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  1. Understandable. I live in Alberta, Canada.
  2. Hey Aaron. I was looking for a portfolio of your work to see if you have what it takes, and it took some searching but I did find your site. I wouldn't be surprised if others are interested in the same. You have some very nice work in your portfolio. Why not establish some credibility on the kickstarter page and link to it? I'd love to help you with pre-production, and possibly production if you'd like to collaborate remotely. Cheers.
  3. Bump. Would like some input from the community. Surely I'm not alone in using lights and modifiers?
  4. Current about 75% completed a pilot for a political comedy tv series and in pre production for a docu style tv series along the lines of chef's table. Our team is currently borrowing/renting lights for these shoots and Ive decided we're getting busy enough that I would like to buy some of my own. I have about $2000 and would like a decent starter setup. Thinking LED's but then how would I do a spot light on an actor or a element in the scene with LED? Maybe a combination of LED's and a fresnel? Also, what modifiers would you suggest to cover exterior and interior shoots? I don't really know if this is the right way to go. I am on a budget so if you have suggestions to save costs on a kit, let me know: 4 1x1 led's (dimmable) daylight balanced (with optional tungsten/flourescent filters) 1 tungsten spot light with gels to match led4-5 used c-stands for butterfly frame and flags/scrims as needed3-4 various sized flags, scrims, and gobos (wouldn't be averse to using black cardboard in place of flags, and have punched holes thru black foil as a make shift gobo in the past)soft box (not sure what's a good size, etc)?impact reflectora butterfly frame (for exterior or as a large softbox)large rolls of ND filters to control exterior window lightvarious gels for gobo background lightI do currently have a 1x1 dimmable led, several lights stands with one 36" reflector and an arm to hold it, and a few gels and white and black cardboard as reflector/flag. You think that's a good start or am I missing something critical? Thanks for your input all.
  5. I just sold the GH4 and upgraded to the C100 Mark II. Aside from not having 4k, Im thrilled with the C100 so far. I won't go on about it here but it's freaking amazing (built in nd, dual slot recording proxies, log profile, 60p, small but high DR files, wifi, xlr,)... ill stop now.
  6. Hey all. Thank you for your comments. After much research and posts on multiple forums, I went with the OWC 16tb thunderbolt and configured it to raid5 using soft raid. It seems to be the best bang for your buck with good user ratings. So far, working on it a few weeks, it has been an absolutely god send. Editing is no longer a pain. No need for proxies, especially coupled w the iMac 5k + 32gb ram and internal SSD. NOW I can work uninterrupted!!!!!!
  7. I tested the "double slot recording" MP4 (3mbps) option and although it worked well (main card recorded at 28mbps and the second slot at 3mbps), it didn't name the files exactly the same. I was hoping to use the second card files for proxies to hand off to my co-editor, but with different file names, it's a bit useless. I played with the menu but can't figure out what I need to do in order to ensure both cards are recording the same file names. Ideas?
  8. Between the 100Mbps and 200Mbps 60p modes, do you think that the 200Mbps is significantly better than the 100Mbps? I notice that it uses significantly more space on the card which, for me mean, a bigger headache in post. Others have said that the 200Mbps ALL-i actually fluctuates between high and very low. Is the 100Mbps safer to get a consistent quality in 60p (for the purposes of conforming to 24p to make slow motion)?
  9. I just did some research into the Pegasus2 raid drive and it looks like the 4 bay starts at around $2k, and I don't think that includes the drives. Do you know of any more affordable options for the time being? Something under $1k ideally.
  10. ​Thanks Franz. Im going to look into this but I do fear it's an expensive option. ​ ​Thanks neosushi. My 17" macbook pro is the late 2011 model 2.5GHz Core i7 and has 16gb of ram. I swapped out the DVD drive for a secondary hard drive and I swapped the original drive (for applications/os) for an SSD. Aside from getting an SSD external, what else would you recommend to enable smooth 4k editing on my laptop (aside from proxies of course)?
  11. I run a 17" macbook pro 2.5ghz intel core i7 and currently using a G-RAID from about 5 years ago for video editing. It's ok for my standard footage, but now with the GH4 4k files, premiere pro stalls whenever I try using the files. I do create proxies at this point, but I would rather just work with the 4K files directly. To do so, I'm assuming working off an external thunderbolt drive would do the trick, but I wanted to ask those who have had luck running 4k files on a laptop successfully. Anyone? If I must go with an external drive to run my 4k files, what do you recommend? Would this suffice? http://store.apple.com/ca/product/HFY72ZM/A/lacie-3tb-d2-thunderbolt-2-usb-30-hard-drive?fnode=5f
  12. Thanks Nahua. I will try it. In the meantime, if you don't mind, what are your premiere pro sequence settings when you edit on your macbook air? I have a top of the line latest 17" macbook pro with 16gb ram and an SSD drive, so not sure why I'm stalling and you wouldn't be. Must be my settings??
  13. Thanks guys. I tried editing the original footage in premiere as nahua suggested but premiere ended up freezing several times. Not sure if it's because I was using an external USB 3 g-drive or what. I'm guessing it's the a combination of it being a 4k file size and a slowish drive. So the next seemingly logical step is create proxies, as William suggests. I'm not sure how to do this in premiere pro, so I tried in Davinci Resolve. However, upon loading the GH4's mp4 files, I noticed that the audio was not attaching in the timeline, and upon investigation, learned that it won't because Davinci Only accepts WAV. So now I can create proxies but there's no audio attached? So I tried to render out the proxies as 720p to keep size down, and it showed that it would take 8hrs to render! Question 1: Is it normal for Davinci Resolve to take 8hrs to create proxies from around 1h18mins of 4k footage? Question 2: Is there a faster way to create proxies? Is there an app that you could recommend? A particular workflow? Question 3: How do you attach the audio to the proxies given that Davinci won't support audio in mp4 files? Question 4: Nahua--what kind of drive and computer combo do you edit the 4k footage with? Maybe it's my computer/drive that's too slow? Help! I have a meeting with a client to cut a first draft tomorrow and I don't even have proxies made yet!
  14. Does someone know of a simplified proxy workflow on a mac with premiere pro/davinci resolve for the GH4's 4k files to final output in 1080p? And what's the best way of grading to retain the shadow/highlite details?
  15. I did find this tutorial that seems to be on track to what I'm trying to do, but as soon as I click the "default scale to frame size" within premiere settings and return to the timeline and then re-add it to the timeline (as instructed), the image then disappears from the video monitor window... here's where he mentions it:
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