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I am at Photokina. What would you like me to ask?

Andrew Reid

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GFX 100MP is 4:3 format - how about anamorphic support?

1 hour ago, Vintage Jimothy said:

Can you please ask if Fujifilm has any plans to make some cine lenses for the GFX 100 in the near future or down the line, since the company is clearly prepping for the day Medium Format becomes more common?

this! the Arri 65 lenses are modded Hasselblad lenses which are designed and manufactured by Fujinon. So they have the optics. And the MK, XK and so on. show, they have the mechanical knowledge too.

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1 hour ago, wolf33d said:

THIS + why DFD AF when they know it's not as good as DPAF in video? 

Please throw shit on Canon on my behalf. 

But don't mention it is because of their DPAF or that would make him nominated to the most ungrateful deed of this photo event's year edition : D especially coming from a rep of such videocentric place like ours LOL ; -)  

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10 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:

Bitrate, FPS, inputs/outputs, codec etc. of the new Pannys would be really good to know. They barely mentioned anything about the video specs.

Doesn't cost anything to ask but I don't see why they would all the sudden spill the beans a few days after they main presentation.

5 hours ago, wolf33d said:

Please throw shit on Canon on my behalf. 

I'm sure he can do that ?

4 hours ago, BTM_Pix said:

How much are the hot dogs?

This is key, probably very expensive, I would say 8 or 10 euros for a Bratwurst.

3 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Blackmagic not at the show unfortunately. Got invited to see them in London, just debating whether to go and get roped into the PR side or not ;)

Doesn't hurt to go, they should know you by now, that would be counter productive to feed you with PR crap.

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Hmmm.... well

To Panasonic ... why no flippy screen ( to please the YouTube reviewers)?

... why DFD and no PDAF ( to please the YouTube reviewers)?

... any more Info on the 10-25 F1.7(all you can get)?

To Sigma..... any long lenses (300-600mm) planned for L / R / Z ??

To Canon... EOS R... IBIS / Crop / FPS ....WTF????

To Nikon... Z Lens roadmap Details???

To Samyang.... Anamorphic???

To Leica... Zenit ... WTF???

.... when SL2 ??



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After you have yelled at Canon for not releasing beta test cameras ( ;) ) would you mind asking them if they feel confident with supply to preorders or if there will be a delay like Nikon?

Newley released Sony, Panasonic and Fuji cameras are usually available on shelves from day one here. But Canon might be a different story.

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20 hours ago, mercer said:

Also, I’m sure many of us would like to know when Nikon is updating the D5600?

I’d also like to know if they have any plans for an F Mount mirrorless.

The D5600 is already so small, I think a consumer tiered D5700 as a mirrorless with an F Mount could be a really smart move for Nikon. If they focus on the video features, with that extra room in the flange distance of an F Mount, they could implement built in ND filters.

I just want a D5700 with D7500 4K video in it

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