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  1. I don't see 3840 x 2160 in 24p...just 30p. What's up with that? Also, if you don't own a Mac, I have had issues transcoding to prores just so you guys know. I'm trying to find some PC options for using ProRes or what the best format should be for PC users needing 4k video formats. Adobe Premiere supports Prores just fine on the PC which is why I wanted to use it.
  2. So I put on an adapter today to use Canon lenses with the NX1 and things didn't go that well. Focus peaking does some weird things and sometimes goes away completely. It still works but takes some manipulation on the settings to get things working just right and you will still lose the ability to zoom before focusing or while focusing. You can see what i'm talking about:
  3. I didn't think that the Samsung software was that bad. It wasn't the fastest in the world but based on the review, I just expected worse. I have a new computer with a GTX970 graphics card coming in 1-2 weeks which is supposed to have some support for h.265 so I'll see if maybe I can play back the format on that computer but I'll still have to transcode before editing. Maybe transcoding will go faster too.
  4. I am able to change the ISO while recording. I'm even able to do auto ISO while in manual for video recording. It looks like this is working fine. It doesn't like you can do exposure compensation using auto ISO in manual mode but you can't do that on most cameras. I wish you could because sometimes I have an unmanned camera set up at an outdoor wedding and using Auto ISO is great for that to make sure that when the sun goes behind a cloud, the video gets brighter. Often exposure compensation is needed though depending on the scene. The only huge locked video feature is manual audio control while recording but I will also say that your focus options are limited when video recording. You only get focus peaking in manual focus mode (I like it to verify the AF is doing it's job because I don't quite trust AF yet) and the only way to engage manual mode is with the lens which is very clicky and moves the camera. It would be nice to do it with the touch screen. Also, I can't seem to change the type of focus mode such as moving from single point to face detect while recording but that is minor. I still wish there was a mode dial for video or at least a way to auto update the custom modes when changes are made. I find I sometimes shoot both video and photos (with very different settings) and with a mode dial, I can bounce between photo manual where my settings are geared for photos and movie mode manual (like the Canon 5D) where I have completely different settings. I have set up a custom mode for video but the issue is that if I make any changes, those changes are lost as soon as I jump back into another mode such as manual or another custom mode. Every time I jump back in the custom mode, the original saved settings are recalled. I'd love to setup C1 to auto update settings and then have C2 constant...this would allow me to somewhat simulate the workflow I am used to with DSLRs being able to have different settings for photos and videos.
  5. Thankfully pretty much almost every issue for the camera is likely only a firmware update away...manual audio control while recording, iso adjustment or auto ISO while in manual, maybe even h.264 1080p files, flat picture profiles...things like that. Unfortunately, there is no indication at this point that Samsung is working on this. If I heard an announcement that these were coming in the next 90 days, I'd keep this camera but as of now I'm a bit on the edge.
  6. Just got the NX1 and I was very disappointed you have no manual audio control while filming! I thought that was a pretty basic thing in just about every camera in this range of video centered cameras (7D2, 5D3, GH4, A7s, D750). I am looking everywhere for that control and it doesn't appear to be there. Also, I wish it had a dedicated movie spot on the dial so I can keep separate settings for movie and photos. So far I set up one of the custom modes for movie shooting but obviously those reset back to the saved state when I go back to manual or another custom mode. Not very good for bouncing between video and photos. Also, you have all of these buttons but few options for customizing compared to many other cameras I have used. I don't use the AEL button much but you can't change it to something unrelated...you can just change the affect it has when you use it which is limited. So far I have yet to pass judgement on the quality but the controls and customization are more in line with cheaper cameras and less in line with something like the GH4 or Sony A7s. This is definitely not one of those. Also, you still have the 30 minute recording limit unlike the GH4 (can't we get rid of this and just pay the tax!!! How much could it be?). I don't think I can get over not having audio control while filming. Very limiting to me and mandates an external recorder which I was hoping to make optional. Quality might be good but usability is not quite in the league of the GH4 and A7s...at least for video.
  7. I had some trans-coding issues using the recommended software. There support team gave me some tests to try. It worked fine to transcode the h.265 4k footage to 1080p .mov mode but the only option for 4k was h.264 and it gave me an error. Unfortunately using a PC you cant transcode to ProRes even though Premiere uses it just fine. I can post updates but beware for those using PC's that you only have 1 4k format to pick from and h.264 is still not the greatest for editing. I really wish Atomos made a version of the Ninja Star with 4k. I'd be all over that but $2000 + drives is a bit steep for me right now just to add 4k vs having 1080p with the $300 Ninja star or the transcoding option worked with no issues for 1080p.
  8. I would not worry about 4.2.0 unless you do a ton of green screen. You get rid of some color information, but 4.2.0 is not bad at all.
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