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  1. Äh what Sony did sort out the ergonomics and usability? WTF? Techs are great but bodies are rubbish. Just try using the with gloves in freezing conditions ... no thanks. Sorry, you could argue a lot for the A1 but the Z9 will be from an ergonomics and usability point in a different league. Actually, I don’t think Sony did themselves a favour here. The A1 is clearly aimed at the 1DX /D6 market which is basically the Wildlife, Nature Sport, Press market that relies on speed, reliability, usability and tank like build. This is a close Circle where’s lot of money, loyalty, prestige
  2. As someone who uses an Olympus EM1X and is invested in m4/3 (Besides Leica M) I’m most likely not the right user to comment. But I really don’t get Sony here. Yes it has all the bells and whistles and awesome tech build in for an Hybrid all inclusive camera. Great so far. But then it fails for me. The Canon R5 does probably 95% for half the price. So, why really should someone invest the money which would be better off in Lenses? And then there is the Question of 7000,-EUR. That’s Leica level while being very far far off. Or it’s the 1Dx / D6 action wildlife crowd. But none of those
  3. Communism isn’t an utopia for a better humanity as it ignores the humanity respectively the human nature completely. It would only work where humans can be programmed in 0 and 1 , otherwise you have to control your population which will always end in a disaster and death. Communism is great for brain storming and philosophy but nothing for reality. That doesn’t mean capitalism is great. It has horrible flaws but it’s the only system humanity created where you are allowed to die as a free men. That’s enough off topic.... B
  4. I’m not worried the slightest about him... but the W... S.. Brigade will be up in arms because someone dares to think and has a free mind. B
  5. Wow.. Awesome writeup... and that’s basically what you’ll find at YouTube etc. And I agree... but you should be aware what’s happening now - You will be smeared, denounced, cancelled and called all the fond words as you dared to think... How dare you! B
  6. See https://youtu.be/R-egeRLcpJA min 44 it seems the MKIII can 4.2.2 and maybe 10 Bit external .. B
  7. Nah... 3rd Q19 should be when they have something with the release date for 150-400 F4.5. And Probably an update to the lens roadmap. B
  8. Well again I disagree. Ive noticed the difference in speed and compared directly with the GH5. Image quality? Well, what is your bases??? I use a Leica M9P as my main camera and with a 50 mm Lux at daylight it kicks the hell out auf the Sony, Nikon’s etc of today and it’s a 6 year old camera. I know at night but that’s not my interest. Same is for m4/3. Sony’s and Nikon’s are better, yep, but when Zooms and Tele are the key the difference for me is negligible. Prime and DOF, ok, but I’ll take the M. I rarely go beyond ISO 1600. And have you ever seen ISO 1600 handheld hig
  9. I slightly disagree. They designed the EM1X with the fastest 120 FPS EVF. And until about 3mth there was no alternative. So Olympus got caught on the wrong foot here. Image Quality, I think is very good. Maybe they could have gone with 24MP... but the key is not the sensor but processing power. AF is also very and there are now really really good BIF examples available that where not possible beforehand. Yes, it could always be better. But I would be satisfied now My personal guess in about October we will get the 2.0 Firmware with the release date for 150-400 F4.5..... B
  10. Well, the thing everyone needs to consider now is what is actually possible. The Firmware 3.0 is working flawlessly on basically three year old E1MKII. Now the E1Mx has twice the power, better cooling. Just imagine what a 2.0 firmware could do! For me the EM1x only has two real downsides: no top status display which is a requirement for such a body and the 120 FPS EVF is now already superseded. And it’s priced in with an 500,- Euro discount ( 300,- cash back now). I’ll bet in 3-4 month you can get one for 2400,-. Anyway, I will exchange my GH5 for one by the end of this year.
  11. Can someone tell where the AMD Pro Vega II Duo 200$ consumer card can be bought. I cannot find that one? Or is it just because of CUDA? https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-radeon-pro-vega-ii-7nm-gpus-apple-specs,39571.html B
  12. Well, the E1 is the best DSLR body ever designed. Still have mine. The one next is the SL and very shortly thereafter the EM1X. live ND is great but only makes sense at the highest setting. the handheld high resolution is great, scenery permitting. Definitely a great bonus, especially considering the improvement in ISO performance. You wouldn’t believe that’s from m4/3. video wise I like what I’ve seen. The 60fps is a bummer because for wildlife that would habe been great, e.g. slow down a starting eagle. As I wrote I will get one... only depends on what’s on the upcoming l
  13. Anything particular?? to re-quote my first impressions: EM1x Hamburg Event . Just been there. 150-400 F4.5 This lens is just a winner. The size comparison at dpreview is misleading. It is bigger then the 300mm but far less then you think. Definitely made for hand hold shooting. Mine!!!  EM1X Now there is lot to talk about. If been a long time Olympus User since the E1, but switched to GH5 for Video and other improvements over the EM1 Now body Design. Everyone who had an E3 / E5 will smile. It’s smaller but you will recognise. Otherwise it’s spot on. I perso
  14. Good to hear and a great to read that you have the EM1X on the map. Ive handled this gem a few times during Events and it’s the perfect m4/3 body. Just love it, but not ordered one yet. The only real downsides are no status display and no 4k60( but his could be on option via firmware as the power is there based on rumors). Will definitely swap the GH5 for that one !!! What I’m really waiting on is more details on the lens roadmap.. want to what’s behind those new undisclosed entries. The 150-400 seems to be a winner on all terms.. B
  15. Anyone interested in BIF CAF and slightly more one Video. https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/olympus-vs-olympus/omd-em1x-vs-em1-ii/ B
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