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  1. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    Thank you. You are right I misread the XC 35mm for the XF #noob. The Fuji sells around 400€ in europe and Viltrox 350€ aound my area (France) - not an extensive search though It seems like the "f1.4" in terms of brightness is actually closer to a f1.8 in this case. Being the difference between F and T measure for light. Now that being said in terms of bokeh I'm not sure how that plays out. This is the test I have seen would be interested in your advice :
  2. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    So from what I have looked up so far, the 33mm Viltrox seems to be only a half stop brighter than the f2.0, you can't focus as close as the Fuji so you kind of lose a bit of the f1.4 advantage. Also the sharpness doesn't seem great, as well as build quality. Price-wise it's more expensive than the fuji. Mmm I'm leaning towards the Fuji 35 f2.0, but that would be the equivalent of a f3.0 on a FF (bokeh-wise). I wouldn't mind if Fuji put out a newer version of their 35mm f1.4 with (much) better and quieter AF...
  3. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    Thanks ! I don't know why I thought Viltrox lenses were only manual... Duh... I'm going to check some reviews right away
  4. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    Absolutely ! However the 16-55 f2.8 doesn't have OIS I do miss the f2.0 of the Samsung 16-50mm f2.0-2.8 at 16mm and it's OIS, however having a bit more reach +IBIS is really nice. Overall I think the samsung isn't as sharp as the Fuji especially at it's widest end. Totally agree. I also can't understand why Nikon wouldn't make a 4K 60p 10 bit version of it. They should make one this year and announce it. Many people wouldn't want 8K raw from Canon if they could get 10bit 4k for half the price. It's probably not the best in anything, but the most balanced hybrid out there. Even the lens lineup feels this way. All the lenses are VERY good, but none of them are spectacular, or special (I'm ignoring the noct f0.95 on purpose, I still don't get the idea of making such a niche lens when there isn't anything faster than f1.8 out there yet). That's exactly what I'm feeling. And to be honest, the Z6 isn't very "fun" to use, but it just grows on you with the ease. It feels good. Like a pillow. You didn't know you needed it until someone took it away. I can't wait to tweak it and try a couple of accessories. There is literally no grip on this camera ! I just don't understand why so many camera manufacturers get it so wrong right now ! With the market being what it is keeping so many different lines, many products, and not just Fuji ! Nikon with the DSLR... At least Canon got it. They said "no more EF glass" and that's what it is. I'm sorry for anyone who invested but they can still use it on the EOS R. And the adapters are amazing. I mean the market is really small right now. You have to go big (quality/specs wise), and small (a small number of bodies). In a couple of years/months/weeks one body will fit the need of 90% photographers and videographers combined. They keep getting smaller, better battery life, better glass, better photo & video. How long will it take until you can merge a BMPCC 6K and a Z6/EOS R/A73 ? How many lines of different cameras will you need then ? I'm glad you mentioned that ! I discovered the jog wheel on the NX1 and expected every other manufacturer to use it. Instead most manufacturers still use those awkward small arrows buttons. A jog wheel makes it 100x easier and faster to move in your camera settings. Plus on the NX1 the jog wheel was combined with buttons. "Checkmate !" Thanks for the uptake I will try again tomorrow with a model. AF seemed worse than on the NX1 & Z6. But I don't want to dismiss the camera yet I still feel like there is much more to tweak and explore AF-wise before jumping to any conclusion. I would be disappointed if I couldn't use some faster lenses due to bad AF... F2.0 on APS-C on a wide-ish focal is nothing special. I have not yet discovered this mode ! That could be fun & useful to get this extra focal lenght. Coming from the Z6 I feel happy enough to have that assist lol, but agree that the contrast can be a bit harsh depending on the situation. It worked fine for me for now, but you can always improve. I would like however to be able to import my lut in the camera. That would be really nice. Yes ! I used to love this flippy screen on my GH2-3-4 ! And even regretted not having one on the NX1, but then realized how quicker I got these shots. Now it feels awkward having to take out the screen, flip it around, pray that you're not going to run into obstacles (cables and what not). And you said it all, it's "difficult" to take it out. Not difficult. Just not easy enough, and that's how I feel overall : everything could be a bit smoother, a bit more practical to use. Definitely agree with that. The X-T4 is not fun to use. But it's a powerhouse in many aspects. Its image in 4K 10 bit, I wish I could get this out of the Z6. It really feels like a couple of cameras seem "unfinished". But I guess we have been spoiled with so many toys lately ! Right now I don't know how much I am willing to invest in the Fuji, I would like to get the 35mm f1.4 but I'm very worried about the AF.... And f2.0 on APS-C feels a bit "meh". I'll probably keep playing with it, getting used to it and come back in a couple of weeks, read my comments and go : "I was so stupid !" Or Nikon makes a big announcement tomorrow about a Z6 mark II and I get to buy all the Z lenses out there ! #indecisive
  5. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    I see a lot of mixed feelings on this thread, and that may be because this community is very demanding, in a good way I would think that's because many of us owned THE NX1, which was so much ahead of it's time. Now that being said, I just got my XT4 a couple of days ago with a 16-55 2.8., and it's my first XT4 camera so keep that in mind while reading my first review so far. Also I'm a 70% video oriented 30% stills. Also I have zero brand loyalty. I don't care about brands at all. If tomorrow Sony has the camera and lenses that suits my needs better I'll sell everything and jump ships. Just to give you a bit of context I should also add that I own a Z6 and I find that it's an amazing camera with amazing (too few) lenses. So far this is how I feel about the XT4 : Ergonomics : It's a beautiful camera ! However I don't like the ergonomics to be honest. I think the camera feels bulky, it's like handling a brick. I'm still working to get the most practical set up and it feels like a lot can be customized in terms of buttons. So I'm pretty sure that I could get used to after a couple of weeks toying around. Now that being said, it doesn't compare in any way with the pleasure of holding the Z6. There are so many buttons in the back, and to me it feels like those big buttons on top of the Fuji that give the "vintage look" could also turn out to be useless and maybe in the way of better ergonomics. I don't know how much this participates in the Fuji identity, but to me it's more of a waste. Again, I'm not a "Fuji" shooter, just a filmmaker with a Fuji camera in his hands I love how they have 2 different modes for stills / movies. I would think that this is now a norm in 2020 but kudos to Fuji to bring that to their camera, feels like they really listen to their user base. Autofocus : I need more to get around all the AF settings but so far in terms of Face/eye tracking to me the AF lacks a lot behind Sony, AND Nikon (Nikon made a great job at improving the AF in the past months. I used it a lot during interviews and it was flawless in eye Af). Now that being said, the AF in stills, is incredibly snap and fast. But I don't think I could trust it for a documentary yet where I would have to run around a subject. I would trust Nikon AF, it's not as good as Sony or Canon, but I feel confident enough. Probably because it never "hunts" even when it loses its subject, it doesn't. So far I felt that the XT4 could hunt in eye tracking and actually even lose focus when the box for the eye was correctly placed ! So I need to dig more into this, but it feels strange. Again the box would lock the eye, but still focus on something else... I give the camera the benefit of the doubt because I haven't played around enough with all the settings yet, and also I feel like Fuji could bring an update on the AF firmware wise. Video modes : what is there to say ? Internal 4k 10bit with F-log AND assist (Rec 709 lut) with no crop, 60p with a very small crop, 240fps in Full HD. However I haven't been able to find the 120fps mode, so I don't know if you have to make a special setting or what not... Dynamic Range : That was one of my primary concern, and I feel like it's actually great. However the different picture profiles for video are IMHO way too contrasty and make everything looks like it was shot on a cheap smartphone (highlights are completely burnt etc). I'm going to film everything in Flog probably, and just apply a standard lut after wise. Skin tones : Now that is something so important for filmmaker. I love how the Z6 has this very smooth skin tones. A bit too magenta, I keep dialing in some more green tones (especially when using Filmconvert). But skin tones feel very silky-smooth with the Z6 while still retaining some details. I'm not sure how much I love the skin tones from the XT4 in F-log, I would need a bit more time, but just the fact that its 10bit gives you more leeway for grading. For now I'd say that it lacks a bit of saturation. I have this feeling that many videos I have seen with the XT3/XT4 have very pale skin tones and lack a bit of contrast and texture. Now again that is more of an intuition so far. I have a strong feeling that if correctly graded this camera can deliver. I can't wait to experiment with my clients to see how this goes (hopefully well !). Stills : I haven't play much with still but the AF seemed very responsive, very fast, trustworthy. And you can tweak the Burt modes a lot. Battery life : seems really good ! I heard the XT3 had a weakness in this area, I can say that I wouldn't be afraid of using just one battery for a short interview job. But of course you always need at least two. They should have included a charger for the battery. That feels cheap. My Z6 had one. IBIS : It's REALLY, REALLY GOOD. 90% of the time. And then sometimes it does something a bit weird. I would say, don't take IBIS for granted, rather lear how it works and use it to your advantage. It was never designed to replace a gimbal. However I could definitely see myself going around filming in the city without a tripod And that is really COOL ! Flip screen : don't like it. I'd rather have the classic tilt camera. I couldn't see why Vloggers would need such a powerhouse camera to film themselves, not judging it's really just a thought. Fuji : you guys should dedicate the camera to "power users". Don't try to go in all the different directions. I'm only speaking for myself but I'm not a big fan of filming while looking outside of the axis of my camera. I don't want to look on the side it bring my balance off. I don't know if the floppy screen is something people have been asking ? But to me it's a downside. I don't know how you guys feel about it. Overall : So far it's a great first impression. It's really funny to see a vintage looking camera actually performing like a monster. 10 bit 4K 60p F-log + assist almost no crop... That is insane. I'm not a big fan of the handling of this brick, but I can't see why I couldn't find a sleeve, handle to make it more to my taste. I also read that this is already improved since XT3, so keep up the improvements Fuji Also I love how this camera eats my 128GB Sandisk 95Mb/s with 4K @ 400mbps. That is really cool. If Nikon comes up with a Z6 Mark 2 10bit 4K internal, will I keep my Fuji ? I honestly don't know, probably not. But the camera market is not about "what if", but "what is". So for now I'm very, very happy that I can be a hybrid shooter with IBIS, and 4K 10bit 1,5x crop factor. That's it for me sorry for making this way too long ^^
  6. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    About IBIS I didn't notice it on all videos. I'm wondering if all the X-T4 out there have the same firmware and if the wobbling depends on the lens used. Some wobbling was atrocious but I remember one video where a guy filmed himself walking and I couldn't see any wobbling at all. So... Waiting to see how it goes. Also I can't wait to see how the new AF performs. For now I have a Z6 but 8 bit is killing me and having an external monitor doesn't fit my "run and gun super light" style Fuji is definitely going the right direction.
  7. neosushi

    Fuji X-T4

    Bluetooth audio would work for me 😛 Not a big fan of having cables running around my camera
  8. The whole trend around 8k seems very superficial imho. More cpu, more hard drive and we have yet to get 10 bit internal on any ff camera... this direction seems guided by economic interest (Olympic games, 8k TVs) more than content creators. Most people can’t even tell the difference between FHD and 4K. We need better codecs / color bit depth, maybe more options in terms of frame rates and vitrâtes. Not more useless resolution only to boast about on forums and forcing us to buy new computers.
  9. Very good review / tutorial on how to use Prores Raw by french vloger Emmanuel Pampuri. The video is in french but it's easy to follow his workflow in FCPX. It's acutally quite different, as he doesn't use the "sony s-log" "lut" in FCPX to get excellent results (starting at 14m08s). Enjoy Edit : Also Adobe should give an update on Prores raw support in the next couple of weeks #finally....
  10. So I don't speak russian, but anyway, using the automatic subtitles translation from youtube and watching the video is all you need to know ! It's an amazing test and comparison of the H264 vs Prores HQ 10 bits vs Prores RAW. Using different setups and different tools as well as a very nice chart
  11. Sorry, everything is sold ! However I can put you in contact with the buyer : he was thinking of selling the NX500. He bought the lot because it was so cheap ^^
  12. If a 2500$ pro chart is the only way to see aliasing from this camera then I guess we're all ok haha
  13. Ok guys here are the prices if you are only interested in a couple of items instead of the (great priced) package : Cameras Samsung NX1 : 700€ Samsung NX500 : 400€ Lenses 20mm F2.8 : 150€ 45mm F1.8 : 200€ 85mm F1.4 : 400€ 16-50mm S F2-2.8 : 700€ 50-200mm F4-5.6 : 150€ 56mm - macro - Lensbaby : 100€ Leica-M mount adaptor for NX1 : 100€ I reserve the right to refuse to sell at my convenience (if too little items or too much distance / ship fares)
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