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Davinci Resolve 16

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Let's hope they don't revolutionise editing too much. FCPX magnetic timeline anyone?

What's wrong with star wipes and venetian blinds?  Star Wars was a seminal film and it didn't even have those!

Node based workflows are superior to layers and lumetri by a long shot. That feature is one of the biggest and best that DaVinci offers. I used to think otherwise when I was using Adobe alot, but I ca

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3 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

No - Adjustment Clips 'They're kind of like adjustment layers' (how they were presented in the conference)

This is a great addition, and possibly is a nod to how FCPX/PP users might operate.  

One thing I always thought was a bit clunky was if you had two cameras/lenses which needed to be matched, and two scenes which needed to be graded differently (eg, day scene then night scene).  In a sense you can now grade the clips in the Colour page to colour match and put in Adjustment Clips for different scenes and one across the whole timeline as a final grade.

3 hours ago, thephoenix said:

the new cut page seems perfect for laptops


It kind of delivers on the "editing revolution" promise, the UI improvements requests, the people wanting to work without BM hardware, etc.

I am noticing a trend within Resolve now of having the 'easy/fast' way to do something and the 'slower/powerful' way.  I first noticed it with the stabiliser when they created the one-touch version but kept the old one with the more features, but it's now there for editing too.

I suspect BM is chasing both ends of the video production market:

  • Making a feature with UMP, external audio, heaps of clips with slates, large editing team with collaboration and multiple simultaneous users and industry leading grading facilities, frame.io integration, etc etc etc
  • Making a fast-turn around piece with P4K, internal audio, single person post-production on a laptop in the field in the new Cut page, grade with the auto-match feature and a LUT, put in a Fusion title and end sequence and upload straight to YT

Obviously most people will be somewhere in-between, but making something that works for both ends of the spectrum is a real challenge and they seem to be doing a pretty good job at it.

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2 hours ago, Emanuel said:

Odd the fact these guys have completely been ignored by a new vague of shooters... TAKE A LOOK

Resolve is still routinely absent from conversations about video editing options.  I still see film-making you tubers making PP vs FCPX videos and not even mentioning Resolve.

I think it's a combination of commercial interests, a dated mindset, lack of awareness of what non-indy film-making is like, and new thing overload where there are so many new cameras / audio devices / lighting products / YouTube algorithm updates / social media marketing branding promotional everythings that following new editing packages just never makes their priority list.

That's ok..  when they finally catch on we can all say "we've been here for years - where have you been??" :)

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Running resolve 16 - it seems pretty stable, but you still want to save frequently after you have made some progress so you don't lose your edits.

The auto color can be really useful when it gets it right.  I would suggest adding a blank node after your color correction nodes and then hit the Auto correct  button, sometimes it is horrible wronge and other times it can give the image that extra little bit especially when it comes to tweaking the white balance...

The new audio limiter plug-in called "limiter" is very good.  It has a button labeled soft on it, which I assume is for soft saturate as it pumps up the volume a little and gives a bit more density in a good way.

Next I am going try the elastic audio function.

As far as I can tell Resolve 15.3.1 has been replaced and the database updated.


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I'm holding out for a fairly stable version to be released before I upgrade from 15 which is now quite stable. Can't understand why a Beta version (which is by definition is test software) can't be run at the same time as a stable release version. 

One issue I have always had with Resolve vs PP is that if you start a project in PP you can quite easily 'round-trip' it to resolve to do some grading which is where Resolve has always been superior. However if you start a project in Resolve and try to round trip it to PP and use what I consider to be far better audio tools via Audition it never works properly.  

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5 hours ago, kaylee said:

true, kye. but also i was talking to a guy whos doing a short in premiere right now, and he has no idea what resolve is FOR in the first place — grading, power windows, etc.

l mean he knows in the abstract, but not really lol

I can understand that.  Only relatively recently was Resolve a colour grading tool you would round-trip to, which is a concept that took some getting used to, let alone knowing how to actually troubleshoot the process and get it to work properly.  Now Resolve has become something equally confusing - it does everything!  So on a journey from being difficult to understand because it was too technical, to now being something that is difficult to understand because if you're a FCPX or PP user it sounds like it's too good to be true! :)

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I'm definitely waiting for a stable release and a couple updates, as multicam was broken for me until very recently and that's a big feature for me doing live event edits. 

Still, I just recently completed an entire edit from start to finish for the first time and am very happy about it. 

I just wish Fusion was a bit easier and that Resolve overall had a better, more intuitive titler (preferably Photoshop inspired.) 

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33 minutes ago, Shirozina said:

As with when you need the better stabilization in Premier - just import the clip, process, save and reimport into Resolve.

This sucks though, why would I pay each month for one feature... I hope the stabilizer gets improved a lot in Resolve 16... (or I might buy a plugin or something)

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