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  1. Please Sigma, add IBIS and good AF !! https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1493858-REG/sigma_fp_mirrorless_digital_camera.html
  2. Thank you for the video ! I'm an early adopter and still user of the NX1, and have been waiting for a replacement, but haven't found anything to make me want to change yet. I'm not a big fan of the texture and motion of this video personaly. I hate to use this expression because most of the time it doesn't mean much, but I found it to look very videoish - not filmic at all... I'm not sure about the dynamic range since the blacks are pretty crushed but the highlight rolloff intrigues me. Would be happy to have the community opinion on this Fuji :) Great day everyone, with hopefully very interesting revelations from Panasonic...
  3. If I come to your balcony and sing a song, can I get a free NXL too ? Love your work Luca, I'm a big fan <3
  4. Maybe an alien civilization is watching this post right now thinking : WTF is wrong with them humans ?
  5. Just grabbed 4 days of popcorn !
  6. neosushi

    NX2 rumors

    Wondering how much process power would require 12bits or even 10bits H265... I could definitely work with that !
  7. neosushi

    NX2 rumors

    Not that I want to sound picky, but I feel like I'd rather go with a 10bit H265 - that would keep the same workflow that we have - vs RAW - with a complicated workflow / no EVF / no Sound. What do you guys think ? (not that it's a real debate, but since all of these RAW talks are just pure speculation / no offense)
  8. Depends a lot of the bitrate of the file. I can edit natively my NX500 files at regular bitrates in 4K, however my 150Mb/s files from my hacked NX1 need transcoding (done directly in premiere pro).
  9. I have another source that says Canon will upgrade your 5D Mark II to a Red Epic. For free. Hey don't look at me like that ,I'm just sharing with the community !
  10. I don't see how anyone should be surprised such a small sensor isn't doing great at ISO6400... Most S35 sensors aren't any good past 1600ISO... :/ I don't know why manufacturers don't allow us to turn it down...
  11. By sacrificing their flagship ^^
  12. I use AF a lot - especially on Gimbal or doc work. Also sometimes I just use it to get the focus point then I switch to MF. But it helps if the AF is precise (especially in low light where focus peaking can be tricky sometimes). AF is a deal breaker for me. Just speaking for myself.
  13. I'm still amazed that we don't have any raw option for video. Magic Lantern hacked the 5D Mark II 4 years ago ! Not even for 1080P ? Blackmagic pocket also came out in 2013... This is not a critic just for Panasonic, I think the same about Sony and Canon. But seriously anyone interested in raw would probably be ok to pay a couple hundred euros to have it as an option. So I'm happy that Panasonic is moving forward and that we can all be amazed by 10bit 422...while RAW 14bit has been available for 4 years on other DSLR...
  14. Personally I'll be waiting to see more footage out of this camera. Because I'm still addicted and in love with my NX1. I work in stills and movies and it's very strong in both. I love how my clients are always blown out by the colors and details from the image straight out of the camera. And also because I have never been a big fan of GHx color science or noise management (I find the image never clean enough for my taste). I don't really like speed boosters because you usually lose some AF speed, and also it's expensive. First low light tests I have seen haven't blown me away. I'm not saying I'll never be interested in the GH5, but I have never been a camera "early adopter".
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