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  1. Any info on dynamic range and flat picture profiles? Like mentioned above, the sample video made by Samsung looked oversharpened and videoish. I don't give a crap about specs if the IQ isn't up to par. XD
  2. I just can't find it anywhere, what's the dynamic range rated at in video mode with S-Log2? DxO Mark rated the sensor at 13.2 stops for stills, but does S-Log2 give you all those stops in video too? Has anyone compared it to a Blackmagic camera yet?
  3. So does anyone know the dynamic range of the A7s in video mode? DxO Mark rated the sensor at 13.2 stops for stills, but with S-Log2 will you be able to use all those 13 stops in video?
  4. I agree, I was amazed by the footage of my BMCC before and with the new update, image quality has improved so much I'm more amazed than before! Really didn't think BM could enhance the image quality that much more. :D
  5. It's basically the same interface, but with a new design. Looks much more 2014-ish. :)
  6. I installed the 1.8 update on my BMCC before they took it down. Seems to work great, a little unsettling that they took it down though, but works perfectly so far. The best part is that the image quality improved a lot, with the new debayering! No more aliasing. Here are some comparison images. All pictures are a 300% crop. 1.7 debayer:'> new 1.8 debayer: '> 1.7 ISO 1600: '> new 1.8 ISO 1600: '> :D
  7. Body only starts at $9900 and ranging all the way up to the professional package at $14900. :D Prices and specs can be found on their website: http://www.kinefinity.com/shop/kinemax_preorder/?lang=en
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