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  1. We can live in hope, but Canon making a market leader is a stretch, making it affordable is dream territory. Still, if those specs did somehow drop into some kind of $5-6K mirrorless body... Couple it with the F2 zoom and you'd be set for life!
  2. You want them to make a market leading camera, but not at $5000? ? If this sensor makes it to market, it'll either be in a top range Cxx body or some research camera.
  3. So you are saying that if a woman has crisp looking hair in real life, those cameras magically add some silky conditioner to the hair?! My wife has very similar hair to the woman in the video and it does not look like a camera issue in the slightest... It is just showing the natural texture of the hair.
  4. Looks good to me... Alot of women have crisp looking hair in real life!
  5. Rumour is that the 4gb thing will be fixed in the next firmware. Fuji is pretty good when it comes to upgrades.
  6. I imagine Canon and co have teams of people with a huge amount of data to figure out who will buy these cameras and lenses and at what point they become profitable. The Canon R might even be a loss leader, with the next model planned to be the one that really sells the native lenses.
  7. Ahhh... i didn't know Canon's future depended on one specific town? There are literally 100,000s of pro photographers shooting with Canon/Nikon, worldwide
  8. Anyone have experience with this... https://www.iledgear.com/vr-2500-led-soft-panel/ I've seen a few youtube vids with this light and others in the range... seem a really versatile soft light.
  9. Out of interest, do you have the XF 18-55 or 16-55? Would be very interesting to see a shoot out to see just how much the glass adds to that filmic look.
  10. I'll just hang my 6 pack of "work" beer on it
  11. One extra little thing about the wing... Due to the engineering of it, you can't really slide the full 40cm as the pressure gets too much at the start/end.... but.... for the same reason... you get a natural ease in ease out on your slide. It's like an accidental feature and really cool.
  12. Now I am getting used to doing the slide with one hand... I think I could easily use that setup at a wedding. I've realised that if I have the wing pointing parallel to one of the legs, it adds stability. I'll mainly be using the bigger manfrotto tripod though, but this is doable.
  13. You're still able to post, jon! I thought you'd well and truly put your dick in the hornets nest earlier
  14. Thanks! though I will say that when trying to move the wing over it's full length, you need to put one hand on the tripod to fully steady it , when the tripod is at it's full size (still totally usable).... With the 90mm attached, this is even more pronounced. As I have it in the photo though, perfectly stable, leaving both hands to get even more smoothness
  15. I got that second hand for £170... about $220 i guess? This is v1... v2 new is about $700. I've done dolly like shots with ibis and gimbal, but nothing comes close to the real thing imho Great username btw!
  16. Everything shown so far with the xt3 and that lens has looked a step above... very nice
  17. It's called a MeFoto travel tripod... Surprisingly sturdy for the size (I think the mobile phone camera made it look smaller than it is). Though the wing will be on a bigger Manfrotto at weddings.
  18. I added a photo to the above post.... As you can see, i can just walk around like that as a standard tripod, then when a shot needs the slider... just adjust the knob on the right and it is ready to use... I can see it being an absolute godsend.
  19. Purely for size... I can leave the wing on the tripod and lock it to it's smallest size (about 7")... I also don't like to rely too heavily on anything that can go wrong, like using apps or motors. (Though I assume you can use the plus with the motor?)
  20. the 90mm is just beautiful, one of the best lenses i've ever had on any system. Next up, 23/f2
  21. No worries @jonpais, something about camera talk seems to bring the demons out in people ? I'm gonna try and avoid all talk other than trying to better my skills and knowledge. On a side note, I just took delivery of an Edelkrone wing, oh damn, this is a cool slider! Gonna be a fantastic tool to keep constantly attached to the tripod.
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