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  1. Hey Andrew! I appreciate the response! Oh I'm looking forward to that, since I've been on the fence about pulling the trigger on the Heliopan one (bit more than I'd like to spend since I need 2-3, but no doubt worth it). Before I knew better, I picked up a few cheap variable NDs on eBay and well.. they obviously totally sucked and went in the bin. I mainly do indoor corporate shoots so an ND hasn't really been an essential piece of kit for me yet. However, next year I will have outdoor shoots, so I'm looking to buy a couple in advance. I check your blog regularly, so I'll look out for that comparison!
  2. Christina! Ah yes! Another direction for me to explore... I hadn't even thought like that! (vis-a-vis Sigma appealing to Canon users and matching/competing with the L series)! Excellent! :)
  3. Andrew thanks for posting this! I'm really looking forward to your future tests once you get the Atomos Shogun and comparing the 4K output between the A7S, GH4 and NX1. Really appreciate all the work you do on your blog! It's quite a service! :)
  4. Hi Noa! I am undecided on the camera and have the chance to change my mind since we won't start until around May/June next year. But I'm considering either the A7S or GH4 or both right now. And yes, after reading others thoughts and contemplating myself, I think I'll do 4K and just keep as a master. :)
  5. Oh nice one! I had totally overlooked that at a possibility. Has anyone had any experience with the Sigma 24-105 f/4 ?
  6. Hey guys! I just saw Andrew had posted a new article on the Samsung NX1 and briefly touched upon the SLR Magic 77mm Variable ND filter which is on sale: http://www.slrmagic.co.uk/slr-magic-77mm-04-18-variable-nd-filter.html I haven't had a chance to spend much time on forums/newsites related to photography/videography over the past few months, so it's possible I missed all discussions on it here and on the other forums.. I did a quick search on here which came up empty.. but I wondered if any of you had any experiences/reviews on this ND filter. And how it possibly compares to the Tiffen VND, Tiffen IRVND, and the more expensive ones like the Heliopan. Cheers!
  7. Right, but I won't be distributing this until 2016 and want it to remain relevant and be at a quality that people will/may start to expect more and more. I know it's probably 2-3 years away that 4K is really expected by eveyone, but then again, I'm surprised at just how fast 4K has moved in the last six months alone. I have friends whom have bought 4K TVs already. (I haven't even done that yet - was going to wait another couple years). Also, the prices of 4K monitors has rapidly dropped. That trend will obviously continue over the next 2-3 years. :)
  8. Hi Ebrahim! Yes, pretty much echoed my own thoughts on this. I think it's decided, I'll do 4K. Why not? I have the cameras, memory cards, editing station and well I'm lacking a bit in storage space.. but I'll have to man up and buy some more. Part of the game. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks guys for all your responses. I haven't had the chance to try either of those Olympus lenses yet... but, will see if I can borrow one from a friend to experiment with. (I know he has the 12mm Olympus MFT and I recall him having a 45mm Olympus too). IronFilm: I was actually considering going down that route - Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8. It was the one I was going to experiment with next (along with the olympus above).
  10. Hi guys! I have recently been hired to help produce an online fitness course next year, featuring someone somewhat known within the online fitness industry and they've been asking me today whether we should shoot in 4K and distribute in 4K. Prior to this questioning, I was already battling internally with whether to shoot 4K or not, but had admittedly assumed we would master and distribute in 1080p. Why? Because most of these online courses seems to be in either 720p or 1080p. Now, a couple salient points I would like to make. Firstly, this will be a large course.. likely 12-15 hrs of edited content online. Secondly, we won't start filming until June next year. Release is preferably by Jan 2016. So, the question is... by Jan 2016, how widespread or expected will 4K be for online viewing? And in 2-3 years after that? Since we wouldn't want to redo the course in 4K any time soon. My main resistance at this point is working with so much 4K data. I currently have roughly 32TB of space, but that's filling up rapidly already. Oh I know... that's the price of working with 4K, but still. My answer to this is after contemplating as I write this message... whether we launch with 4K distribution or not, is not *too* important (at least from my current vantage), but, we probably should future proof this work by recording in 4K, so if 4K online streaming becomes the accepted "norm" online in 2 years that we can simply offer that. I'd appreciate any thoughts.. and if you're a psychic.. feel free to look into the crystal ball and let me know what you see in the next year! :P
  11. Hi /p/ These are all good questions. I will try to answer as best as possible. >>Why are you worried about Matching with ART lenses with anything else? I should have mentioned that I predominantly film corporate videos for the company I work for. We often have a three camera setup for the interviews we do. This may seem excessive, but, my employer prefers it this way (he has an active part in it). Either way, as you can imagine, if we are using two ART lenses on two bodies, then the question remains, what can adequately match that overall aesthetic/sharpness/look on the third? This question is semi-rhetorical, since you've already stated the Zeiss Otus line.. but I wanted to let you know why I was posing these thoughts/questions in the first place. To answer the other questions is simple. Yes, I planned on only using the Art lenses with the other Art lenses or ones that would work well with this somewhat sterile, sharp, clean aesthetic. Whilst the Zeiss Otus is an option.. it is certainly a bit more than I wanted to pay. And I'll be honest.. I much prefer working with my older glass... just because I like the aesthetic of that personally. But that's just me. My boss prefers this super clean/sharp/sterile Art look. He gets to decide unfortunately. :P So, any other options aside from the Zeiss Otus? :wacko:
  12. Hey guys! Been a while since I've logged in here, but would love to get some ideas, perspectives from you guys (whom are far more experienced than I) on what lenses would match the overall sharpness/aesthetic of the Sigma ART lenses. I'm looking to add to my collection, as I like different aesthetics for different purposes. I am mainly shooting on the GH4 currently, but increasingly more on the A7S aswell. I currently have the Sigma 35mm Art and the Sigma 50mm Art. In addition, I have the following:- Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 Zeiss Distagon 28mm f/2.0 Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor 135mm f/2.8 Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Nikon 28-70mm f2.8 IF D Contax Yashica 25mm f/2.8 Helios 44M 58mm f/2.0 Vivitar 28-90mm f/2.8 Panasonic 14-42mm f/3.5 MFT Nokton 25mm f/0.95 MFT SLR Magic 12mm f/1.6 MFT SLR Magic 50mm f/0.95 MFT So based on the above list, any ideas on what would "match" well with my Sigma ART lenses? And if none, what other lenses would you recommend that would fit the general sharpness, aesthetic etc. of the ART line? Maybe Zeiss Apo 135mm f/2.0? Any thoughts appreciated. Finally, I'm not being lazy as I am also slowly doing my own tests and after February (work will slow down) I may even do a video comparing them etc. Until then just thought I'd get some perspectives from other working videographers etc. with far more experience. Thank you!
  13. Thanks for the welcome Andrew! :) I have bookmarked your ebook for the A7s and will certainly purchase it ensuring I get the A7s. :-) Currently based on the few videos I've seen, I'm certainly leaning towards adding a full-frame camera to the arsenal. I was planning the 5D mk3 for this purpose a few months ago, but then put the idea on the back burner. Now with the A7s, my interest is perked up again. I'm just waiting for your review of it really, as you do some of the most thorough reviews of cameras with a balanced focus between the positives and negatives. I'm not in a major rush, but, some of the full frame footage (5D mk3) I've seen is really nice with the Canon 50mm f/1.2L. I may pick one of those up one of these days too... Thanks again!!
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