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  1. Anyone interested in BIF CAF and slightly more one Video. https://mirrorlesscomparison.com/olympus-vs-olympus/omd-em1x-vs-em1-ii/ B
  2. Depends how you see it. I view this more as how big the AF/CAF improvement is, simply for the fact as you read everywhere how limited the advancements in AF apparently are.... But of course there has to be a comparison with the GH5 and lates Sony A7... B
  3. Well... the biggest bummer in that is no 4K 60.und that’s what I complain at the event however, ignoring the chitchat going on everywhere this the best I’ve seen so far and after the event I would definitely agree a few statements ( ignoring CAF and Video as not tested) B
  4. EM1x Hamburg Event Just been there. 150-400 F4.5 This lens is just a winner. The size comparison at dpreview is misleading. It is bigger then the 300mm but far less then you think. Definitely made for hand hold shooting. Mine!!! EM1X Now there is lot to talk about. If been a long time Olympus User since the E1, but switched to GH5 for Video and other improvements over the EM1 Now body Design. Everyone who had an E3 / E5 will smile. It’s smaller but you will recognise. Otherwise it’s spot on. I personal love the size, but I use powergrips. So, I really love the size and it’s way smaller in use compared to a D5 etc. Olympus done a great job here! EVF Now this one will be chocking . Compared with the GH5. The difference in resolution is noticeable. But the EM1x is faster, cleaner , more accurate. I would say for sports and action is the superior choice, otherwise I may give the EM1X a notch but not more. Handheld Highres This is awesome and definitely something a lot will use. It takes maybe a two three seconds to calculate. Very very usable. LiveND Seems great but a bummer that’s not for Video.. Else? Well you can charge from a powerbank. AF Well you couldn’t test CAF, but the way it was explained with the CAF tracking it looked like a big improvement. Tested the 300mm and it was a very very fast in AF front to back. It felt like a good jump in the right direction. So for me, especially with the 150-400 this seems a no brainier price permitting... For video folks it’s not the Camera. It just lacks compared to the GH5. It’s an outdoor action wildlife camera and for that I think it’s spot on. Yes there are areas for improvement but it does what it’s made for and once the price is about 2-2.5k it’s fairly reasonable. B
  5. Don’t think Panasonic will abandon m4/3. People only talk about size with 35mm when taking into account the nifty fifty 1.4 from the old days. Just take a look how the newest and greatest are. Weight and size is a different league The strength of 4/3 and m4/3 was always equivalent zoom ranges with a bright F2.8 or the long stuff. For awesome 35mm I always take my main camera, a Leica M9P. The 50mm lux ist just jaw dropping. however, carrying a 35mm with a 24-70, 70-200 2.8 and something in the league of 600mm F4... even if superior... no way. I’m often out in the wild or traveling...... Ever tried to get useable CAF with 2x converter on 35mm Canon or Nikon on the long stuff??? B
  6. Hmmm.... well To Panasonic ... why no flippy screen ( to please the YouTube reviewers)? ... why DFD and no PDAF ( to please the YouTube reviewers)? ... any more Info on the 10-25 F1.7(all you can get)? To Sigma..... any long lenses (300-600mm) planned for L / R / Z ?? To Canon... EOS R... IBIS / Crop / FPS ....WTF???? To Nikon... Z Lens roadmap Details??? To Samyang.... Anamorphic??? To Leica... Zenit ... WTF??? .... when SL2 ?? B
  7. Nope. For Photography a swivel screen isn’t aus useful as a tilt. A Tilt acts as a tunnel viewfinder and that is freakingly useful. Video is differently. But as I’m not blogging I’m happy with the S1! B
  8. Borbarad

    DJI Mavic Pro II

    Well well.... this getting really confusing... I’m planning to exchange my P3pro with an M2 after Xmas ( no need now and waiting for the price drop) i really haven’t found a good overview of zoom vs pro based on 24/28 vs 48/42mm ungreaded/ graded.. and Photo 12mp vs 20mp vs 48mp stich and so on... B https://youtu.be/ApObdI3jyf0 https://youtu.be/GpweQVMuXbQ
  9. Wow. Sigma was what I hopped for. Not so much for their art lenses but for the 300mm+ stuff as this isn’t something that Leica is into. Prices for used SL just increased.. damn! B
  10. https://www.43rumors.com/ft3-panasonic-might-use-the-leica-sl-mount-and-not-uhs-ii/ FT5..... SL Mount für die FF Panasonic..... hmmm... das könnte sehr interessant werden. Die SL ist für mich der Beste Body!! B
  11. https://www.43rumors.com/ft5-panasonic-ff-camera-has-more-than-42mp-and-is-designed-for-both-stills-and-video-users/ hmmm .......... more than 42 MP ... B
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