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  1. Cine D and V are in fact a Flat Image that most people are finding good to grade, the reason LOG is needed is the fact that Panasonic is making it, so it will be the best way to get the most of of the sensor for sure. Just look at SLog vs going Flat in the camera, if you know what your doing Slog can be amazing compared to flat, and no im not saying flat is bad.
  2. Just watch it, I have found up-scaling from a good HD video looks fine when inter-cut the right ways. I just use RedGaint Instant HD to do my up-scaling if needed.
  3. Really excited about this and I feel like it will come out right when the Shogun launches. Log is amazing but most people who dont know how to color have no need for it, also like others have said it will be best when doing 10bit. The cool thing is that we have a small camera that can do 10bit and might now have a Log Curve, making it a whole new beast.
  4. A7s will be an amazing camera for sure, but hard not to like the GH4 at this point, having slow mo and 4K in the camera is amazing. The shogun will be the part that makes this camera a beast, So I would say this, Get the GH4, grab a Shogun and a Speedbooster. If that doesnt work for you then rent when needed.
  5. We are stuck, thinking of going the Lumix way since they have DFD and OIS but the Olyumpus look so much better made and I really like the idea of the 40-150 2.8 they are doing and the 300 F4 will be amazing for surf work.
  6. Relax about what? Alot of people I know have been waiting and waiting and waiting for something like this come along. Its a hard product to make and we understand that but times about up and the need to move on to new things is here. I have chosen to just buy native M43 lens for our GH4 system. It seems like the smartest choice at the moment.
  7. I dont know about using them on the GH4 but I will never buy them again. I bought 6 of the Micro SD Cards for some in car cameras for the Baja 1000 that our company was hired to help with for a team. They failed about an hour into filming, sad but good for us the team didnt make it much farther then that so it wasnt as bad as it could have been.
  8. Sucks to hear, I have a feeling we wont see what ever this is a for awhile. I think we all know its the metabones EF to MFT but sucks to hear we wont see it.
  9. Im finding the GH4 is quite good in Low Light but talking with a buddy who has the BMCC Speedbooster, he says that small device has really opened up his camera to many things saying it makes it a whole new image.
  10. Oh in video mode, ya i think there is problem with mine as well, hope this is fixed in a firmware, but in photos its super fast.
  11. I shoot action sports and for us the GH4 AF system is really really fast, both in photos and video mode while tracking.
  12. I agree, i have been using mine at 4K and it looks nothing like that, That was just the look he wanted mabye. The cool thing about the GH4 is how you can make it your own...So you can a basic one with a basic lens, or you can have one with a speedbooster and shooting 10 bit and have an amazing image.
  13. That was funny, very well done.
  14. Looking good man, we are super happy with our camera as well.
  15. How can you say that is expensive at all, that is dirt cheap for what they are asking.
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