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  1. "Shown vs Told" They SHOWED us a lot of graphics. Ok. But plot wise, we were TOLD more than SHOWN. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!! "This breaks the world" they TOLD us. No it doesn't. Didn't really SHOW anything close to that. "You bought a war" thanks for TELLING us. Where? Didn't SHOW us. "You've never seen a miracle" thanks for TELLING us. We didn't SEE it either, but HEARD about it. "You do not know pain", they TELL us, then SHOW us a scene with almost no connection. So? "I'm the bad guy, but my story falls away completely, and nothing will happen to me until the sequel's sequel" Ok, I adlibbed here, but why even watch this??? I enjoyed the 3D too. But it is not for everyone. Just disappointed they kept TELLING us how "important" everything was, but not SHOWING us. I felt nothing for most of it.
  2. Those who DON'T enjoy 3D are often vocal about it. But, there are thousands more that love 3D and are looking forward to the advancement of movie tech from 100 year old frame rates. 3D still sells very big (or it would have stopped years ago) so it will continue and probably grow. FINALLY more big names are all over HFR. It's coming. Evolve or go extinct.
  3. shot and completed in 24 hours on a whim a few weeks ago. keep expectations low!! GH4, NATURAL profile, Canon 10-22mm with .64xl Speedbooster, on cam audio, tons of audio added in post, much Teal and Orange coloring abuse
  4. You have one of these... is it pretty clean? Venturing into 4K video I want the clearest possible glass I can afford. Won't be shooting ANY stills, so that is not my concern. Do these Mitakon's measure up well compared to METABONES stuff?
  5. so, there is NOT a speedbooster for CANON EF to GH4 M 4/3 right now, correct?
  6. as long as the visual looks great, who cares how weird the camera might look :) so, you set the lens aperture on a Canon camera, power it off, move to GHx and it works just fine?
  7. excellent thanks for the replies, guys. I'm curious what people who do this are actually doing. I've seen the cheap/simple adapters, and THOUGHT I could set the aperture on my canon body since I'm keeping it anyway. And Manual focus is all I ever do.
  8. What are the best options for maxizing use of canon lenese on the new GH4? some kind of powered converter? I'm pondering the GH4 and the BM4K, but so far the GH4 is pulling ahead. BUT I could put my lenses right on the BM4K, not so with the GH4. M 4/3 is new to me, so, guide the newbie? Thanks for the input!
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