online (just Google "Lintelfilm") and I'm happy to Skype etc if anyone has questions. I'd prefer to sell to UK but am open to offers from elsewhere, and preferably only to regular forum members. Postage not included but will be charged at cost. My name is Matt - I haven't hung out here for a while but older forum members will remember me (probably mainly from my various unnecessary spats with Mr Reid!). Andy Lee can confirm this I'm sure. Also, if I were to scam you, you could easily damage my business reputation online which really would be a serious problem for me and my family! This stuff will probably go on eBay by the end of the week so let me know asap if you're interested. All in good/great condition unless stated. FOR SALE (please DM me for prices): 1: BMPCC with: Viewfactor Cage, Z-Finder, SmallRig top handle, external Sony NF-P battery plate (attached to top handle via my own design in the most elegant battery solution I've seen for the camera!), iRig Pre (modded for BMPCC). Pics below (looks like I didn't attach the battery to the plate properly - that slight angle is is not normal). Lens, Speed Booster and NP-F battery not included (lens & SB for sale separately, see below). 2: BMPCC to Nikon Metabones Speed Booster. It works flawlessly and is in great condition. It arrived brand new with a very small, wafer thin chip on the very side of the glass that is not anywhere near the image circle. I considered returning it but as it functions perfectly it is just cosmetic and seemed pointless. It's not deep enough to be a danger to the glass and it hasn't changed since day 1. This is just for full disclosure. See chip at 2'O-clock on the image below. I'm a working pro not a gear fetishist so although all my stuff is in very good shape, well looked after and cosmetically still very nice, it has been used properly and not handled with kid gloves, so please don't expect "as new" condition - however I'll endeavour to point out anything that may be considered an issue regarding resale value etc. 3: GH4 with "unofficial" V-Log installed (which I don't recommend using anyway, official or not - not even in 10bit with an external recorder. It's a farce and a travesty by Panasonic). 4: MFT-Nikon 0.71x Metabones Speed Booster (works perfectly, glass is fine) 5: SmallRig Cage (fits GH4 and many other DSLR-like cameras) 6: Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 7: Panasonic/Leica 25mm f/1.4 8: Sigma 18-35mm 1.8 Nikon mount 9: Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 DX (V1) Nikon mount 10: Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 AI (best version of this wonderful manual lens, great condition) 11: Nikkor 85mm f/2.0 AI-s - very slight stiffness at one end of focus action, but not prohibitive to getting focus. Otherwise great condition. 12: Sennheiser MKE400 with Sennheiser furry windshield (small shotgun mic with 3.5mm jack) 13: Tiffen 77mm Vari-ND 14: Hoya 77mm IR cut filter Again, please DM for prices of items you are interested in. Thanks I should say that I'm selling all this stuff because I recently switched to Canon. I'm loathe to sell the BMPCC because I LOVE the image and this is a great, very solid and very functional setup I've built for it that addresses almost all the functionality issues of the camera. But "business before pleasure" as they say and that's why I finally gave in to the Canon call. No one else does cameras you can just pick up and shoot with in any situation and be sure you'll grab solid images.
  3. Rarely used this bad boy, mainly bought it for my wedding a couple years back. Other than that it’s in great condition. Will sell it with the battery and the 32GB SD. Askig: $700
  4. Hi, my cage for GH4/3 is for sale. Never used. I thought I can use it with GH5, but it does not fit. PRICE: 37 euros + shipping. Shipping from Slovakia to EU.
  5. I never shot with any format other than internal gh4 4k and need to shoot client footage who is requesting 4k Log ProRes LT footage to be used by news. I currently own a GH4 and lenses. Wanted to know what I needed to deliver this type of footage. Should I get an external recorder or buy a GH5s? Can gh5s shoot this internally? Thanks
  6. Mint condition Panasonic GH4 The GH4 is like new, only 1332 exposures and maybe 50 hours of video- almost all of it indoors. It comes with two factory batteries, the original charger and shoulder strap. My ebay profile is kineticdg1, I have 100% positive feedback.
  7. Redrock Micro Mini Handheld rig for mirror less cameras. This rig is in excellent condition. Price: $245.00 Payment method: PayPal Lightly used Redrock Micro Mini Handheld Rig for Mirror less Cameras. Excellent condition. Can be configured in a variety of ways to suit most shooting styles. https://shop.redrockmicro.com/product/mini-handheld-rig-for-mirrorless-cameras/ I am asking 245.00 shipped within the USA. will ship internationally at buyer expense.
  8. This is a killer optex 5.5mm pl mount super wide angle lens for the Super-16mm format. It thus covers micro 4/3 size chips and anything smaller. If you shoot on a GH4 and use pl mount glass then this is the perfect lens for you to get your wide shots. I just recently purchased it and then realized I've got way way way too much glass and have to cut my inventory big time. This lens sells used for up to $5,500 and I've got it listed at 1999.00 to start the auction. If you pick it up for that cheap then you've practically stolen it from me and good for you...I was foolish enough to buy it while already having that focal length in my lens kit and I have a dismal checking account. Take advantage of my 3am impulse Ebay purchase and get this baby. The guy I bought from just had it serviced by Duclos and the report was that it was flawless and like new in terms of condition. It comes with a lens hood and padded lens pouch/case. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Optex-Super-Cine-5-5-mm-f-1-8-lens-PL-mount-Super-16mm-Sensor-Micro-4-3-MFT-GH4-/182430126152?
  9. Hey folks! My EF to MFT wireless follow focus and speedbooster in one is now for sale. Shipping from EU to to countries of European Union. It has some minor signs of use, but technically is in 100% condition. Price: 390 eur. Please contact me via Direct Message, thanks! Fits your GH4 and GH5. The package containes: DEC Adapter, Focusing grip, Clamp for the grip, Receiver, USB cable, Recording extension cable. Andyaxes reveiw of the item: Some photos:
  10. We had the GH4 for quite some time – even bought a second one! – and we just loved it. So we decided to get the GH5! Here's our first bigger project with our new camera. We also shot with a GH4 and a Sony A7s as second and third camera and a Came Optimus gimbal. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism appreciated! Allegra
  11. My GH4 body in "as new" condition. Battery grip also "as new". Vlog-L included (more with pm) All that came with camera included (cables+charger+battery etc) Paypal fees(as friends) included in price 950euros + shipping Ships from Greece. Thanks!
  12. Looking to pick up a Metabones XL for my GH4. Any leads appreciated. Thanks! Also might be looking for lenses.
  13. For sale is my GH4 + Speedbooster set-up. Used and in very good condition. No signs of wear and tear on camera body. Needs new (detachable) eyepiece. It was taken off on a shoot to use a viewfinder eyepiece, and misplaced. 20 bucks on ebay or circa 40€ from Panasonic. Reason for sale. Ordering GH5, and therefore going native lens for internal/ external stabilisation combo. - Panasonic GH4 (1 generic battery + 1 original Panasonic battery + charger) €800 + shipping or best offer - Aputure Lens Regain MFT to EF speedbooster (remote grip transmitter w/ rig clamp + receiver + shutter trigger cables + lens caps + small original pelican case) - very good condition. €450 + shipping or best offer Located in Helsinki, Finland - will send within the EU.
  14. I have a "like new condition" Olympus Pro 25mm f1.2 lens for sale. The lens has had minimal use, just s few test here and there. Body and glass super clean. Comes with Box, lens bag, hood, both caps, and paper work. Selling to invest in a other non lens related gear. Looking for 1000.00 shipped and paypal'd within the USA. If you have Aay questions, or want to make an offer, please feel free to send me a PM. Thanks.
  15. Hi, I have long looked at this site and the forum for inspiration, it was one of the reasons i chose to get a GH4 to replace my old (and much loved) Canon 550d.. I don't often make short films, mostly i film corporate films (with a DVX200), but recently my friend and i, had an idea for this little film. We filmed it over 2 days, and besides the GH4, some of the equipment used, was a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens, Zhongyi Lens Turbo (focal reducer), some Yongnuo yn300 LED lights and lot of other things, like a variable ND filter, called Vu Scion (which is really good! It gives a really "natural" image.) I hope you like the film, and i really hope you will let me know what you think we can do better! /Ulrik Jepsen
  16. Getting ready for new things, going to put these on Trademe soon. Will add info if interested. I'm estimating prices around the following for trademe. GH4 (shutter 18k) $1000. Sitting on V2.34 - will probably update to latest before sale 12-35mm 2.8 $750 45mm 1.8 Oly $400 100-300mm $400
  17. Hi Selling my GH4. It's in good condition with few signs of wear. The only issue is a missing eye-cup, which can be sourced from Panasonic. Includes kit Panasonic 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II ASPH. MEGA O.I.S. lens, original battery, 2 after market batteries, charger, caps, strap, Camdiox non-electronic 0.71 focal length reducer. Also (slightly torn) box. As per the pictures this has a paid-for VLOG-L upgrade installed. £750 ono.
  18. These are all in very pristine condition. These can be used on Gh4/GH5/Black Magic Pocket. All purchases will be shipped the following business day. Paypal Only. All of these lenses are mint condition, always kept in Pelican. Look unused. Prices: 17.5mm/F.95: 650 25mm/F.95: 450 42.5/F.95: 550 https://www.instagram.com/benericson/ https://vimeo.com/user744001
  19. Hello everyone, My name is Gleb, I'm starting a production company to shoot feature films, and commercials / music videos on the way before that. For my camera package for the first 2-3 feature films I'm going to buy GH4 as the camera body (Now have 2xGH3), and after I will have a transition to BMPC 4K and then to RED Scarlet / Epic Now I own a speed booster alternative RJ speed booster (Nikon mount) And was thinking about the idea of buying a full Rokinon cinema lenses set (Nikon mount) Than use it on the RED scarlet before buying better primes, but than I will not be able to have my middle switch from GH4 to BMPC 4k. 1.) So is it better to buy all lenses EF mount and buy the EF speed booster and than EF mount for RED cameras, or buy Nikon to EF adapters for the BMPC 4k? 2.) Another idea was to avoid speed booster and by ROKINON lenses in MFT mount direct, to partially avoid the crop factor, and after 2-3 films sell the full kit and buy PL Primes for BMPC 4k and then move to PL RED? 3.) For our second feature film we are planning to shoot anamorphic x1.5 adapters style, any ideas on working (Anamorphic / Rokinon / Speed Booster / GH4) or avoiding Speed Booster will be better? 4.) Buy one vintage PL zoom lens and a PL adapter for GH4? Any lens suggestions in that case please. Now I have only 2 nikon zoom lenses to use with my speed booster and I can sacrifice that if needed. Thank you for your answers!
  20. Would like to know what you think about our newest work. Shot with the infamous Panasonic GH4, internal V-LOG 8bit, -5/-5 NR and sharpness. Used Panasonic lenses: 12-35mm 2.8, 20mm 1.7 and 42.5mm 1.7. Used a Tiffen Black Satin Filter to get rid of the sharpning artifacts still left over at -5 and add some smoothness to highlights and shadows. Budget: about 0$.
  21. Gorgeous Prime Lens for S16mm format. That means it'll cover Micro 4/3 and other similar sized sensors. The glass here is dynamite. Again, have to sell to raise funds for a big purchase. Regretting putting this out there already. Good luck ravaging my inventory. http://www.ebay.com/itm/182430126152?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  22. This is the eBay link for the following FM Lens http://www.ebay.com/itm/FM-Lens-Variable-Diopter-W-Moller-Anamorphot-32-2x-For-Single-Focus-Anamorphics-/182432011462? This is an FM Lens rig with a Moller 32/2x anamorphic lens installed within the FM module. It's sometimes called a variable diopter and other companies make versions such as the Recrilux 3ff, Coredna, and Dslr Magic Rangefinder. This item is not available to buy through FM lens directly any longer and I barely have seen any variable diopters other than the Rangefindee for sale new or used for over a year. This guy probably needs some tweaking for your immediate use but it's lovely and you'll be lucky to pick one up in this scarce market. Barely used. It's got a ding here and there on the metal but the glass appears to be in great shape. Jay
  23. Hey there, first time posting here, just wanted to drop one of my recent films here which I shot while in Vietnam. Used a DEC Lens Regain and simple Canon 18-135mm kit lens (which became 2.8) btw. Love how it enables IS on Canon glass. LUT grading. Cheers for looking
  24. Metabones XL 0.64x speedbooster m4/3 to Nikon G absolutely mint to perfect condition no dust not a scratch ready to sell right away - I will be in Manhattan on Thursday otherwise I am in Fairfield County, CT. Selling because we have moved to another system.
  25. For sale: Panasonic GH-4, great condition. Pictures coming soon. Includes VLOG update and original VLOG serial number card, LockPort HDMI protector, three Wasabi brand aftermarket batteries (have > 80% capacity of Lumix branded ones, great quality) and one original battery, charger and cable. I love this camera dearly, but it's no longer serving my needs. Body is in great shape, only has light handling marks and a few handing/mounting marks from putting it into it's protective cage for shoulder-mounted shoots. $949 + shipping. Also selling Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 (first generation) lens. Tack sharp, gorgeous image. $260 + shipping. Includes front and rear cover, clear UV filter. Also in great condition with light handling marks on exterior only. Glass is very clean, functions perfectly. Buy them together and I'll knock $25 off. Ships from Canada, prices are USD, Paypal accepted. Item location: Montreal. Willing to consider pickup in person. Photos coming as soon as I get back home to take them.
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