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  1. We had the GH4 for quite some time – even bought a second one! – and we just loved it. So we decided to get the GH5! Here's our first bigger project with our new camera. We also shot with a GH4 and a Sony A7s as second and third camera and a Came Optimus gimbal. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism appreciated! Allegra
  2. Haha, that's great!! Thank you I just recalled that moment, when my composer wrote to me, that his favourite shot was at 1:00 and he referred to it as the one, where space capsules take off into space.. and I just thought to myself: Wait, that's exactely my thoughts!!!! And Zach, derailing anything with a flying unicorn being involved.. go for it! And space babies, of course.
  3. Thanks so much! I actually considered to use text to make it a fake credit sequence :D Maybe I'll be able to use it for some future scifi movie
  4. Thanks so much! I don't know ShanksTV, but I will definitely check it out.
  5. Hi So I borrowed a 100mm macro lens from a friend and experimented with acrylic colors, milk, water, oil and soap.. Shot it with my GH4, held by my precious gorilla pod and lots of duct tape! I have now entered my video into a contest. If you like it, I would be really really happy, if you'd give it a vote and maybe even share https://apps.facebook.com/dvxvideocontest/?video=16 Thanks!
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