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  1. I agree with Reaper and Fusion, there are not much alternatives there, although, and depending on the level and if you're used to layers and comps don't discredit Hitfilm. I know is not as powerful as Fusion but I see it growing every year as a viable alternative just not for fast turnaround or high level stuff yet. And lightroom, for DAM it depends. On1 is really nice, the price is right and the tools are nice. I feel it's still a little bit clunky, not as polished as say Capture One but as with hitfilm, don't discard it because it looks it's developing quite well. It might be the age but I'm more willing to buy products from developers that listen and help them grow(and I include Blackmagic here). Or it might be my desire to find underdogs and Davids that can bring some fight to big Goliaths. For photoshop I rather use Affinity photo but in the open source world see the development of Krita more elegant than Gimp.
  2. I was naive and I though it was a creative choice to show how nobody would see anything in a night without moon and with dead fearless zombies attacking from the dark zone of torches that would render the night vision of people useless. It was HBO fucking compression and who knows what more. Dammit. I was lucky in my work nobody knows anything about photography or video and they ate my theory completely agreeing and all, thinking I was the expert. Better keep this quiet. ðŸĪŠ
  3. That's my list too. I bought Luminar and it doesn't even generate the catalog on my i3 Mac mini 2018. Go to On1, or Capture one. They work.
  4. I agree with @Anaconda_. The CGI of the character grows on you pretty quickly as soon as you see the point of it. @kaylee give Happy a chance 😄
  5. I loved the first season but I didn't know the second one was already airing. Unfortunately it looks it's not available here. Is it weekly or bingeable? If it's weekly maybe it will come to Europe once all the episodes have been aired.
  6. Ivko Pivko

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I'm sure they're not hurt by money but is nice to see the discount emails from Adobe. It satisfies so much to click the delete button. I guess they're reaching market saturation and alternatives are getting finally viable. On1, Affinity, Resolve, Fusion covers most of what I do and I don't have to pay the price of a small new computer every year to have the privilege of using buggy software.
  7. Ivko Pivko

    Davinci Resolve 16

    It will speed teams and editors process shaving minutes and seconds. I consider it more of a specialized tool. We will probably still be able to use gaming macro keyboards and editing jog wheels for less.
  8. Ivko Pivko

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I'd settle for Davinci Resolve Really Lite. Speedy Resolve Gonzales.
  9. That will be their next canon pro model. But if you use EF lenses then all deactivates. Drop the cash.
  10. I tried the Saramonic SR-WM4C but got a buzzing noise. They're 150₮ here, so not that cheap and I returned them to save for the Rodelink. This makes much more sense for my small needs and interviews and hopefully it will be good enough! I've seen people hanging the nikon's wireless on their shirts and it was awful. The form factor and the idea that I can use a smartlav+ which I have lying around or rely on the on board mic for nervous people is great. Hopefully the on board will be isolated well enough against rubbing.
  11. 199$ It looks like a no brainer for youtubers and streamers or a good, quality alternative to anybody who was looking for -very- cheap wireless system in Amazon... (like me)
  12. That and clean hdmi with CAF would make the camera the best in Canon line.
  13. Canon R(I)P, good point and matches my feelings. I'm sure they're trying to milk as much as they can but right now but it's the wrong strategy. With camera shipments dropping and computational photography still developing they're going to lose more customers.
  14. I think you don't raise the prices of a service that is unsuccessful. Maybe they're going to try to squeeze the available customers before Disney arrives. I have the feeling the system is going to be as the early days of studios, with big contracts to generate serials and films (Netflix-Millar) and we're still in early exploration periods. Do people prefer binging or week episodes? Maybe depends of the serial? Which genres attract more repeated customers? Do people leave after one serial and come back for season 2 or can we offer them something to stay? Netflix is doing all right and all the investment and crap they show now will help to fine tune their strategy and improve soon enough. I mean, Marvel is going to be huge and they're going to lose customers unless they have something in a similar tone and HBO, except three or four serials don't have enough production to keep me paying every month, at least where I am the price is around four coffees, which I can live without. In case of Apple, we already know that their production is going to be bland and without bite and I'm not sure they'll reach a big chunk of the market. And for Disney, it's going to be interesting if the budgets and serials they're going to offer plus their catalog will be enough to make people pay the fee, which I'm guessing is not going to be low. Budgets are crazy right now but the system is evolving, I'm sure they'll discover in the next years where's the limit. Maybe a tentpole a month or every trimester and then smaller, more throw to the wall to see what sticks productions. Sci Fi channel were pioneers 😄
  15. The new Filmic pro LOG2 changes the design of the flair. I don't even know how is that possible. I'm not dissing the film. I saw it in the cinema. I think it was 2002 when it arrived to Spain. I knew it was the beginning and I exited the cinema thinking that yes, it was the future but it still had shortcomings. Sixteen years later we have finally profiles that look better than the F900. Just going through the mobile film fest 2018 show that we're still not there but soon is going to be another viable tool for some productions (stealth shooting, shy people or scared of big cameras) without compromising image quality. Filmconvert has announced profiles for the iphones with filmic pro too. I'm just happy I can take less weight and size with Ryanair reducing more and more the stuff we can carry.
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