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Davinci Resolve 16

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Let's hope they don't revolutionise editing too much. FCPX magnetic timeline anyone?

What's wrong with star wipes and venetian blinds?  Star Wars was a seminal film and it didn't even have those!

Node based workflows are superior to layers and lumetri by a long shot. That feature is one of the biggest and best that DaVinci offers. I used to think otherwise when I was using Adobe alot, but I ca

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11 hours ago, Secretlyminnesotan said:

I can't really think of anything that would be a "revolution" for editing. It's not like they've come up with Artificial Intelligence or something.

Nonetheless I'm super excited to hear whats coming tomorrow. I hope it's not just meaningless marketing words.

AE has content aware now. Possibilities with AI are endless. Hope Resolve has something in store.



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14 hours ago, newfoundmass said:

I don't see them switching to a subscription model. I imagine they'll continue to offer the software for free, with a "full version" available for $300. I think they're much more interested in attracting more people into their ecosystem than anything, especially if it encourages people to buy their cameras and hardware. 

I agree - bringing people into their ecosystem is likely to be their long-term vision.

Amazon and Apple realised this long ago.  Lots of profit to be made from taking the Hotel California style of customer relationship, where "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave" :)  It works for religion too, by excommunicating people who want to leave you raise the price of switching above what most people are willing to tolerate..

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Watching the BM presentation video, the irony of this new simplified fast edit page is how clunky he is making it look.

To his credit, he did preface it with "I'm not a demo guy" but he really should have got someone who is a demo guy to show it.

Its actually a very good addition to Resolve though.

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2 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

Hang on....that keyboard is going to be $995.

I suppose if you consider that the software is free then that means its probably only about $495 overpriced !

It will speed teams and editors process shaving minutes and seconds. I consider it more of a specialized tool. We will probably still be able to use gaming macro keyboards and editing jog wheels for less.

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16 minutes ago, MurtlandPhoto said:

Yeah that was a bit of a shock to me. I had cash in hand if it was available now at $395... $995 is pretty steep IMO

Yep, $395 was pretty much in the ballpark of where I thought it was going to be.

I'm hoping that showing it this early was a bit of a kite flying exercise to gauge demand and test that price and it might come down.

There is an argument for it being more compact, or a more compact version of it at least as well.

13 minutes ago, Ivko Pivko said:

It will speed teams and editors process shaving minutes and seconds. I consider it more of a specialized tool. We will probably still be able to use gaming macro keyboards and editing jog wheels for less.

I absolutely agree and I am of course all about physical hardware controllers wherever possible.

In my view, I actually think that far from being a specialised tool it should actually be a mainstream one but its going to have to be a lot cheaper than that.

The controller will, I would surmise, be a proprietary protocol like their other panels so 3rd party keyboard/jog wheel solutions will get close but not be able to have direct access to all of the functions, particularly the simultaneous two function controls as demonstrated?


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Lookout Avid and Adobe and any other company who's name starts with "A" and that makes video editing software - Grant and Blackmagic have kicked you right in the subscription.

The 2 other leading companies that don't have to rely on video editing subscription software sales model are Apple and Blackmagic and what do they have in common?  They make a broad range for hardware products (including prosumer product - the Pocket 4k) so they can sell at volume and afford to sell their software for a one-time reasonable prices.  Apple now sells media subscription services and may someday go the subscription route for their software as well.

Potentially, that leaves Blackmagic in the future, as the only widely adopted professional video editing software company that is not forced to beg its customers for a subscription like the little kid nextdoor trying sell you magazine subscriptions to help fund school activities and when a prize in the process.

Blackmagic has my respect for not begging for my subscription each year and for making a better product than their competition.

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10 minutes ago, Video Hummus said:


Pretty insane. My computer is ready

This is the FU Adobe version with smooth (morph) cut, individual resolutions and frame rates, object removal, adjustment layers, dolby atmos mixing, everything way faster of course etc...

Edit1: the lipsync tool looks cool!

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