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  1. Shot with GH4 + Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 and 35-100mm f/2.8, and a few clips with the GM1. Music by JewelBeat.com
  2. For those of you who want to look at beautiful footage--don't look!!! :) For those, like me, who will watch even the worst camera tests, then there may be something here for you. I adore the BMPCC, but the GM1 is very close, almost perfect, when you don't require subtle color and wide DR. I have the Sony 10-18mm lens on the a7 (which it isn't made for). Casual shooting with the Sony a7 and 10-18mm as long shot. Max is shooting with a Panasonic GM1 and an old Panasonic 14-45 lens with external OIS button (useful for BMPCC). Frank is shooting with a BMPCC and Olympus 17mm/1.8 lens
  3. I carry around the GM1 in a CaseLogic belt-case. A couple of months ago I dropped it, while in case, turned off, onto a carpeted floor. I couldn't have dropped it more than 3 feet; that is IT WAS ABOUT AS GENTLE A DROP AS I CAN IMAGINE. The shutter stopped working. The GM1 gives that "turn off, turn on" message whenever "silent mode" is OFF. The camera still works in silent shutter mode and video. I sent the camera back to Panasonic hoping for a little mercy but no dice. They wanted $275 to fix it. In short, I would either be VERY CAREFUL if you have a GM1, or not buy it
  4. maxotics

    BMPCC vs GM1

    As much as I love the BMPCC, and I do, I can no longer ignore how much time and effort I work on shooting, copying and grading the footage. Video is secondary for me. So I bought a GM1 based on Andrew's insight and have to agree that when time is at a premium I can get more done with the GM1. I'm going to sell my BMPCC because I know I'll be tortured knowing it's here. If I was making films, there is NO WAY I would do this. The BMPCC is an extraordinary camera. It is truly a "cinema" camera. What surprised me about the GM1 is how small it is. It makes the BMPCC look big. That gave m
  5. GM1 video quality. With the Panasonic GM1 having the same sensor and processor as the GX7 I would assume that they would have identical video image quality at the same settings. The GM1 doesn’t have 60 fps, which is presumably down to heat. But at 24 frames a second it should be the same. Video samples from the GX7 that I have seen seem to be pretty much on par with the GH3, however samples from the GM1 on YouTube seem to be lower in quality. Less detail and obvious aliasing on diagonal lines. Is this due to the settings used by the testers, or how they have uploaded the vide
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