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  1. 42.5 1.2 & 12-60 2.8-4 is just win combo i cant complain with this set both have Ibis
  2. What lens are you using and also did u update GH5 firmare?
  3. Happens to me to but not 3seconds usually when am in PAL mode and camera doesnt do slowmotion it works perfect asoon as i switch to CINEMA mode it slowsdown to about 3 sec but that could be my sd (Sandisk Pro)
  4. Pricetag 5k Terms & condition shoot only in Antarctica as it may overheat ?
  5. Good to hear this news am on the way to purchase ultra sb for my gh5
  6. Rumoros has that Canon just invested in ML so 5D should have 4K Raw 14bit am so switching to Canon now whos with me?
  7. Hmm intresting so what they saying they cannot confirm this rumors 5Dvi needs to be serviced by canon in order implement this firmware update to coup with heatmanagment ive read somewhere that only reason canon never gave 1Dxmii Clog is to protect their Cinemaline cameras and out of blue they just gona trow it at 5D ? If so fairplay its time give people what they wanted for ages also 4:2:2 200mb with new codec i mean is this Aprilfools prank by Canon?
  8. Put 4k footage in 1080p timeline work on slomo footage and when u finish export it in 4k
  9. Who cares about Canon anyways its 2017 time to move on why spend money on them when they dont listen to you guys? I mean look at Sony or Panna they add or try to add Video tools for Indifilm makers for less cost than canon does and yet people still defend them! Canon even threatens to take legal actions against ML team if they touch their flagship toys !
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