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  1. Canon R(I)P, good point and matches my feelings. I'm sure they're trying to milk as much as they can but right now but it's the wrong strategy. With camera shipments dropping and computational photography still developing they're going to lose more customers.
  2. I think you don't raise the prices of a service that is unsuccessful. Maybe they're going to try to squeeze the available customers before Disney arrives. I have the feeling the system is going to be as the early days of studios, with big contracts to generate serials and films (Netflix-Millar) and we're still in early exploration periods. Do people prefer binging or week episodes? Maybe depends of the serial? Which genres attract more repeated customers? Do people leave after one serial and come back for season 2 or can we offer them something to stay? Netflix is doing all right and all the investment and crap they show now will help to fine tune their strategy and improve soon enough. I mean, Marvel is going to be huge and they're going to lose customers unless they have something in a similar tone and HBO, except three or four serials don't have enough production to keep me paying every month, at least where I am the price is around four coffees, which I can live without. In case of Apple, we already know that their production is going to be bland and without bite and I'm not sure they'll reach a big chunk of the market. And for Disney, it's going to be interesting if the budgets and serials they're going to offer plus their catalog will be enough to make people pay the fee, which I'm guessing is not going to be low. Budgets are crazy right now but the system is evolving, I'm sure they'll discover in the next years where's the limit. Maybe a tentpole a month or every trimester and then smaller, more throw to the wall to see what sticks productions. Sci Fi channel were pioneers 😄
  3. The new Filmic pro LOG2 changes the design of the flair. I don't even know how is that possible. I'm not dissing the film. I saw it in the cinema. I think it was 2002 when it arrived to Spain. I knew it was the beginning and I exited the cinema thinking that yes, it was the future but it still had shortcomings. Sixteen years later we have finally profiles that look better than the F900. Just going through the mobile film fest 2018 show that we're still not there but soon is going to be another viable tool for some productions (stealth shooting, shy people or scared of big cameras) without compromising image quality. Filmconvert has announced profiles for the iphones with filmic pro too. I'm just happy I can take less weight and size with Ryanair reducing more and more the stuff we can carry.
  4. I see your big heavy stuff and I raise it with an excessively overprocessed image in the haste of novelty with my then new XR and a not so much so but still toning it down hotdog portrait. I guess I was going overboard with filters and sliders, I'm so much more calm down now.
  5. Don't worry about it. Peace. All of what you say it's still very important but we're entering again on the slippery subject of what a pro is. Nobody's going to make a Marvel film on an iPhone, but maybe the next low budget ball buster, record breaker will. I just was pointing out that camera-form-factor jumpshipping could be a trend for '19. Other than that, I'm interested in seeing if that forces manufacturers to stop giving us half featured packages and finally sell fully useful products in different form factors. I'd love an RX100VII with either a mic input or a hot shoe adapter. A GH6 with dual phase AF or similar or a Sony with a tilty swively screen. Maybe even Canon can do something about shooting 60p on the R for all the users that still have EF lenses like me (has it been fixed already?). All in all '19 is looking like a wait, see and save year.
  6. That is actually scary and wasn't aware of. And speaking on the mobile thing. I found the trailer for Session 9. I remember going to the cinema because I wanted to see the digital revolution happening and got shocked of how bad it was sometimes in compare with film. That was Cinealta guys. It looks like "natural" profile on the iphone in some of the shots now.
  7. C'mon @Kisaha , don't Brawley us. A shift in the industry marks either a point were manufacturers enter in high gear and make our tools better to avoid the bleeding or abandon ship. It's going to be interesting at least. And remember, mobile market has reach saturation, they can grow on some aspects like video now, that lights the fire under traditional camera manufacturers (Sony fails at mobile by now outside of sensors) at their low-mid end cameras as they did previously with point and shoots. Bloggers, instagramers and influencers (hate that word) could very well soon skip 1" sensor cameras and mirrorless to stay mobile. On the other side, when you got horrendous quality first films or serials "shot on mobile" (as I remember with digital in cinealta's Session 9) suddenly you find the quality good enough for some productions.
  8. I didn't wanted to say it. I'm sure once they have the supply chain in control they'll try a second time, improving the mistakes and maybe getting rid of the holographic screen to reduce the price. The new update with the XR is simply unbelievable. I wish I had it for the video I recorded for my work. We're three now getting rid of our big heavy stuff counting with @webrunner5 , 2019 trend??? Just coffee with my dripping coffee machine, on-off after five minutes and some lights that change the temperature and dim to let know my children that it's time to relax and get ready to go to bed. No smart speakers eavesdropping all conversations, appart from Siri in the mobile of course, but that now is unavoidable.
  9. Red has tried and somebody else will get it right. It's bound to happen and camera makers should react. When a phone can get 4k 50p, a mic input, streaming capabilities, LOG, editable depth of field and some kind of interchangeable lens system for less than an RX10IV or RX100VI it's hard to justify the expense at an amateur level. Edited: Especially when you get a fantastic everyday tool that can literally make coffee (Siri makes me coffee with my cheapo machine and a connected socket) 10 minutes more of sleeping every morning!
  10. I'm not getting paid at the moment to make videos, so when I decided to upgrade I got disappointed that Canon R is fragile, not very interesting and expensive lenses, the Sonys are still lacking 50p 4k and a tilty swively screen and the Panas, DPAF. At the end I decided to get an iPhone XR and some moment lenses to try the DOP effect and damn if it's not surprising how versatile is. I made a video for the work with a Zhiyun gimbal and everybody enjoyed the content, nobody cared how it was shot or the depth of field. Also I've been taking portraits for my colleagues for Iinkedin and social media and the computational thing with an app like focos is good enough. Phones are already there and the only way I see myself now buying a 1" sensor camera is if they include a mic input and some depth sensor in it. The software on the computer side needs to start using this information too. I'm going to wait and see for a year how this develops but I got lazy after this upgrade and every time I see the Nikons and Canons being pushed on youtube I want to buy less and less a big camera.
  11. This is an art I'd love to learn and work with. Man, Foley is a dream to do. I wish I had the time and space to make a little studio for that.
  12. Ivko Pivko

    iPhone XR, XS

    I'm for the first time considering getting a phone that expensive. I mean, I was considering an RX100VI for trips and family non pro stuff mixed with some youtube and gimbal things but the computational thing makes it interesting for family and holiday stuff, the streaming capabilities makes it a faster youtube machine. HDR, ISO 400 max and Filmic pro extreme codec makes it a mostly viable daylight tool, the Zhiyun is less than 200€ for gimbal stuff and you can connect an external microphone. I'm going to wait for Google pixel 3 and see what they offer but these mobiles are getting so good that some people will start to consider them instead of 1 inch cameras, which I thought I would never see it happen.
  13. The GH5 just needed better AF like DPAF or PDAF to be the perfect camera. Sony just needs a better screen, be it tilty-swively or 90º up to appeal to people like bloggers and maybe 50p 4k and 10bit for cinematographers. Canon and Nikon are entering the fray bringing numbers and history but for some reason they're going to protect their DSLR line or their Cinema line. That gives Pana and Sony a very good opportunity to react and be in a better position when the landslide arrives. It's either that or being crushed to bits by the dinosaurs. Really rooting for the nimble mammals here.
  14. After a couple of seconds I expected a BBC voice narrating the mating procedures of the green walking bug. Without talking about DR on ISO, right now it looks great and good enough for me. That it comes with a Resolve copy and at the price point they gave it, makes it even more of an incredible deal.
  15. I don't know. I'm disappointed too but because I can't imagine what the LX100 II will offer against something like the M50. Even I'm slightly more attracted to something like the RX100VI. I'm not finding any love.
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