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  1. Oh damn. Gonna come at you with this: Not crushed at all on my P3 monitor. But I can tell a difference in black levels on your logo and the background (scaled box clearly visible in full screen... hard to spot on this screenshot tho). I say don't listen about the suit, but get that logo sorted Also, hey look it's Mount Bonnell. How'd you get it so empty?
  2. Fair enough. Hadn't seen it called AVC-Ultra anywhere. Didn't know that about varicam and lumix teams. The reason I was concerned is that they put the same codec as the GH4 in the DVX200, and it's closer to that price bracket than any Varicam camera. It's also interesting that they're announcing this camera around the time of that codecs release. https://www.cinema5d.com/sony-developing-full-frame-professional-cinealta-camera/
  3. How do people know it's the Varicam 10bit AVC Ultra codec and not the 400mbps H.264 coming to the GH5? Has this been confirmed anywhere?
  4. Boy do people like to complain. A camera is announced two days ago with a feature and you expect every other camera to have it? We're also talking different recording media than the C200 and Blackmagic. Different ecosystems can support different things. It seems like they're trying to push as much into this ecosystem as possible, while keeping the "real" costs of a full kit as manageable as possible. And everyone's losing it over the internal raw of C200, yet the reality is that 98% of the time that raw is used will be in a controlled environment where external monitors are the norm and an ext
  5. Their updates still won't provide 10 bit. The whole reason the updates aren't in camera yet is because they're reengineering the c300mk2 codec to be 8 bit. It's preposterous that even on output there's no way to get a 10 bit image out of that camera that isn't 1000mbps raw.
  6. Yeah well at least it has a nice middle ground codec, where most people are gonna use it. The C200 doesn't even let you output that. And they said they're currently working with recorder makers to support it. Hence the "future" part.
  7. Don't know if this was posted elsewhere, but certainly not in this thread. Some technical limitations seen with AF and IBIS if you look closely, but a really nice quality that shows what you can get out of V-Log.
  8. I think that's just the grade. It's pretty stylized in a couple of those shots.
  9. Use Open Color IO for After Effects to convert a log profile to another log profile
  10. This is probably just the base ISO for V-Log
  11. rndmtsk

    Oscar Thread

    He can't! It's great.
  12. Mine came in last night. 1tb HD, 2.9ghz CPU, 460 GPU Only bug I've encountered was an annoying thing with the touch bar where the volume slider wouldn't come up. That required a restart to fix. Pretty much confirms my concern about the potential for touch bar to wig out. What happens when escape won't work when you want to force quit? I've defaulted these keys to their standard control strip functions for now anyways, with fn key to pull up app specific commands. These app commands are cool but not exactly revolutionary. Keyboard takes getting used to but don't think it will bother m
  13. http://www.macrumors.com/2016/12/07/macbook-pro-graphics-issues-email/ Time will tell if this is the actual fix or not, but would be great to hear that it is software-based. Always good to wait, rather than be an early adopter, but some of us don't have the luxury to wait a whole year. I'd wait until the next model if I could, instead of getting the first one out of the gate on the refresh, but I need a powerful new laptop pronto, and have other reservations about settling for the 2015. Hopefully they work out these kinks sooner rather than later. Definitely not making a purchase until th
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