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  1. If you are talking about the Disp. button on the HyperDeck Shuttle II, it does not do anything but light up. Yes, I installed the latest firmware update? I am recording 1080P at 30fps with Avid DNxHD Quicktime
  2. I have a D800 that outputs thu the HDMI without the camera info. My HyperDeck Shuttle II and CaMax monitor both work great.   Now I am trying to get my new D7100 to work the same way but the camera info shows up on the extermal recording and monitor. How can I fix this?
  3. What does "clean" HDMI out mean? Both my monitor and HyperDeck are showing the camera info. I do not want that in my Video. How do I get rid of it?   The D7100 does 60fps in 720P All I need is 1080P at 30fps for one hour unattended. I bought the Shuttle II for that purpose.
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