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  1. Thanks Paolo; I used natural with contrast @-5, saturation @-2, sharpness @-5. I adjusted the highlights/shadows curves based on what I saw in the LCD. I would have used master pedestal vs. the shadows curve had I known about it. I see fewer crushed blacks using that vs. lifting shadows.
  2. Scarlet...now using BMCC 2.5K + GH4. I sold the Scarlet right before NAB & plan on getting a Scarlet Dragon before my next feature goes down in Nov.
  3. The director also posted it to the GH4 users group on Facebook. Maybe they're fishing for views by saying it was shot on X camera.
  4. Just some test footage for now...I'm shooting a 3 min. short next Sat to test skintones, DR, + 96fps:
  5. I'm using the BMCC edition SB on mine for everything but Defy G2 shots (which functions much better with minimal weight). It definitely produces a nicer image and the extra stop+ is an additional perk.
  6. I would first find out if raising the ISO affects dynamic range (as it does with Canon DSLRs for example).
  7. The colors are mindblowing...I miss my Red One!
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