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  1. I think people complain in general! The GH5 is awesome, i only shoot log, and the image is always great, but do require a little work. I would also rather have the FS5 than the FS700, but got a great offer on the fs700, so went that way
  2. Camera A is actually the FS700. I think the colors are not bad, but their cine-cams are a lot better with than the mirrorless sonys. I read someone saying, that the colors are more natural, and thats what we view as bad? I think the sony colors are great for products, landscapes and so on. But for people, canon and blackmagic are great. But then again, with the raw to prores on the sony, you can grade the colors to be awesome on the sony also
  3. I was recently a part of making a short movie, and the camera combination used, i thought might interest someone here. Also there might be someone thinking if the FS700 still works today, as i myself did. The film can be seen here (there are no subtitles, but the story is about a woman that gets stopped in the street by the police, because of the hoodie she is wearing. It's at satire on laws currently being implemented i Denmark) https://www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/trojen/ For the dialogue parts, we were cutting between a Gh5 and a sony FS700. It worked out great I think, all t
  4. Hi, Thought i would share a short film, that i have worked on for some time, as the technical side of the production might interest someone here You can see the film here. http://www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/nem-dating/ There are no subtitles, but the synopsis is this: A young high school student gets an after hours job, to pay for a trip around the world with his girlfriend. The job is as a promoter for an online dating site, where he writes to girls there, to keep them as subscribers of the site. One day he realises, that one of the girls are someone close to him, and
  5. In my experience, there is some truth to this. I know people who would rather like something to be shot on an expensive camera, because if i bring my GH4, they are like "i have that camera, so i can shoot it myself"... They are not just paying for skills, but for equipment.. I think a lot of people think more expensive gear = better outcome... Am i wrong?
  6. webrunner5 Thank you! I think it is hard though, to get people sticking by to the end, and without it, the film dont make sense..
  7. Hi, I have long looked at this site and the forum for inspiration, it was one of the reasons i chose to get a GH4 to replace my old (and much loved) Canon 550d.. I don't often make short films, mostly i film corporate films (with a DVX200), but recently my friend and i, had an idea for this little film. We filmed it over 2 days, and besides the GH4, some of the equipment used, was a Tamron 17-50 2.8 lens, Zhongyi Lens Turbo (focal reducer), some Yongnuo yn300 LED lights and lot of other things, like a variable ND filter, called Vu Scion (which is really good! It gives a really
  8. I really like this, the whole look and feel! The story seems interesting, and the atmosphere is great.. Also, this is the best footage coming out of a GH4 i have seen so far! But then again, it is not the camera, but the one using it! If there is one thing i would change, it is the soundmix. It is a bit low, but maybe it's just me going deaf But great work!!!
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